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  1. This should be popular. Good work. Not a fan of the standing up tablet but that’s getting typical. Great base engine specs. Cadillac doesn’t seem to get that. Should make this Lincoln zoom
  2. Exterior is ok. The dash was mailed in, it’s like a dashboard from an old cargo van or Kia rondo
  3. Decent work here most Subaru’s drive like turds though nowadays. Let’s hope this is a decent drive.
  4. Let’s hope CT5 can match these numbers https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/a15091317/2017-bmw-530i-xdrive-test-review/
  5. The epa ratings for highway for CT5 (AWD) are not going to be 38. And for AWD probably not even 34. And I do love mpg but Lux marque cars should be about performance too. Even the most base bmw 3 with crap HP ratings will do a sub 6 0-60. The XT4 and CT6 with the same engine were over 7 seconds, more like 7.5. That’s good for a Chevy. The 14-19 CTS cracked sub 6 seconds I believe. To go from 6 seconds to 7.5 for the ‘sport sedan’ in your stable is not good for showroom traffic or sales.
  6. point me to the '38 mpg highway'. What did i miss...... XT4 gets 24/30, no way the highway goes up to 38 from the XT4 with the same powertrain. Malibu with CVT and 400 pounds less and smaller engine only can manage 36 mpg highway. 10 speed tranny not gonna net 38 mpg highway on RWD or AWD version. Cadillac really should have introduced this motor in this car with at least the same specs as the older 2.0.
  7. nothing really egregious about the interior. Not particularly dazzling though, either. C pillar still draws ire, wish they had done that better So this does have the new 2.0. The lesser powered 2.0. I had hoped for the CT5 it would come in a higher state of tune. I don't see the 2.0 moving out very well. Pretty much means not a bargain Cadillac with verve. You may still need the 3.0 to have fun. Although, the curb weight is? Less than the AWD XT4? So maybe its quicker than that? The CT6 with the new 2.0 is a dog now.
  8. https://www.carscoops.com/2019/03/chinas-2020-buick-encore-ii-to-sit-alongside-new-chevrolet-tracker/ if this really is a new Tracker / Trax, that will be a homerun for Chevy i wonder if they could update the regal sportback and tourx with the front end design of the orange one
  9. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/04/15/buick-encore-gx-auto-shanghai/
  10. 62k for a mid engine sports car is an INSANELY good deal. I will guess most that end up on the showfloor will sticker at at least 75-80k. There will be versions that 100k will be easy to hit.

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