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  1. the market needs a mid size or large car at a palatable price. by that, I mean something not as small as Bolt / Volt.
  2. Subaru News: Subaru Prices 2019 Ascent

    I can tell in these parts Subaru keeps selling more and more and i think it was wise that Toyota runs them now because i bet subaru's growth is a lot from toyota customers. So if that is the case its fine that they keep making them more bland. a coworker bought an impreza crosstrek manual (the last version). It's actually a really cool rig. Another coworker got a new impreza and we both looked at it and said its not the same, and he said he was really glad he got the one he did before they changed it. This Ascent just looks to me like Forester XL but i know of two people who are looking at these like AWD never existed before. One has an outback currently, and the other just got married and are probably planning for kids.
  3. 2018 Buick Regal Lot impression

    my scoping it out this weekend..... the interior is a -bit- of an upgrade from the cousin Malibu, and yes it makes a difference, but they really could have made the Regal interior more premium in places. The dashtop is a nicer quality and texture. The screen and how it pops out from the dahs is more interesting. The insert part of the door panels is nicer but the upper and lower is the same. The seat leather actually feels like an upgrade over the Malibu but at the same time it doesn't feel lavish. I thought the seats would be clones but the TourX i sat in the seats had some aggressive side bolstering in that it made the seat feel really narrow to my wide Amerchan butt. Passenger room and space and seat placement is more or less identical apart from the nice 40/20/40 split on the folding seat. I sort of dug the shifter, and i didnt think i would like the 1 big cupholder aft of the shifter and 2 in front of the climate control with the door....but i think i would like that arrangement compared to my Malibu with the cupholders to the side of the shifter. The cargo area for the wagon IMO is trimmed out nicely and it makes for a long cargo area but honestly since its limited to the space between wheel wells it does not feel large. And strange enough to say, but even with the long greenhouse, the rake of the rear window does not make the rear cargo area feel cavernous much more than the sportback. Some folks will benefit from wagon vs. sportback..... but i think the bigger benefit to cargo flexibility here is the low floor and how the folding seat works in the Sportback. What i mean is i think you get good flexibility and utility in both....so the benefit to the wagon then is a bit more headroom in the back part of the cargo area but it doesn't maybe add as much space as you think. The other thing that really reinforced with me, the wagon is only marginally higher than the sportback. The wagon is a wagon.... so the attempt to put the cladding on it but not raise the height much is kind of puzzling. The cladding butches it up to give the SUV impression without the height. So if i envision (sorry bout the pun) the wagon without the cladding, and not in GS trim, i can understand where you could think it to have a bland, eggy, nerdy, unexciting side profile....without the cladding. The cladding offsets the slablike sides to some degree. If you don't have the cladding, the wagon REALLY needs the GS treatment to not look dull... Glad the wagon has a power hatch. I am on the fence......ask me last week and i would say i was more interested in the wagon. Ask me now and I think the sportback is the way to go....and probably the GS for the v6. So GM where is my TURBO v6????? And can we amp up the interior some and get it closer to 'premium'? Some more interesting materials and textures and such would help.
  4. 2018 Buick Regal Lot impression

    another , barely over 18 grand http://www.lupientbuickgmc.com/VehicleDetails/new-2017-Buick-Regal-Sport_Touring_FWD-Golden_Valley-MN/2981946883
  5. 2018 Buick Regal Lot impression

    look at this crazy price on a new 17 $18,253 http://www.rosevillebuickgmc.com/VehicleDetails/new-2017-Buick-Regal-Sport_Touring_FWD-Roseville-MN/2833302293
  6. It kills me why people blow huge coin on compact CUV's. We're totally minivan folks now (we've long since past the stroller stage). The only reason to get a CUv if space is a concern is the perception of space. Price and gas mileage is very comparable.
  7. Lots of those compact CUV's Like RAV4 etc to me don't seem like they will even have a stroller fit.
  8. I had the Malibu hybrid as a loaner a couple times. I was on the fence as to whether it was a deal breaker. The part of the trunk I use most was unaffected by the battery set up and it actually seems less intrusive in person. However losing the folding seat is a problem. For me it's 2018/2019 the hybrid should be a plug is the bigger issue.
  9. in 2016, the malibu hybrid effort was good but now they need to seriously downsize the battery pack. honestly too, make the fricken malibu a plug in...... volt is toooooo smallllllllll
  10. 2018 Buick Regal Lot impression

    fans of the current Regal... (2017) many stores are now advertisting prices suggesting 9,000-10,000 or more off sticker. some close to 12 grand off sticker lots of rebates! not lying, seeing some advertised on Autotrader under 20 grand. they can't all be demos. I'll plug my old boss and friend's dealership here.... http://www.applechevroletbuick.com/new/Buick/2017-Buick-Regal-79500df30a0e0a6b0cf40ddbcc7826ff.htm
  11. 2018 Buick Regal Lot impression

    Buick really screwed the pooch with trims. Heated seats and cloth is more and more necessary and common. Ford for many years has been offering 'northland edition' packages on it's lowest models, Focus, Escape, Fusion etc. where heated seats and remote start and even heated mirrors for a dirt cheap upgrade on SE's and SEL's and then often they give a package discount that makes it nearly free sometimes. Apart from SV1 trim I feel heated seats and remote start and XM should be standard on all Buicks.
  12. 2018 Buick Regal Lot impression

    Yeah that is sound logic.
  13. 2018 Buick Regal Lot impression

    I think the SV1 base trim Regal should allow a power drivers seat option. Ok so later i am going to type here and tell Buick how they should have packaged the Insignia here for sale in the US Saw my first live Wagon TourX today.. just sitting outside. Its not really much higher than the sportback. And the cladding looks.......like cladding........ I think they should have kept this new Verano for US but it does look a little Hyundaish....... just like the LaCrosse does....
  14. 2018 Buick Regal Lot impression

    At a minimum, the price of entry for remote start and heated seats is a bad fail for gm. But they know some folks can't live without it. What's stupid is you can get heated steering wheel but not heated seats. Buicks marketing folks need to be slapped upside the head with some of their package configurations on these cars. Really makes me think they don't want to sell cars sometimes.

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