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  1. Pa.Bill


    Over in a Jaguar site a Jag owner posted: He has a dead battery and can't get into the car. and asking what to do. So, some of the members are trying to help him. He is in Bangladesh and the nearest Jaguar dealership is 3000 miles away. So now we have Jaguar owners in North America, trying the get a Jag door open, from half way around the world. They have explained step by step, and are waiting for a reply. ~INTERESTING~ Bill--------------------------------------->
  2. Pa.Bill

    2011 Jaguar XJ SuperSports (small review)

    OIL--- The lable reads: CASTROL SLX Professional OE SAE 5W-20 specially engineered for jaguar and land rovers. i remember looking in Auto Zone but they didn't have it. I'm going to take some pics as soon as the weather gets alittle beter. ~BEST~ Bill---------------------->
  3. Pa.Bill

    Good morning ALL

    thank you all for the warm welcome "our lovely world of auto debate" very good! ~BEST~ Bill-------------------------->
  4. Pa.Bill

    2011 Jaguar XJ SuperSports (small review)

    Nice report, also colorful and with picture. That reminds me, gota take some pics. ~Thank You~ Bill------------------------------->
  5. It is ................................Beautiful ! Bill-------------------------->
  6. I have the XJ since July 2011. It now has 10,500 miles. Con's : Touch screen ans all that goes with it - Slow. I did read some where its an easy fix but I have no idea if Jag plans to up grade. Chrome inside much to shinny. I drive with a towel over the console at times. Oil- A Special type only Jag dealers have. (I carry 2 qts at all times) No dip sticks for oil or trans.The car will tell you what is want, when it wants it. It seems to sense things. Example --It will brake harder if it feels you are not. ( you can turn most of the sensing off) Never drive in snow. It has winter mode but I'll never use it. Rear wheel drive in snow is just no good. People look at you. Stop in the street, ask question. Maintenance: So far- Part in sunfoof making knocking sound, was replaced ( in recall ) Pro's: Its luxury and sporty.Leather all over, even the overhead. It turns, handles like a sports car and the performance is outstanding. ( 2011 January issue of Motor Trend tested the XJL SuperCharged 0 to 60 a flat 4.0 sec. Jag brochure states 4.9sec Motor Trend guessed at the SuperSports They could not get one to test. Jag brochure states 4.7sec.) I'll find out the right numbers this summer. ~SAFE DRIVING~ BILL------------------------------------------------>
  7. Pa.Bill

    2011 Chrysler 300 reviews

    Hello All, I'm New, joined this morning and been chicking around the site. I had a 2009 300c, and from the pictures above, it has not changed much. It was the only car I owned that did not have any problems the first 15,000 miles. ~Best~ Bill------------------------------------------>
  8. Pa.Bill

    Good morning ALL

    Up earlier then normal this morning and was clicking around the internet. Found this interesting site and 'signed up'. many topics and interesting conversations ~BEST TO ALL~ BILL--------------------------------------->

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