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  1. regfootball

    Lexus News: The Uncertain Future of the Lexus GS and IS

    I see the CT6 continuing to grow volume, particularly after the XTS goes away. By then the new will be gone and they will have a greater percent of the lesser msrp cars. And Cadillacs always sell at discount. It won’t be new anymore so I see them repacking the CT6 to sell in greater volume once the XTS dies and a lot of the development cost of the CT6 is skimmed off the first couple model years. It will become more accessible like a DTS was. You’ll have a bunch that sell with the 3.6 at cheap price and they’ll make money on the twin turbo 6 and 8
  2. regfootball

    Lexus News: The Uncertain Future of the Lexus GS and IS

    with regards to GM and the sedan market in the USA Cadillac: ATS was a great idea but it had less space inside than it should have. And so unless there is a huge need in another market for a compact Cadillac (CT3) I think they don't need one for 2020. I do think that any future compact Cadillac could be flexible on a RWD vs FWD chassis depending on execution. Upcoming CT5 IMO is likely to be in a slot between what we traditionally have considered CTS sized and STS sized. At a minimum the interior needs to have more accommodations than the now current CTS. But not much more, if any, larger physically. CT6 of course will continue and is 'large enough' I think. My only thought on CT6 size is it could be wider by a couple inches inside. If cadillac were to add a range topping sedan, it should be more to create a splash with a new design theme or to really break the mold. For example.... Something Escala like, CT6 sized or larger, or something with a hatch. Or something sexier than a Tesla (or all of that). The CT6 is either replaced by the new design or coexists with it. The CT6 is the old persons Caddy in that scenario then, and the new design is the young persons large caddy. Buick I still like the idea of a Verano but admit it doesn't have the sales legs anymore. I do think since the Regal sportback is the entry Buick 'sedan' now, it is just fine for that, but they nice to watch prices and redo the packaging for greater value and equipment. Since the LaCrosse exists, in 2020 I have no issues with it carrying the large sedan torch for Buick, but I do think interior improvements and similar value and packaging propositions are in order. With fewer sedan buyers, this car really should be increasing sedan market share based on value and ride comfort. I really do think the Avenir could have rebooted the large sedan market at accessible price, and if they did that for 2020 (pipe dream) I would endorse it and might even sign on for it 'replacing' the LaCrosse unless the Lacrosse were repackaged to move downscale some and replace the Impala. Chevy I still see the Cruze sedan being needed even if it is selling fewer copies. This is a class of car for entry level new car buyers. Cruze should grow a bit to be a size clone to match Civic if they redo it. Malibu needs to continue in this catch all midsize segment. However, if Impala is discontinued then Malibu needs to increase some in size and offer more flexible packages to allow for larger engine choice easier etc. I think the Impala can literally continue in its current body 2-4 more years (with an interior redo), or it could be axed if Buick were to take on those sales with the LaCrosse. If in 2-4 years sedans rebound then they can redo the Impala. But i think the Impala name right now may be better off transferred to some kind of sexy large crossover which doesn't seem to be the sort of thing GM is capable of. If the LaCrosse or Avenir or combo of LaCrosse and Avenir could pick up lost Impala sales then it may be ok to kill the Impala. Then sedans really do become more of an effective niche with a Buick tag on them IMO.
  3. regfootball

    Lexus News: The Uncertain Future of the Lexus GS and IS

    Original CTS and Lincoln LS were perfect size cars, but as you stated is correct. They were not as small as the 3 series and C of that time and thus the scorn. Funny you mentioned the ZDX. I parked next to a pristine one the other day and thought to myself it ended up being a bit ahead of its due time. Would be a good used vehicle to seek and find. The mistake on the ZDX was some things were proportioned a bit badly. If they had increased the wheelbase on that thing 6-8 inches and had a better balanced greenhouse , it may have come off a lot better.
  4. regfootball

