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  1. it was popular in these parts. particularly at the used auto broker dealers that sell lots of 1-3 year old luxury lease returns. lots of them available with crazy low miles for a good deal, in comparison to say, a toyota iM or prius
  2. that's better than my cobalt manual.
  3. Like the updates. More presence. Hope they have a new center stack with a decent new CUE. Hope the turbo six can stay. The XTS is something that someone like my mom would be good with. Something to replace the DTS although she would believe the XTS is small. She doesn't like the shape and beak of the new CTS and the ATS being of no size is not an option. It's ok to have the XTS hold down the cheapskate Cadillac buyers market. Caddy needs to fix all the CT6 problems in order to keep the prices up for that . It's too narrow the styling is bland and has some proportion issues the interior is cheap we may see an early rename and reskin back to DTS I would focus on making the CTS geared to those who have a higher sensitivity to sharp handling and tactile feel and performance they could invest in nicer seats and interior bits give us the twin turbo plus AWD The ATS it will be interesting they need to find a niche for the smaller size in the US and add some backseat room they would be better off cutting back us inventory for ATS and making it niche like try to guide those sales to the CtS crossovers are king but there are still people who don't want one my mom is short and small enough that she doesn't think an srx would work for her hard to step up into she still wants a larger car though even at her age she would probably benefit from the small downsize from dts to XTS for ease of driving and parking etc
  4. I like the new front and rear ends hopefully a new CUE too
  5. Oh my! It's so big and so much girth!
  6. you've got all those old Suzuki the SeX4's slaughtered......those wouldn't often hit 30 mpg.......the automatics often didn't hit 25 mpg. If for some insane reason I feel i need to drive stick ever again I will for sure take one of these out for a run.
  7. AGREE i love those kinds of interiors too. The SS has a fantastic interior...quite possibly the most comfortable seats in a GM sedan..... SS is worth getting for the interior alone, apart from just the powertrain.
  8. what is needed is a backoff from increases and new regs in CAFE and emissions and safety garb for 5-7 years. The automakers need a break from reinventing the wheel. Lets make it cheaper and more reliable. Save some of the investment dollars for moving to volt like or full electric powertrain development. Market deprivation from 2009-2012 or 2013 created a pent up demand when people actually saw a bit of light in their budgets and were able to replace old clunkers. the last 3-4 years literally made up for that pent up demand and therefore people voted with their dollars for crossovers and nicer cars. Those that could. I think the higher price market is tapering off and the automakers don't know it yet. I think there will be a cycle where those manufacturers can sell value and lower prices will see benefit. Its almost like no one is serving those customers anymore. They really believe that everyone in the market has the ability to get into a 37,000 dollar vehicle. The problem is now a used car glut that they think there's enough people that will pay 25 - 30,000 for a 3-5 year old car. Most folks can barely swing the interest and tax part of those payments........ Automakers love it when buyers abandon compact and midsize cars because they can't get the same dollars for them as crossovers and larger cars and trucks, but they really do need to continue to push these segments with new products. Case in point....a friend who is quite frugal her and her husband decided last week to finally trade off a mega years old compact. The type of people that abhor any car expense. They are in a much better place these days financially than 2009-2012 but still she refused to spend a lot. They got a Fit that had discount and finance deal, even though they probably could have used a much larger vehicle. Still an example of those pockets of people that will seek the good lower price options if the manufacturers serve those markets.
  9. Well, Frontier = Raider. Altima = Galant. Sentra = Lancer. rebadge alert, Eclipse cross i think will do okay. The Outlander Sport does ok for itself. The outlander is the one that needs to be remade the most. Its actually a great value, highly useful vehicle right now but its deadly unattractive and spurs no desire from anyone and it can't decide which class it is in. Mirage caters to the down and outs. All that said and done, there is limited ability to penetrate the other Japanese brands and Hyundai / Kia are the competition for the perceived bargain seekers. there is only so much more that Mitsubishi can gain unless they develop a breakthough / signature product which honestly by 2018, everything's already been done. So Mits becomes the Japanese alternative to the Hyundai Kia low credit / big warranty set. Do you trust Japan or Korea more? And the rental car lots will be stocked quite well and parent Nissan doesn't have their brand take the hit. Believe it or not there are some Japanese car fans out there that truly only want a Japanese nameplate (won't settle for Hyundai Kia) but are really cheap with their $$$$ or their credit is not what the big dogs want.
  10. well, actually if Chrysler and Dodge go to pasture, I don't see Muhrica latching any more to Fiat, and in fact, GM would probably be the biggest beneficiary. Which isn't saying a lot, if Ram and Jeep are still out there.
  11. congrats!!!!
  12. "it pays to buy at the end of the month"
  13. AWESOME!!!! congrats!
  14. this thread is worthless without pictures of the gearshifter! and CONGRATS have to admit.....if i were looking for a smaller 4x4 with stick, this would be about the best way to get it these days......
  15. right. the big problem. the 2.0 is a good car, but its not amazing good. overall Chevy still has work to do on the chassis and suspension either way, and the powertrain is not totally smooth like glass either. the chassis is screaming for a performance version, or even a quality suspension, or both. no one should kid themselves into thinking this car has a big car ride either. They nailed it on the size of the vehicle....but it is still midsize and it lacks the plush ride of larger or more expensive rigs. it is commuter comfortable but that's about it. The value equation for this car does not mate at higher msrp's. If chevy had their stuff together they would start building more 2.0's and get them in the lower priced ones. And perhaps if i didn't keep getting check engine lights now all the time that would help too. I'd encourage people if they are buying vs leasing to take a hard look at the Impala or some of the used Cadillacs hitting the market for dirt cheap now.