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  1. The only change they made was they removed the CD player and replaced it with a shelf. Assume the Terrain no longer comes with a CD player. Mine has the 6 disc there and I've never used it in 4 years, so no loss to me.
  2. avant1963

    Buick Verano vs. LaCrosse (2015 models)

    My wife's Lacrosse has been perfect over almost 4 years and 34,000 + miles. No issues. Never been back to the dealership. She loves the car (the 2015 has a better interior in terms of usable space - if I had one complaint it would be the lack of storage for phones, nav etc. 2014 fixed that). You need the 3.6. The car's steering is very light and it is an large car that is easy to drive. Every once in a while she'll park next to "normal" cars and laugh at how big the Lacrosse is - and that it doesn't feel like that when you're driving it. She won't even look at the Verano for two reasons - too small and 4-banger. I would recommend the Lacrosse if she's looking for a good comfortable substantial car and with the 3.6 is damn quick enough. If she's looking to carve corners - then probably the Regal or Verano would be better
  3. avant1963

    Your dream car?

    1971 Trans Am body with all new Corvette mechanicals underneath. All the beauty with all the reliability. I just want to drive it.
  4. The new bed does not match up with the carried-over cab. Looks ridiculous. Leaves a spot for stones and debris to kick up and chip/ding on the bed.
  5. Is that Pontiac was still a brand
  6. avant1963

    Scion iM Concept Released Ahead of LA Auto Show: Comments

    Guess Toyota won't be able to pad its Corolla numbers with the new Matrix. Scion has the excitement of flossing toes for sock lint.
  7. avant1963

    Leaked: 2016 Cadillac ATS-V: Comments

    If Cadillac wanted to tout the biggest factor that it has that no other German or Asian manufacturer has - It's rich American history - then it would have gone with real names and big pushrods for its performance line. It obviously wants to take the much "safer" (and I put safer in quotes because GM does not do a good job being Toyota or BMW. They do a good job when they do their own thing - follow their own heritage - so to the bean counters it appears to be safer, but we all know it isn't) route and copy the "I'm too dumb to tell how big a car is if the numbers/letters in the name ain't in order" and "I have more turbos than you" mentality of the foreign manufacturers.
  8. avant1963

    50 Grand for ATS Coupe with 6 banger

    Really don't know. $55,000 seems like a lot for entry Caddy, Bimmer, anything. I guess I still live in the past. I won't (and can't) pay that much for any new car. Back to Buicks and Chevys.
  9. avant1963

    50 Grand for ATS Coupe with 6 banger

    $55 grand for what my wife wanted. You can stick it you know where. http://www.cadillac.com/ats-coupe/build-your-own.html
  10. avant1963

    2015 GMC Canyon Build & Price Site Now Live

    Can't get heated seats without the All Terrain Package - stupid. Unless packages change later in the year, looks like it will be a Colorado for me.
  11. I never want to hear another word about the Aztek ever again http://www.carscoops.com/2014/06/new-toyota-fcv-sedan-shown-in-north.html
  12. avant1963

    Cadillac News: 2015 Cadillac ATS Coupe To Start At $38,990*

    Coupes are usually more expensive than the 4-door because they generally do not build a "rental-car" special version of it. The CTS coupe was more expensive than the sedan - more standard features, no lowest-level engine, usually better everything than the base-model sedan.
  13. avant1963

    Happy Birthday, avant1963!

    thanks everyone. I do pop in from time to time - but to be honest - there's not much that excites me in the automotive world anymore. When the most exciting thing from the NY Auto Show is "Refreshed Camry!!@@!@!!13212!" who really cares anymore. Still looking to sell my Avanti - if anyone knows anyone interested. Otherwise everything going good. -Walt
  14. Wasn't this all hatched when GM planned to sell Opel? So Chevy would have been the only brand. So now that Opel stays (and has much better recog) and Chevy goes.

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