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  1. that is how they can have one model look trucky and the other one look fastback coupey. Which GM hasn't caught onto much yet, but i think that is what is happening with the CUV market. its splintering into the part that wants it to look like a truck / old school SUV, and the other that wants it to look like a jacked up sexy sedan or coupe, or at a minimum look sleeker than trucky.
  2. Exactly. Audis quite honestly are chick cars mostly and corn state large boys (a lot of GM's core fan base) don't really get into Audis like the women who like those interiors and dashboards and precise and tidy do. Honestly though go to an auto show and listen to men bitch about how Cadillacs have no room. I had to rethink something balthazar had said earlier about styling. I was out driving a bit ago and was stuck behind two Audis side by side, both about 2-3 years old. Both the exact same dull dark gray color. One was an A3 sedan and the other was an A4 sedan. You can BARELY tell them apart from behind... just a bit of difference in the trunk lids and the license plate, very much like the atory on autoblog described trying to spot the CT4 and CT5 differences. The A3 and A4 are not styling marvels! Audi never really does much different looking in terms of styling sometimes. More and more we can see how Johan got pissed off and also maybe he was part of the problem too! He may have said, the A3 and A4 look the same so why not have a CT4 and CT5 you can barely tell apart.
  3. It will all be epic fail if they don't carve out more leg room in the back. Use the ATS-L chassis then. Believe me every year when i go to autoshows and am in the cadillac area i hear people bitch about how the ATS is a useless car due to its back seat. Cadillac forgot a lot of its base are large muhricans and even if the ATS were as comfortable as a c class in the rear it would be ok. But its not. Cadillac buyers expect more usable space. Between the useless interior and cheap interior (and pricing) is why the ATS isn't lighting up the sales charts. So, to redo the car and not fix any of that, they might as well not try. I thought the Alfa Romeo Guilia was the new handling champ.
  4. side note, is it possible the CT5 is a hatchback?
  5. lol good point. remember in Hyundai's case, when they dropped the 2011 Sonata bomb on the market, the perception of their brand styling changed overnight. Cadillac had that happen in 92 with the Seville and STS and maybe we can count the original CTS on that. The 96 Aurora outdid any Cadillac in terms of style (it was supposed to be a Cadillac, right?). Apart from that its hard to remember many Cadillacs as memorable styling for what, over 30 years? Cadillac has reduced itself to a trim package for GM cars, not much more. Except for the rare few V's and now CT6 v8 models.
  6. A mid size sedan with 40 mpg and a solid ride? For 20 grand? I should even pitch it to my mom.
  7. I agree mostly but would make an exception if they did a CT3 on a FWD based chassis to compete with A3 and A class, and if they did that to also skip having a true competitor for the 3 series / C class size. I would rely on the CT5 as the RWD torch bearer in that case. Then there would be clear distinction in purpose between the small entry Caddy and the CT5.
  8. if these sedans do not address -having actual nice interiors (on par with MB and Audi etc) -usable back seats and cabin space, leg room and girth -CUE problems -engine / powertrain options that make sense and are clearly tiered (i.e. optional motor actually performs significantly different, V sport available with AWD, turbo with improved operating characteristics, new turbo six optional) -get rid of goofy styling and MAYBE even border on stunning then what is the point maybe this is why Johan said fk it i mean honestly, this doesn't look like any significant movement on the styling meter.
  9. For shits and also because I am just keeping an eye out for a car for my mom. I took this out for a spin last saturday again (perfect mom car by the way, isn't it) http://www.indoorauto.com/auto/used-2017-buick-lacrosse-essence-medina-mn/29636412/ It was a used LaCrosse that the original owners drove from Indiana to MN to buy a used Lexus, why? BECAUSE THE BUICK DIDN'T HAVE A CD PLAYER ANYMORE. And the used Lexus had Mark Levinson audio. The salesguy said he was blown away by how nice the LaCrosse was. (changing minds, I thought the car was sedate). Anyways, why do i bring it up. The gas Pacifica i drive is a more entertaining drive than the LaCrosse, and the powertrain is better too. So to think about them using the platform for another type vehicle I would LOVE .. in fact, I wish they would replace the current 300 with a new 300 based on the same platform and powertrain. A 500 pound lighter Pacifica sedan, sign me up. And my PAcifica already gets 24mpg in town and at time 30 on the highway. I would love to see what a pentastar v6 new FWD/AWD 300 would get for acceleration and power. Dodge should carry on the current Charger platform for those that want RWD AWD and more Pacifica based cars, including electrics, out pronto. I was upset when i went to the electric car ride and drive recently and they had a Pacifica hybrid there and they didn't let anyone drive it. They are still working out plenty of bugs on the Pacifica hybrid by the way. One more thing i would love to see. A survey of people who have already owned hybrids and if they switch to non hybrid later, do they prefer the feel of going back to a all gas car. Fusion Energi is slow (slower than regualr hybrid) from what i understand but a coworker has one and seems to like it. But they are great deals and a nice roomy plug in. Why GM didn't offer plug in the malibu hybrid is a mistake. Basically they should move the Volt off the small car chassis and move it to the Malibu hybrid chassis. The Volt's small size is what keeps a lot of people from buying or looking at it. Basically scale up the design of the current one plus hatchback on the Malibu size and I think it would be extremely marketable. And of course, a crossover of the same thing jacked up 3 inches with higher roof. GM has wasted so many opportunities. by the way, talking cheap sedans, a new fusion hybrid is little more than 18-20 grand these days, depending where you look..... now if hybrid becomes this cheap on a large scale then we actually do start to see real world fleet mpg improvements. (they also have 1.0 litre Focus 10 speed automatics on sale too!) https://www.koonssterlingford.com/new/Ford/2018-Ford-Fusion+Hybrid-2a9f73fb0a0e0ae913244a2779896bab.htm?searchDepth=3:12
  10. one point about that though, with longer credit terms and people's desire for SUV's over traditional cars, that plays into it somewhat. If we look at a reasonably equipped midsize sedan, those can be had mid twenties even at times, that's actually an ok deal vs. twenty years ago i think.
  11. but the reality is the charging networks are not yet there. and won't be for a long time. means to recycle batteries and such will improve. but not at a pace that would allow the CAFE to have increased by what was proposed, or by any sensible level. honestly then it was literally asking for huge$$$ to be added to the cost to be spread to every car. At a rate that far outpaces affordability for the consumer. You literally cannot force technology to be rolled out in such a fashion, it literally disrupts the entire economy. And manufacturers shouldn't have to abandon proven technology that is reliable and cost effective. non plug in hybrids are the most sensible interim steps but even those have limits on how fast you can push those out. a malibu like mine, which commonly gets 30 mpg in a gas version, gets 40 mpg in a hybrid version, and so that's a cap of a 33% real increase if everyone abandons a non hybrid for a hybrid. You're not going to get any more than that really for same size car. actually, even having a mandated fuel economy standard at all is really questionable. Emissions standard, maybe. Fuel economy standard, that does not jive with market based economy. If people want better mpg then they will pay for it or buy it.
  12. regfootball

