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  1. Good lord Wrath was being very demanding today lol. I tried to ignore him and he kept talking so I tried to roll over the other way because I was dead tired but then he started crying and pawing me lol. Finally I said you win lets go get some treats LOL. But now I am totally up, I hope I can take a nap latter.

  2. Just wanted to let everyone know that I ditched the iPhone because of the bill. I am going back to my old phone number. Between Comcast and AT&T I am going to be broke again and I am not happy!

  3. Comcast is trying to bend me over again this month I got news for them I called AT&T Comcast is going to be on the outside looking in tomorrow!

  4. Nothing much going on in my life right now, because I am broke until I get paid. Last month was the last month of my double bills. I hope to have money this month because I am about sick of staying home!

  5. I did not give up on The Lynn Family Tree I am just out of money right now. As soon as I get some extra money I will start working on it again.

  6. Last night was the last night for my sleeping pill. I am now down 1 pill and I am so happy! I need to keep loosing weight so I can get off the rest of my pills.

  7. Had a really good talk with my psychologist today. He complemented me on how good I am doing. And he wants me to continue to work on losing weight. And he gave me some pointers in life. All and all it was a really good visit and I am looking forward to my next visit!

  8. I don't know if it's because of no pop or if its from taking less of the sleeping pill but the swelling in my legs has moved down from up by my knees to now just down around my ankles. Hopefully it will go away completely!

  9. I have a daily routine now up by 10am in bed by 12pm. I eat right now, I go for walks, I will be off my sleeping pill Wednesday, I started church last week. My bills and bank are in order. I can not remember the last time I had this much going for me. These truly have been the happiest 2 1/2 months of my life. P.s did I mention that I was 480 last winter and now I am 436. Maybe less its been a couple weeks since I went to the doctor.

  10. When you think about life in terms of summers. It's not a lot of time, I am 38 years old and I wasted the last 15 summers. If I am lucky I might see another 26+ summers.Some times in life you get so wrapped up in things that you ignore the things around you.If its one thing that this divorce has taught me. Is to slow down and appreciate the things around you. I can tell you guys my next 20+ summers are going to be the best summers of my life. I am going to make every minute count.

  11. It amazes me how my mom can go to the grocery store with $100 and come home with a full shopping cart. And then I get to eat like a king for a week!

  12. I know I am just as munch to blame as Denise for all the fast food we use to eat. Every day I thank god for my mom and home cooked meals. When you have eaten fast food as long as I have you really appreciate some one who cooks for you.My mom kind of let the cat out of the bag and let me know what she really wants. And I am going to make sure she has it Christmas morning.The craziest thing of all is I use to drink a ton of pop I do mean a ton. Now I am lucky if I have it once a week and wh...

  13. All of my pictures are now uploaded. Please remember you can send bio's and pictures to admin(at)thelynnfamily(dot)org

  14. All of my websites have been moved off my server to a Stable Host reseller account. First it started out as 5 hack attempts and then over the last few days its been getting worse and worse. Today was a all time high of 1789 hack attempts. I am not a Linux wiz and I know when I am beat. If I didn't move my websites it was just a matter of time before they go in and hacked the server. I would rather not loose my websites so I am going to leave webhosting up to the pros.

  15. 1789 hacking attempts against my server today. I am so pissed right now! It"s getting worse and worse its just a matter of time before they get in.

  16. I posted more pictures tonight and tomorrow I will finish the last of my pictures. And then its going to be up to members of the Lynn family to send me your pictures. My mom finalized the logo tonight we are going to have it Thursday.

  17. I drive a 2005 Ford Taurus with 108k miles on it, I plan on driving it until the wheels fall off and then I will think about buying a used car. There is no way I want to get stuck with another new car payment. MY soon to be ex~wife and I had new car payments for 10 years, that's long enough to last a life time! Greg
  18. My mom had my graphics designer make some changes to the banner for The Lynn Family website. We should have it in the next day or two.P.S. the banner is a generation banner. It looks really cool.

  19. I think a lot of it had to do with the price of the car. How many people you know these days that can afford to go to the dealer and spend $30k+ on a new car? I am a very talkative guy and I talk with a lot of the local mom and pop business owners/managers in my area. And business is down everywhere, and a lot of them are struggling to keep the door open. The only businesses doing really good in my area are Walmart and pawn shops. Greg
  20. Lincoln lost its way a long time ago when they got rid of the big cars and started re-branding the smaller Ford cars. When I was growing up owning a Lincoln meant you were one of the upper class citizens who had a taste for the finer things in life. I don't even know what you would call today's Lincoln owners. Greg
  21. Are you freaking kidding me it took a Economist to for GM to realize the price of a new car is too high? Your going to spend $20k on a shoe horn style car and if you want a SUV your talking $35k+. Most of the high paying jobs in America went over sea's, most people don't have that kind of money today. Three months ago I read that 80% of student loans were in default and how are young people going to buy a car when they can't even afford to pay their student loan? Greg P.S. My car is 8 years old and I will be driving it until the wheels fall off, there is no way I want another car payment!

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