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  1. First of all the cupholder isn't flimsy in a 9-5 only the 9-3 (which I own). Secondly, when SAAB comes out w/ a car that doesn't have generic GM parts that are visible (black tie radio in the 9-3) (love the sound of it but just think they should have a brand specific interface) I will be all over them. Right now GM has Caddy, Hummer, and SAAB for upscale brands and each one offers a different perspective on motoring to consumers while still keeping them in the fold of GM.
  2. That presentation was given at the 2006 saab owners convention at lake george, new york...
  3. check out http://www.saabcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?t=80055 for a typical experience at the aero academy. scroll down for pictures. I know that this is far off in the future, but there are cheaper hotels to stay at than the saab backed chateau elan that are just as close to road atlanta. be forewarned that there are usually more people attending a particular class (average about 25, 12 in mine).
  4. Everything was covered under warranty and on the plus side I get a free car wash every time I come in... You should be aware that you might have problems with the build quality and you might not. If you have a good dealership(service center), the total package will far outweigh the minor(to me) problems. I fit comfortably in the back seat and I'm six foot, but check it out for yourself. Some people have no complaints while others have many, but nothing major in the 06's that I know of. The teething period for the 9-3 is over with help from GM, but there are always some problems with an all new model. I would go with an aero. The V6 makes a big difference over the 4 cylinder, just make sure you test drive both versions and make sure you can live without memory driver's seat, parking assist and rain sensing wipers (you can buy an auto-dimming mirror as an accessory for about $200). The lumbar support in the sport seats fit me perfectly and really make a difference in "urging you on" during my daily commute. And don't forget the aero academy, lots of free goodies and a never ending 2 day smile. It would cost $1350 by itself, but when you factor it in to the price it makes the aero a somewhat smarter choice considering you basically get the afore-mentioned options for close to nothing. I hope this helps you with your dilemma. If you do your research, look on the saabnet.com forums and take a good long test drive of the base and aero trims you should be able to make an informed decision of what is best for you.
  5. I have a 2006 9-3 Aero and I have a some good news and some bad news. Good news, nothing important with the car has gone wrong; engine, trannny, brakes all fine. Bad news, got new foglamps(bad seals), rear suspension squeak almost everytime I get in or out(they lubed it up to no avail; get used to hearing we can't replicate the problem), new door lock(overly complicated puddle lamp system), and finally the pinch protection going off on my drivers window up to 23 times before window will close(dealership reloaded the software twice; i fixed it myself by holding the window down and the button up until the window quit - lost auto function for two days but came back on its own and never had a problem since -- No Thanks to the Dealership! Its my dream car, I love it unconditionally no matter what. Drives great, love the two tone sport seats(grey w/ parchment inserts) and the fact that it doesn't have the black tie radio...whatever your feelings about the new dash...just be aware that 9-3's (with the exception of the convertible built in Germany)are very hit or miss.
  6. I remember when your dad got royally pissed when we drove to the beach because of the thin film of sand on the car and in the tire treads.... those were the days....
  7. I took the pictures on Newfound Gap Rd at its peak as it goes through the Smokies. Hope that helps...
  8. Don't talk to me about your "AA" - Antiquated Aurora...
  9. Here's some pictures of my car while driving through the Smokey Mtns...sorry about the quality (3-in-1 mini camcorder)
  10. Is it me or does the rear end look a little bit like a Pontiac Solstice??

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