    GM News: Spying: 2020 Buick Encore and Chevrolet Trax

    ugh why does GM have to make every crossover so trucky. The Euros are testing new crossover forms more quickly the GM's of the world. The Trax doesn't need to look like a Tahoe or something. The Encore's appeal was because it didn't look like a truck wannabe.
  13. weight, size, and aerodynamics play the biggest parts in MPG. electrification is the only way to increase the MPG standards at the rates that were ludicrously proposed. To increase at that rate adds far more cost than the market and supply chain can realistically bear. And then there is the reliability of new technology and quite frankly, consumer desire. Not to mention mining toxic materials battery technology etc. So the massive CAFE increase mandates (which in translation means "we are forcing everyone to drive a tiny little shit box they don't want) were political fodder just as much as trying to roll them back is. circle the wagons back around and in the end, you can have 10 speed trannies and CVT's and 1.0 litre motors in Focus and it still comes back to weight and size and aerodynamics. Best policy in the end is incremental and steady increases over time, that are achievable and affordable. For example, if your CAFE is 28.0 now, to in 7-10 years, 34, 35 is not damning. If you want to encourage electrification or alt fuels, tax incentives for developing the technology makes more sense. In 7-10 years, math and physics is still the same, so in the end its still weight, size, aerodynamics.......... wherever we can go to still allow people to drive what they want and suits their needs rather then what the feds force them into. That electricity is tainted energy too, just like any other energy source.
  14. regfootball

    Ford News: Ford Baby Bronco Will Use Focus Underpinnings

    Neither Ford or GM has the leadership they need anymore, it seems,.....
  15. regfootball

    Ford News: Ford Baby Bronco Will Use Focus Underpinnings

    Ford Renegade, call it BRONCO! what would OJ think?

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