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  1. I have a good friend who has a G37/35 whatever (essentially a Q50 now) and he told me exactly that recently. He is eyeballing getting a Q70 not too far down the road. Screaming deal and not too bad a car.
  2. Essentially Cadillac is saying 'we charged too much for the TTv6 and so if we are trying to charge that much, let's charge more and give them a v8'. They can get people to write the big checks for the v8. Then, as usual, at the end of the year, Cadillac's iron is discounted 10,12,15 thousand, and in that case, they are saying 'since you are only giving us this much cash for the standard version, we won't spend extra to put the twin turbo in there, you get the corporate 3.6 instead'. The LSY 2.0 was a full second slower on the base car compared to the old 2.0 so it made sense to save the embarrassment of that move and get rid of that choice. That, and it was RWD only, which means no one in the snow belt would buy that car anyways. Perhaps a clever move would be to put the 2.7t in a cheap sport version with AWD. But they won't spend the time or money to do that. And i suppose at the end of the day from an aspirational sense, if you want a badass CT6, you're gonna want the v8. The other thing to note here is Super Cruise may end up selling this car much more than any particular powertrain. If all this actually keeps the CT6 in the showroom, I am for it. And those that buy one, it actually becomes collectible.
  3. when i drove the silverado with the 2.7, i thought it was pretty smooth. in a higher tune, not sure, but i do understand what you say on the advantage of a turbo4 vs a turbo6 and the boost. pretty frustrating reading the new reviews of the VW Arteon. It bills the Arteon as a upscale option that is not expensive like the A7. Never in any of these articles hardly does it mention the Regal GS as competition. It mentions the Maxima etc. The 2.7t and a good chassis tuning would turn the Regal Sportback into something they might mention in those articles. Problem is GM gave up on the car.
  4. i like the idea. using the 4 pot instead of the 3.0tt v6 would help keep weight in check. And with the 2.7, the issue would be how smooth it would be in a passenger car iteration vs. truck. Obviously if it's going into the CT4-V Cadillac figures it will have good operating characteristics. So assuming that, why not put it in the Regal GS at least. Traditionalists will balk at calling it a GNX.
  5. this is one of the better CT5 pics I have found recently. But why bother to make it look like a hatchback if you didn't give it a hatchback?
  6. it literally looks like the door openings are the same, i bet the frame is nearly all the same, windshield, lots of things. 200 less pounds, i believe it may be possible. a lot of the weight savings would be due to the 4 cylinder being lighter than the v6. Now you can least AWD on the CT4-V with all wheel drive. In which case adding back AWD probably equals the weight out.
  7. Yes. Wheelbase is same for ATS and CT4. No additional rear seat room. Bad move by Cadillac. Didn’t bother to fix the big problem on the ATS They could have used the wheelbase stretch of the Chinese ATS-L WHY NOT CADILLAC???
  8. Coincidence. One of this new version passed me on the highway today. Pleasant kia is in the game but still the car is bland to me the low power specs are inexcusable to me and the Cruze left the market with good power specs much better than this No matter how nice Kia makes the forte nowadays I just keep wondering why they didn’t keep the name Spectra
  9. I wonder if this 2.7 is half of the new 5.5 liter that is being rumored. The black wing in the ct6 is the 4.2 liter version. If the 5.5 is essentially 2 cylinder banks of the 2.7 in a V then possibly this should be a smooth 4 cylinder and possibly have room for much higher tune.
  10. I am one that thinks its ok to have a little bit less performance if it means AWD is finally available for the V cars. Now at least in a snow state you can realistically think of owning one and using it all year, that alone is HUGE. You know the blackwing will end up in the CT5 and i am sure something more wild will end up in the CT4 down the road too. A four cylinder in the Ct4 doesn't bother me at all, because the CT5 has the v6. With the long stroke on the 4 we need to see if it revs well enough and that the engine runs smooth but it makes sense to me to make it a hot 4 instead of the extra weight of the v6. The interior of the CT4 like the Ct5 is nice but i do agree with all the comments about too many black tones with GM. At least in cadillac you may have some more color choices. The Ct4 looks classier even if its just a rubbed and oiled ATS. I like the rear end look on it just fine. The Ct5 rear window debacle looks even worse here, wtf was GM thinking. Big trouble with CT4 will be whether it has more interior space or not. If it has the same useless back seat as the ATS, same shitty trunk, etc. it may still be an issue. Cadillac is making the V series Cadillac sedans cheaper because neither chevy nor buick can sell any sedans at a higher price. Caddy is left to serve the sedan market, whatever is left and therefore is trying to find a sweet spot in price and performance that will allow these things to sell enough in the showroom and make profit. So Cadillac V series is the new GM excitement! division, it brings more people into the GM fold instead of 90,000 dollar V cars. I don't mind this, you know there will be a more expensive CT5 blackwing eventually. CT4 and CT5 need to get their shit together and have a really nice lease program. Lower prices may help keep better residuals and actually help move more metal. GM really needs a great base CT4 with a great base lease deal to bring new younger buyers into the brand.
  11. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/2020-cadillac-ct4-v-ct5-v-debut/ CT4-V gets higher output turbocharged 2.7 litre four cylinder........ really digging the Ct4 actually, it looks like a nicely rubbed and oiled ATS..... CT5 rear window still looks like shit in V gear RWD and AWD available in both Ct4-V and Ct5-V
  12. Ah. Thanks got my days mixed up
  13. Any news yet on the CT5-V AND CT4-V? today was supposed to be the day

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