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  1. The current Accord has arguably the best driving dynamics of any midsize car and is still at or near the top of its class even at the end of its life cycle.
  2. This car would look much better without the huge, dopey headlights.
  3. Pictures of the wagon show the updated front-end. Sedan would look much better with the wagon's taillights, too.
  4. If people buy 7ers and S-Class' as status symbols and nothing else, GOOD FOR BMW AND MERCEDES. Decades of consistent engineering, design and branding gets you somewhere after all. The fact that brands like BMW and MB can attract buyers on name alone is a GREAT thing and might have something to do with years and years of consistency. Yet somehow this is reduced to dumb luxury car buyers with more money than brains who don't know or care what wheels drive their car. How could it possibly be perceived as a bad thing that a brand has reached the level of being an aspirational product? Cadilla
  5. The argument that "there is a market for this car" and "not everyone wants a CTS-V" is not valid IMO. I'm sure there is a market for this car, and GM has Buick to cater to it. Cadillac should be focusing on aligning itself with tier-one brands if it wants to be considered a world standard. And 'Pervez,' calling the XTS' infotainment system "the Apple iOS of the industry" is premature. Everything we know about CUE at this point has come from Cadillac's PR team. Every brand in this segment puts out highly advanced technology. We don't know yet how CUE will stack up against Audi's MMI,
  6. So, essentially, this is a competitor to the 2012 Hyundai Azera.
  7. Ah, yes. And having moved to Philly in March, it wasn't until just NOW I even knew of such a thing...taking a closer look at that picture. Interesting. These look very, very cool in person with great presence. Spotted another black one yesterday. A red Veloster pulled up opposite me at an intersection the other day. I couldn't quite make out what it was until I passed it--this car looks very different in person. The rear is still a bit overdone for me, but I tend to like simpler designs. The front is much better in person. And the shade of red looked great. Also, I've been seeing
  8. The Greenwich, CT dealer is about 15 minutes from me. They have Ferrari, Bentley, Alfa (8C only, for now), McLaren, Bugatti, Maserati, Aston, Rolls, and now, Fisker. I go up there occasionally to look around and can't wait to check one out.
  9. I don't see what's so impressive about that. I wonder if he did any damage while teetering on the car's underside more than anything else.
  10. Got about 8 inches here in SE NY. Roads were a mess on Saturday.
  11. Because names like "Cruze," "Verano," "Sonic," and "Spark" are so meaningful.
  12. Preliminary reviews point to this new GS being a class leader in terms of driving dynamics, so this should be interesting.
  13. Do I think the XTS will outsell the A6? Yes. Do I think buyers will cross-shop the two? No.

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