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  1. exactly. i have noticed though, those 'all star' type packages cropping up on Cruze LT's.... include the leather wrap wheel, heated seats, moonroof. Honestly I think they should take that all star package + roof, the RS body work and then simply put the 1.5t and 8 or 9 speed auto in it. It would sacrifice a few mpg in that config but it would really make it a little more sprite. Or, develop a 1.8t that's nearly as compact and light as the 1.4 and set it around 250hp. And just don't charge an arm and a leg for it. Its still a ways off, but i keep wondering if the Malibu will even enter into an option for me to replace the 16. I'll definitely drive the new CVT version for comparison. But CVT's just don't really have the best histories yet. They can feel smoother on the road, but this is already a good road car with the 6 speed.
  2. regfootball

    Review: 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

    interior isn't too bad (I've sat in one). it isn't mercedes level but a BMW 3 isn't really much better, if at all. I guess i would add here that an ATS-V doesn't support a 76k price tag and doesn't have a great interior either.
  3. regfootball

    Buick News: Buick Enspire Concept Makes Its Debut in China

    Really love the dash look and all the displays. But hey, Buick is an innovator in dash design Honestly though this is where Buick SHOULD BE with vehicle design. Compare Enspire to the Envision. The front end motif with the horizontal bar framing the Buick logo and the muscular shapes front and rear, rakish greenhouse, ALL GOOD! This is the two row Edge type crossover i have been saying is missing from Buick and even could be like how Chevy could move the Impala over to a crossover vehicle. If you generically look at the side profile too, the design is not all that radical but somehow they have created lots of interesting things on a fairly typical crossover container. Physically they could add some length, and make it even more imposing and muscular. To me here it doesn't matter if it's an electric or gas. I know they want to highlight technology with this concept so it is fitting to be electric in concept. But I also see this kick starting Buick design into the future. Avenir, Avista, and now this. All great concepts and the showroom doesn't reflect it. Imagine if this Enspire was in the showroom tomorrow.!
  4. oh cmon, you don't think the concept aztek influenced Cadillac Art and Science design? HAHA
  5. The SIGNIA ^^^^ would have been a great hearse I miss my old aztek cadillac should BRING IT BACK there's a touch of this in the XT4
  6. The Impala name could live on as a crossover, if it trended in the direction of this (but was far better looking) https://www.caranddriver.com/reviews/2018-bmw-640i-xdrive-gran-turismo-test-review
  7. regfootball

    VW News: Next Jetta GLI To Get Some GTI Infusion

    yeah VW really punted on the design, it looks like Hyundai or something now. Or a Ford Taurus / Sonata mashup. BUt, that means it will probably sell huge! Plus it seems a little more exciting than a Cruze now too. The interior seems nice on this car. I like the driver oriented dash. Even just offering a powertrain and this suspension setup should reward VW. There is a huge lack of smaller cars with any performance ability nowadays and there's still folks that will prefer a sedan over the Golf type hatch. I'd like to see Chevy offer a 250hp Cruze. Doesn't need to be a 9/10th car like a Focus ST. But something like a GTi, chevy version.
  8. regfootball

    Buick News: Buick to Debut An Electric Crossover Concept for China

    nice image. --edit-- to add to that, that shape would be a great Encore replacement when this model cycle is done.
  9. regfootball

    2018 Buick Regal Lot impression

    Our Malibu and Pacifica now. U just push the fuel filler cap down and it unclicks to open up. Lots of cars have capless fuller now also. When done filling you just click it closed. No cap lock as far as I know.
  10. regfootball

    Buick News: Buick to Debut An Electric Crossover Concept for China

    Rebadged Bolt?
  11. ^^^ Lots of people try to make it sound like the Camaro styling is the problem..... the bigger problem is still that it's a bunker with no space and you can't see out of it.
  12. regfootball