    Lexus News: The Uncertain Future of the Lexus GS and IS

    i think there was a blip that suggested all these lux carmakers needed BMW 3 sized cars to have a legit lineup. Caddy even took the bait. When it comes to brass tacks now, who even buys 3 series sized lux sedans and what brands do they really only look at? I think the original CTS was a perfect entry level caddy and so to reincarnate that as a CT4 would make sense. But if the new CT5 is a little larger, then i am ok with that being Caddy's entry level sedan. What does that have to do with Lexus? To me it means that IS was always a poseur even if it was a good car. The ES was bread and butter but now crossovers may have supplanted ES buyers base. And where does that leave the LS and the GS? To circle the wagons for Caddy and Lexus, they probably could survive on 2 sedans each. CT5 / CT6 and GS / LS. An IS and CT3 will always not sell like an A3/A4, 3/4 series, or C class. I think the other reason these smaller lux sedans proliferated so much last 15 years is the idea that young punks would buy / lease them and they were sort of the new age 'hey look how cool i am' cars. That the younger set due to preference and urban living wanted smaller cars. I don't think that logic carries through to Caddy and lexus like it does BMW and Audi. And maybe never will. And especially if neither is big in Europe.
  5. How about a turbo 2.0
  6. https://www.detroitnews.com/story/business/2018/06/11/train-station-announcement-detroit-corktown-ford-moroun/689879002/ “ It's an ambitious plan with no recent precedent. The building has sat empty for 30 years and is derelict. And the automotive technologies that Ford intends to test and develop has yet to find a market with consumers around the world. Details are sparse. Executive Chairman Bill Ford Jr. and Ford leadership will talk about their plans for the blighted building June 19. Part of that event, billed as a celebration, will be open to the public.” huge for them to take take on an old facility like this this could become one of the premier historical renovation projects in America I would imagine
  7. regfootball

    Ram News: The Problematic Launch of the 2019 Ram 1500

    The FCA Pacifica had a very troublied 2017 launch / model year. Our 2018 seems to have been free of all these quality / design glitches. I wonder if FCA isn't purely beta testing with their new launches first model years lately. Ask me why i would lease a Sergio mobile and not buy it, that's about the best way I can explain it to you. Do you feel lucky punk? The hybrid rollout on the Pac has been I would say bad. Regular Pac's have had all sorts of issues. Issues in the new truck doesn't surprise me. IF Sergio doesn't want these trucks to go out until there is fewer issues, bless em. GM has had a rep like this in the past. And its not like its the Tesla Model 3 launch, just sayin.
  8. don't get me wrong, an Escalade would be boss but honestly its a bit much of a beast for me i think
  9. regfootball

    2018 Hyundai Elantra ridealong

    Recent got to ride along on family member's rental. A new Hyundai Elantra impressions from the passenger seat: -clean sensible interior layout, with good room and space for a compact. room for 2 big guys and drink holders in between -styling is a bit bland but grows on you a bit. Not offensive or unattractive -did not feel overwhelmingly noisy or uncomfortable on the ride -seat cloth a bit too spartan. a nicer design would upgrade the whole interior -clean and simple dash layout.. not overstyled. -would be an attractive option to an overstyled Civic. A more open feeling than the Mazda3. Much nicer than a Corolla. -overall, good basic transport, inoffensive and functional.
  10. regfootball

