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  1. regfootball

    Quick Drive: 2018 Mazda6 Signature

    I'm gonna do a bit of a flip flop on all the Mazda6 revisions. I still would tend to think adding the turbo should have added some more go juice, but they do out of the Japanese automakers tend to put the most effort into interiors. I think if you prefer Japanese marques I can understand (after 4 years) why someone would be enthusiastic. The Hondas, Toyotas and Nissans have been a bit of a hot mess the last few years in terms of interiors and styling. One thing about the Mazda6, the Mazda CX5 has this too. Part of where you would normally expect the center stack to be filled in with controls between the top and where they put the climate controls at the bottom is just kind of blank wasted space.
  2. regfootball

    Quick Drive: 2018 Mazda6 Signature

    Good to know! But but the crossfire is a Mercedes I thought German cars were reliable and lasted forever!!
  3. regfootball

    What have we done? 2016 Malibu 1LT 1.5t

    Yes it’s tied into part of that safety package.
  4. regfootball

    What have we done? 2016 Malibu 1LT 1.5t

    looks like at least on the Premier. for 2019 now E brake an option too.
  5. regfootball

    What have we done? 2016 Malibu 1LT 1.5t

    The option the malibu does not give which is standard now in so many vehicles, is to put the electronic parking brake switch on the console. No big levers anymore. The Regal has the eBrake switch, doesn't take any space. People would like the Malibu if they spent good time in it. Not perfect, but moreso than many other GM vehicles in affordable price class, it gets a lot of the basics right. I would dig more grunt in the 1.5 engine but realize the tradeoff is fuel efficiency. Can't wait to see how the CVT fares with it. Cheap 18 Regals will hit the market in a few months; GM hasn't gone full bore on the incentives for it yet. The Regal will have the 2.0 in it and apart from that and the hatchback its more or less the same car. The screen in the Regal is angled more to the driver and it helps some with reach. I don't like the shifter and one aft cupholder. The Malibu shifter and cupholder layout it perfect. I haven't minded the fabric on the dash so far in the rental. As far as the start stop, the 1.5 is so slow off the line, and it shifts slowly....I think those two things impact the 0-60 more for the 1.5.
  6. someday maybe this be my toy
  7. this metro area has 1 yellow stinger available in inventory. Didn't Kia have some issue with the Stingers with yellow paint? https://www.motor1.com/news/252396/kia-stinger-sunset-yellow-paint/
  8. The value equation on the Stinger will be good once the car hits discount phase. And I do like it as a choice in the market that wants to find buyers interested in DRIVING. Fewer and fewer of those choices these days. I think if merely the rear door opening for the window didn't have such a similar kink as the Optima, I would see it more as its own car.
  9. regfootball

    What have we done? 2016 Malibu 1LT 1.5t

    yeah, i really have grown to like the lines on the car. The front end of course old or new version will have friends and foes. wouldn't it be nice with just cloth heated seats and a moonroof, and a 2.0? configging a 2019 right now just for fun. The RS package has very limited options and looks cool, but the LT has more value features now, and you can actually on some exterior colors get an interior color besides black.
  10. regfootball

    What have we done? 2016 Malibu 1LT 1.5t

    got rear ended but i was given a rental while the car is getting fixed. But. Its another Malibu......... not at all a fan of silver, usually, but this is sort of growing on me. The cloth and the smaller touch screen I am trying to decide what i think.
  11. regfootball

    Quick Drive: 2018 Mazda6 Signature

    A good Chrysler crossfire would be a nice vintage find. Hey or an XLR
  12. regfootball

    Quick Drive: 2018 Mazda6 Signature

    The CT6 is larger, but the CT6 has a 'big hood'.....CT6 has a large back seat but not entirely as much as one would believe with the wheelbase and size of the car. A car like the S class has always bragged about leg room in the back seat being a big deal. So maybe not in midsize class, but for sure in the lux class, it is fair to say that if someone is looking at a luxury car, leg room is a big consideration. CAFE and government pressure to keep making vehicles smaller is why mainstreams cars are getting whacked in size. If you want size, then you must pay (suburban, big crossovers, etc.)
  13. regfootball

    Quick Drive: 2018 Mazda6 Signature

    You’re right about the Regal interior. It does come off better in the tan combo. The 6 is one of that cars strong points. I just keep seeing The 6 get praised so much in buff books and the whole ‘when the Mazda 6 gets a turbo it will the king ‘ and they finally put something other than their mid pack base engine in there and it isn’t near as fast as GM’s ubiquitous 2.0. That was sort of the main point. Buicks handling is not sporting material but it’s a decently quiet cruiser. I think the new Camry with sport package and v6 got some decent buff book reviews lately so yes that is a completely legit question. I want to see this new Altima coming out. Accord is fugly and deceptively tight inside. New Altima with turbo is worth waiting to see imo I never said the Buick with 2.0 was a sport sedan. I was merely pointing out that Mazda’s turbo is still not fast after all this time waiting for it If you’re looking at 35k for a Mazda it’s maybe time to look into a near Lux marque or just get a CPO Audi or BMW. And mazda JUST NOW getting CarPlay SMH
  14. regfootball

    Ford News: Ford Hopes To Sooth Dealers This Week

  15. regfootball

    Quick Drive: 2018 Mazda6 Signature

    mid sized sedans often get tested for fit of kid car seats too. Surprisingly, many of them are tight for getting car seats behind the fronts and having good access through the door. One car that is large but deceptively tight in the back, is the Fusion. Its not wholly uncomfortable, its just not as efficient as one would think considering how large the car is.

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