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  1. corvette_dude729

    Chevy Cruze to become the compact of the future

    I just hope there is an option where it can be ordered with a manual transmission and cruise control. According to the ordering guide, you can only order the manual in LS trim and cruise control can only be ordered on the LT. I'm the kind of person who must have cruise control and for my next car I really want to have a stick. I'm not looking to get a new car anytime soon, but if I were it would probably be a Cruze and this would be very unattractive to me if I couldn't order it this way.
  2. My dad just got a new Forester (tried to get him to buy a Vue but failed) so now I get his 2000 Camry!! Sure it's a Toyota, but it's a decent hand-me-down and a great first car for a 17 year old. I would take any car that didn't cost me anything.
  3. corvette_dude729

    2010 Pontiac G6 MCE Spotted W/O Camo

    GM really neads to start doing more for their refreshes. I mean, if we can barely tell the difference the general public certainly will not be able to.
  4. It's the best full-size SUV, yet the center console is the exact opposite of ergonomic. What hypocrites...
  5. corvette_dude729

    SFAS: 'Bumblebee' Camaro Concept

    Is this still based off the GTO or is it a true zeta Camaro? It looks like the interior is more produciton-like as well.
  6. corvette_dude729

    Phils are NL East Champs!!!

    Congratulations to the 2007 Philadelphia Phillies for a great season, which led to the first playoff birth since 1993. C&G Phillies fans rejoice!!!
  7. corvette_dude729

    Heat solutiion - Liquid-cooled Lithum-ion batteries

    If they can produce this thing its gonna be HUUUUUGGGEEE!
  8. corvette_dude729

    I need to unwind...

    Haha, I have three!
  9. corvette_dude729

    A suggestion

    Maybe instead of displaying just the most recently updated topic in each thread on the main forum page, how about the most recent two or three. I'm sure that many topics actually get missed for this reason. It has happened to me many times, where I don't see a topic until much after it was started. I know this will take up much more room, but there's got to be some way to make it work. Just a suggestion, i dunno I'm just lazy i guess.
  10. corvette_dude729

    I need to unwind...

    Just an update, in case anyone was wondering: I told her that I liked her, but she said she was interested in someone else (which I already knew). So basically there is no chance now. For once I agree with something 68 said, "she's either into you or she's not" and in my case she's not. She said she felt really badly and we're still going to be friends and everything, but damn, rejection sucks....
  11. corvette_dude729

    LaNeve disappointed with Chevrolet advertising

    Wasn't that "Hail to the Chief"?
  12. corvette_dude729

    Tell Us Fly...

  13. corvette_dude729

    Tell Us Fly...

    1976 Buick Lasabre custom mahagony polycoat (ocnblu, mahagony was not available in 86)
  14. corvette_dude729

    I need to unwind...

    So there's this girl I really like, so I told my other friend and she asked her who she liked online. It was some other guy, so she told her that I liked her. She was really surprised and said that she had never thought of me that way. We are really good friends and talk all the time in school (sophomore in high school). When we talk it feels so right and it is so easy to talk to her. My other friend thought she may have liked me because she says she talks about me a lot. She said the only two guys she talks about are me and the guy she likes. I feel like crap and completely dejected. I don't know whether I should give up or if I should wait and see if she changes her mind now that she knows how I feel. Will she start to think of me differently because she knows that I feel a certain way? I know you have better things to do than read this so thank you for taking the time to read this/respond.
  15. corvette_dude729

    Saturn Rethink American commercial

    Love the new slogan, not lovin the new commercial.

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