    2018 Buick Regal Sportback Essence

    I do admit. The hatchback is versatile as well. Wish we could get a GS wagon. I've got to get out and try a new LaCrosse as well. V6...
  13. I think it performed better when new. I'm actually looking forward to see if the CVT helps. It might. I've said many times, the 1.5 is a great road car. It's very bipolar in that regard. It's the in town stoplight to stoplight stuff that the car gets tedious to drive. And at the time it was an improvement over what I had. So, progress. I'm real curious to see if the EPA numbers go up any. If not then I am not sure what the point it. Cruze would have been better to put CVT in first IMO.
  14. Driven: 2018 Buick Regal Sportback Essence 2.0t HIGHS: -Nice understated shape conceals a cleverly integrated hatchback design -'Decent' propulsion from 2.0t engine -Nicely shaped upper dash with touchsreen oriented slightly to driver. Interesting at least from a design standpoint. -Sporting driving position and good room in both rows, mostly, plus the biggest benefit being improved leg room over previous model -Really nice cargo space, with seats up, or seats down, the cargo area of this vehicle and the flexibility of it in a car like this IMO is a major draw -View outside of this vehicle is improved over its platform mate (Malibu, my daily driver) due to the rear door glass being longer and taller. View out the front and rear is essentially the same. -AWD availability is a nice plus, thanks Buick. LOWS: -I can't recall any of the GM vehicles I have driven with this ubiquitous 2.0t engine, where i have actually been wowed or impressed by it. It has decent thrust, but honestly you gotta spool it up a bit, the tranny doesn't respond instantly, it's not a five star smooth tranny, and it's kind of rough and noisy overall as a powertrain (AT LEAST FOR IT'S PRICE / CLASS). I was hoping the 2.0 would make the car match the near luxury description but I don't think it's overall a smooth enough powertrain to meet that claim. It's neither smooth, nor sporting or exciting. And this is with front wheel drive. I will reserve final judgment until i get in the GS with the v6, which is the engine I think most people will really end up liking in this car. -Heavier than it's Malibu platform mate. No doubt acceptable due to the larger engine, but the benefit of the extra weight doesn't manifest itself in any real tangible way anywhere in the ride and drive of the car. -Not really any quieter inside than my Malibu. Strange, because this Buick is supposed to have quiet tuning, and goo in the tires to help make it quieter. The ride isn't really any more plush, either. -Steering is sort of dead and mushy. That's not GERMANIC now, is it. -NEED TO BE ABLE TO TURN OFF THE AUTOSTOP WHEN YOU WANT TO. -Not really much nicer inside than in my Malibu. The lower dash is the same 'less expensive' plastic you see in cheap Chevy's. The door panels are a little nicer, but not that much more. Many switches and buttons are the same. The console is nicer (I don't like the shifter centered in the console now actually, it's quite a reach) I guess...except for cupholders in front of the climate controls. The upper dash material is an upgrade over the Malibu, but it's not a PREMIUM dash material either. -I can't really tell for sure if the seats are better. My Malibu seats are poor. The Regal seats seemed to hug me more, but they still felt thin and insubstantial. The leather quality was slightly better, but still nothing to write home about. -Rear head room suffers a bit with the hatch design. I don't mind the tradeoff personally, but the Malibu retains a bit more headroom, and the Regal TourX really has much more....so get the wagon if rear head room matters. -Sunroof was nice to have considering how bunkerlike the Malibu can feel....but again the hatch design limits the size of the sunroof here compared to the Malibu's BAMR. I can live with the compromise here myself, and again, the wagon will satisfy your urge for BAMR if you need it. I would encourage GM to develop a way to integrate a larger moonroof with the hatch design. I think it could be done, but would require time and money on a redesign effort. -Options / packages on this car are, simply put, stupid. But that merits its own post. At least in this car, the heated steering wheel and leather heated seats were both included. You can actually get this car with heated steering wheel but without heated seats. How f-cked up is that? In 2019, Fusion, Toyota, and others will have things like blind spot and cross path detection as standard equipment. And those are not 'premium' makes. -I'll let others decide if they think the styling is too tepid. I don't mind the understated styling but do admit that the color selections that are available on this car leave me wanting. I like the red on the GS, and the smoked pearl metallic is nice. And Buick seems to think they should charge extra for paint colors when they don't make the ride and drive anything special. -pricing. I think the average nature of this car would be easily forgiven if the pricing were in line with being an average car; not priced for a premium marque. Like the LaCrosse and Envision, it is best to wait out the model year if you are buying and wait for the inevitable 7,000-10,000 or more in discounts...which might bring the pricing in line with what the vehicle really is. You can't say this vehicle is appealing at the prices it is at now. SUMMARY: This probably seems like a negative review, but you should consider it more of underwhelmed and let down. This car as I drove it just doesn't have any kind of endearing personality to speak of! At the end of the day, it took Buick two extra years to bring to the US it's own Malibu clone, which doesn't have much more to show for it.... apart from the clever hatch and base 2.0 engine upgrade over the 1.5. I actually am very curious now to be among the first to try the 2019 Malibu 1.5t + CVT combo. But that's an aside for another discussion. The 2.0 that general motors puts in so many vehicles has never impressed me, and that's due more to it's character than anything. I had hopes this would be the ONE CAR that it would feel sporting in; one that would make the car feel at least a little, like a SPORTS SEDAN. Nope. I will wait with baited breath to someday find a v6 GS to test, as i think it will be the only Regal worth anything. At least worth anything more than just being another option in the midsize, genericar class. And I hope Buick is working on a twin turbo six option as well for the GS (GSX?). I tend to think this car won't move the needle in marketplace excitement until it has a tire shredder under the hood to brag about...The v6 will promise smoother revs and deeper lungs at least......... Still, as a replacement in the bottom end of the Buick lineup for the Verano, I am ok with this. Just please, sex it up!
  15. those first gen SRX's got really bad fuel economy especially the v8

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