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  1. Farkas

    So Who knows New Hampshire?

    I live in a suburb of the capital, Concord. Very quiet 50 weeks of the year...then NASCAR comes to town. Not that I mind.
  2. Farkas

    1996 Retro Interior Compro

    How did the Lincoln get 9000 votes? Haha.
  3. Two isn't a trend. That's coincidence. Three or more is. I'll call it a trend if the Camaro beats the Mustang in the month of August.
  4. Farkas

    What Sports Do You Like And Which Teams Do You Follow?

    Baseball: Boston Red Sox and Toronto Blue Jays Hockey: Boston Bruins Domestic Soccer: New England Revolution International Soccer: Arsenal F.C.
  5. Buick wanted a compact car, so it was given the Skyhawk and the Skylark. Buick wanted an SUV, so it was given the Rendezvous, and then the Enclave. Buick wanted a "sporty" car, so it was given the Reatta. Buick wanted a minivan, and got the Terraza. See where I'm going with this? Chevrolet has a history and base that, while unfortunate, Buick just can't match. --- P.S. Chevrolet has sold a "full-sized" vehicle, the Impala, for over 50 years. In 1969, they manufactured 611,000 of them for cripes sake.
  6. Farkas

    AutoBlog: REPORT: China passes U.S. in auto sales

    I would like to point out that Michigan's arm is missing from figure 1, therefore, the data is inconclusive.
  7. Farkas


  8. Farkas

    If you would like a Sig

    Hey thanks! Looks good!
  9. Farkas

    If you would like a Sig

    Just put in a request!
  10. I hope whoever buys SAAB has both the time and money to invest into this company, I'd like to see it finally reach its full potential.
  11. Farkas

    name this "econobox"

    I'm almost positive it's an 850, not a 124.
  12. Farkas

    Chrysler's flexible new Pentastar V6

    Any guesses on what they are? 3.3 3.5 3.8 4.0 ...?
  13. Farkas

    It feels so Good ...

    As I like to say, Hamilton College is the Little Ivy with the Big Ivy Price. I'm just glad that they pay for 1/2 of it (for the time being anyways...).

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