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  1. Which is why we need to get rid of CAFE or seriously curtain its never ending noose tightening.
  2. Suzuki delays U.S. launch of the Swift

    maybe they'll make an electric one for you too. LOL electric plus floating roof
  3. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    the same first two things i thought. Yes, and to be honest I think Cadillac should just exit this market in the US and consider putting all resources into the CTS size / CT5 replacement. edit, there is still a downmarkey vibe here. Like this is a car the subprime lenders created to get people into who would want a BMW 3 and will never get approved for. also, there is not just an Infiniti vibe here, but an Alfa Romeo vibe to it as well.
  4. GM News: GM's CAMI Assembly Goes On Strike

    This is one of the most sensible things about any topic i have heard in a long long time
  5. Suzuki delays U.S. launch of the Swift

  6. This is all pretty much no shit sherlock to at least folks like us on this forum. I will say this. The tiny turbos EPA out at great mpg. If conditions are favorable, they will deliver some great results to live up to the tested numbers. And if driven such. Need big acceleration, or if conditions are not right (winter blend gas and freezing cold, load up with extra weight, bad stop and start traffic, etc.) and you see big drops. Still i think biggest factors to basic mpg improvements are aerodynamics and vehicle weight. A light teardrop shaped sedan will pull better than a similar sized CUV that sits higher and probably weighs a bit more. After that, gearing and power torque/ where it is, are next. AWD loses mpg no matter how you slice it. There is likely an optimal point for each vehicle that would find an ideal balance between raw displacement, boost, vehicle weight, size, and aero, and gearing.....factored against desired acceleration and what speeds most frequently driven. One of these days I will get my lifetime gas log made out on my Malibu. At 15,000 the DIC was right on the combined EPA pretty much (31). But wide swings, like 24 in winter, and 25 mile averages of 47+ and a 10 mile leg of 53+, so many things make huge impact. With these small motors for me what kills mpg the fastest is stop and go stoplight to stoplight, start stop, even with auto shutoff it KILLS gas mileage. Getting going again with little displacement, from a dead stop, the thing DRINKS gas like kids drinking Hawaian Punch at a birthday party. I think I would like a plug in hybrid with a turbo gas motor, I'd have it all. What's sad is that our manufacturers have guns held to their head to meet these tested EPA regs, so these tiny motors, that's what they put in the cars......they can't put in the cars the engines people REALLY want. If you want a v6 these days its getting to the point you need to go 40k-50k on the MSRP.
  7. Buick News: 2018 Buick Regal Sportback and TourX Make Their Debut

    this would rock too Dream Team: New Top Diesel Engine for Opel Insignia Flagship
  8. Buick News: 2018 Buick Regal Sportback and TourX Make Their Debut

    really irritating that we can't get this.... and with a twin turbo v6
  9. Leaf 2.0 Spec's Leak Online Leaf reveal and Motor Trend drive
  10. Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: August 2017

    I'm in a construction related business and the folklore me and my comrades over the ages hear as the case is every 7 matter what it averages out to 7 year swings that must be the pre determined cycle the global banking cartel has everyone on.
  11. 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible

    The infamous 3.1
  12. 1991 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme convertible

    Check out this mint w-body cutlass I spotted this morning !
  13. Sales: Sales Figure Ticker: August 2017

    discounts = sales GM didn't really break out discounts till last month. see the result. price does matter to car buyers
  14. I sorta like these. IF you can get one cheap lease i think its alright. A BMWphile acquaintance has two other bmw's and he has one of these as a go to work car....a lease prob. some of the interior parts are cobbled from other BMW cars, like the climate control panel. won't all cars be like this in 10-15 years? with the electric mandates...... I would get one under the right circumstances, just to be different.