    2019 Suzuki Jimny, Wrangler Knock off?

    should sell big in India haha
  11. gotta compare new and new. and then what mpg does that escalade get.
  12. oh but the Escalade is priced higher.....
  13. SIX MONTHS IN REPORT 10,000 miles + on odometer HIGHS -sharp styling, especially for a van -powertrain has nice power and great mpg for this type of vehicle (24-25 urban driving, 25-30 highway). Even though the Town and Country powertrain was good, this is much better in all aspects. Even the 9 speed behaves well. -Michelin Premier all seasons on ours provide good wet and snow traction while the tread is there. -Doesn't feel porky. A bit large at times, but for a van it feels more like a sedan. -Easy to see out of, airy cabin. Particularly with the big ass moonroof! We love it! Large usable mirrors too. -simple and attractive interior on all counts. Buttons and controls are nice in design, layout, use and location...and size. -sto and go, only used a few times but its amazing when you do! -U Connect screen works great, looks great, no issues. Sometimes too many menus to go through for some things. -climate control keeps up nicely, particularly since we have the BAMR. -kids like the video screens on the seatback. Like it there instead of up on the ceiling. -comfortable seats in front and third row. second row is fine for kids and teens. -Got used to the rotary gear knob! So effortless and easy to use, even though a small joystick I still might like more. -Electronic parking brake switch right next to the shifter is ridiculously convenient as well. -There is a button to turn off auto stop start! -Love the gauges. Lots of screen settings but the main thing is its a crisp display and much better than what i see on lower end GM stuff. -Cruise control on the T&C was worthless and terrible. The cruise on this is amazing. Tap up and tap down is so quick and precise. (Note I have not even used the distance pacing cruise control yet). -Surround view camera is amazing! Especially to point out to the spouse how the vehicle is misparked in the stall before even getting out of the vehicle.. seriously has improved the relationship in terms of confrontations. -Like on the T&C the auto high beams work great, but even better. Same thing with rainsense wipers. -I really thought the foot kick rear hatch was a waste of $$$ initially but honestly we use it a lot and is quite handy. -AT&T wifi works great now that it was finally available. -weather radar and warnings on your vehicle...again, did i need it? Sure is handy at times. -Apple CarPlay, which was new for 2018 on the Pacifica, works soooo much better than it does on my Malibu. Malibu is constant glitches (maybe an update is needed). It works really smooth so far on the Pac. -this vehicle chews up mileage effortlessly. LOWS -I would like a little improvement in the console design and the amount of storage available in front for cubbies within reach. Small glovebox is a step back from the two tier glovebox in the T&C. -If the console redesign could accommodate more and better cupholders and a real usable food tray surface to divvy up the chicken sammiches. -That 9th gear, it takes pigs flying and planets aligning to engage. -Interior plastics and design could be nicer and they seem like long term durability may be an issue...particularly on the upper door panels. The T&C had indestructible interior bits. the leather sure got way dirty quick and may not be super durable either. -the volume and gear shifter knobs are so close to each other and not that different in size; I am virtually certain that some drivers out there may be confusing the knobs and I am even suggesting that some folks who have claimed to have the stalling at speed problems may be reaching for and turning the shifter knob or something when they think its the volume knob. -2017 had -lots- of first year glitches. Knock on wood we've had nothing but I hope long term there are no issues on our 2018. -second row seats due their sto n go function are not amazing comfy for adults. -having to go through 2 or 3 screen on the touch screen to turn heated seats and steering wheel on and off is ridiculous. They need to add the switches for these on the main panel. -also, too many screens to go through for some audio controls. -there needs to be manual gear control and preferably with paddle shifters. We had more than a few instances especially on hills in Mt Rushmore area where manual control was really desired! -auto emergency braking is quite sensitive. Freaked out my wife, but she needs to back off people's bumpers. I had to turn off the auto braking for awhile due to the oversensitivity. -I wish spare tire wasn't extra cost option... because ours doesn't have it. -no AWD option. I like the better mpg as a tradeoff of course. But if they could keep sto n go and add AWD they would really clean house. SUMMARY -I gave this thing an A when i reviewed it before i ever got one. 10,000 miles in and I still give it an A and honestly wonder why this isn't what people buy instead of CUV's. Really is a great family ride. This is the nicest overall vehicle I think we have ever had. I can't think of another vehicle right at this time that has been better overall in all the time I've been driving. Knock on wood let's hope we remain without issues. Please go drive one if you are looking for a 3 row family hauler or other minivan. I wish GM had more vehicles this smooth to drive, this truly useful and accommodating, and lacking of flaws in the Barra era.
  14. a couple MPG logs from last weekend, in 90-100 degree heat a lot. 29.5 mpg on about a 250 mile loop. and 29.1 on a 300 or so mile loop. with family of four and junk on board. not bad
  15. regfootball

    Bought a new minivan

    Give Sergio 2-3 years to sort out the hybrid powertrain glitches and maybe then they will offer lease deals on them. LOVE YOUR S PACKAGE BY THE WAY! I am going to get my six month review of our Pacifica up soon. I am even wondering if we shouldn't get a second Pacfica, and I would get an S package too. I think they should offer S package with cloth. They should do a special console with the S package too. Now if they would just turbo that pentastar too!

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