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  1. 2018 Tiguan Drive

    GM is as bad as any for what you just described. Cx-5 drive decently when I tested one long time ago but the Mazda power trains are always lame to me. They redid some of the cx-5 now and the interior is nicer but still no amazing engines. I think Tiguan is disappointing because we always set ourselves up to think vw's may drive better. I think they had a huge chance here but probably went 'the safe route'
  2. Ford News: Rumorpile: Ford Could Cut C-Max, Fiesta, & Taurus

    All three are popular around these parts but less so in the last couple years. Fiesta makes sense to ditch because What ford should really do is phase current focus base and low end models into price leader and fleet type cars that would represent more value on the low end market than the fiesta. Think 'Focus Limited'. Then bring out a new better focus and charge more. Taurus has had its run. They have done so well with the fusion and never made the Taurus a good car dynamically anyways. Maybe the next fusion and focus can both increase in passenger room a bit. Edge can always increase production. Next explorer better bang it up. Lincoln sedans can gain some sales too. Not sure who would miss the c max. Dedicated hybrids are old news. Fords hybrids are not good. Transit connect is a far better people and package mover.
  3. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica

    Like cheers and gears? i can agree in principle with what you speak of here. I think in the case of this rig the Pacifica though, it seems what I have read on that forum site about both the gas model and hybrid model (and the hybrid issue being repeated on other more generic sites ) having some very concerning issues, well, concerns me. I find a lot of the stories in the case of the Pacifica to be believable because they seem the same and I doubt that many people collude to defame a mfr like that.
  4. 2018 Tiguan Drive

    Ugh! You beat me to the first one! I was hunting these down the last few weeks! disappointing that the power train sucks! I thought the last Tiguan was a bad drive. Was hoping with the big new size the power train would be good!! Guess not. Size and bonus third row with 2.0t at a low price were the draw here. For example I considered this vs a new equinox for someone like my mom. But maybe in this case the base ford edges are getting cheaper and cheaper and sans third row might be a better buy if the mpg sucks on the small Tiguan. Vw just never gets 100% of it right at one time. I really disliked the last Tiguan so I guess even if it's greatly improved, that is a good thing. Side note. Car and driver had an equinox 2.0 test and they actually complimented the power train. Maybe that's the rav replacement ? Or what about a 2.0 atlas?
  5. Jeep News: Why is Jeep Not Doing So Hot In Sales?

    Jeep really does miss out on the three row business. This is essentially the lucrative family sedan market of the olden days. Old compass was a fleet whore so less to fleets makes sense. Maybe Chrysler quality is catching up with them and word is getting around.
  6. 2014 Cadillac CTS 2.0t AWD Luxury ( Used Car Review)

    V sports problem market wise is it's RWD only. V sport should have been made available with AWD
  7. 2017 Chrysler Pacifica
  8. 2018 Chevrolet Traverse is at dealers

    It's a little wider than the Acadia also I think
  9. 2018 Chevrolet Traverse is at dealers

    I didn't get inside of it. But the interior look and design and plastics are in line with equinox Malibu and Cruze. I.e. Not flashy but not old days cheap glossy GM plastic. Overall the vehicle looks like a stretched and pulled Acadia. Which it is. I think it's a better size than the Acadia. The back seat 'looks' tighter than the previous traverse but the cargo area behind the third row looks longer. Looks like maybe there is less volume / height in the cargo area.
  10. Buick News: 2018 Buick Regal GS Shows Up With 310 Horsepower

    is it the same as the Camaro's too? I know the numbers are not the same, but its got to he highly similar.
  11. 2018 Chevrolet Traverse is at dealers

    Just sayin, didn't think it would be out so soon
  12. Buick News: 2018 Buick Regal GS Shows Up With 310 Horsepower

    it should be noted that the v6 in the GS, even if it is non turbo, is the newly updated v6 that the Cadillacs first got a year ago. So the comment was made its ten years old, but actually it is the newest design and manufacture of the 3.6.
  13. Volt should have become Malibu sized. They can do that by changing the Malibu hybrid to plug in and problem solved. Maybe make it a Malibu hatch with plug in.
  14. i've been tracking the response to the Pachy on the pacfica forums, and there has been a lot of interest in the Pacifica hybrid. The frustration right now is part of the electrics of the drive system are problematic so very very few actually hit market and Chrysler stopped sale and has a recall. Its still fuzzy on when the availability for the 2018's will happen. So, there is real interest in the Pacfica hybrid and its got bugs out of the gate that Chrysler is trying to address as fast as they can in addition to the various bugs and problems with the regular gas models. The ones who have the PacHy absolutely loved it when they could use it and specifically the hybrid availability was what drew them in (they may have otherwise bought a Honda etc.) if i thought i could afford it, and was brazen enough to deal with quality issues I would absoutely consider one to replace our T&C soon.
  15. actually it would make more sense to replace the Sonic with a made in Korea piece and get rid of the Spark. I still don't get the anti-Impala ness. It sells very well here and many folks want a v6 sedan. I get that sedans are decreasing but i would actually enlarge the Impala and make it v6 unique. Believe me, I drive a Malibu and there is still room for a plush, more solid larger sedan like the Impala. As long as Buick has the chinese Lacrosse there is no point to not offer it here. the problem is they screwed the pooch on the design. The opportunity here is for the next Impala and 'Avenir' to be on a better platform. I don't think they will get rid of the CT6 but i think they may repackage it and rename it. Cadillac still badly needs a king size car. They are dragging out the XTS because its cheaper to build, but there will be some point where it does become obsolete. What's at work here is 3 things. one is stupid unbearable govt and its noose tightening CAFE keeps putting pressure on weeding out large vehicles with bigger engines. Two, for plant manufacturing planning, and to make anything here, the costs keep going up and they have to find vehicle configs and pricing that allow us to keep making SOME of our vehicles here. They have to be vehicles that have big margins and not very small production numbers. Third is I think they are trying to kill off a large sedan platform to save development costs. But that doesn't wash for me because the LaCrosse is a stretched Regal / malibu now anyways.