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  1. Note that these 2/3 gen camaros look sexy as hell, and perform, but don't have mailslot windows and smashed down roofs. I bet you can get an actual human in the backseat of those too
  2. Re: Camaro. If they simply reskinned the new one with a taller roof and carved out some legroom I think you'd see sales take off. The rakish look is great but it is really hurting sales. The new equinox is nice but a little cramped in front compared to the outgoing version. Some may not care but some will perceive it as downsized. I think they should be careful to not make too many of them with the 1.5. Put the 2.0 in most of them. Keep the price down. otherwise they really did feminize it but as many years of big RAV4 and Crv sales attest, they may be ok here. They really should have left the terrain boxy and butch though
  3. Nice car but needs more power as optional
  4. Bleh last TL I liked for some reason but otherwise Acura is all a big MEH!
  5. I've never understood the Infiniti appeal
  6. Agreed. The Versa in particular is very space efficient for the size of car. The last version of the Versa was really appealing to me, the huge tall cabin with big windows in a compact footprint. One day when i was selling i took one in on trade and I have to say though it was one of the worst driving, handling, and riding cars I have ever been in. That wasn't the current gen, though. I always have believed that Chevy could potentially resurrect the Chevette moniker for something along the lines of a Versa competitor. The Sonic does well but is perceived as more expensive, and I think not as utilitarian. Chevy would need to probably build such a rig in Korea and import them. Spark is really too small compared to Versa. ocnblu, btw the way I see Suzuki finally updated and has a new Swift. I always thought it was stupid they never had the Swift in the USA. there is something called the Ignis too that is revised Fiesta is a great car, but i think Ford prices it premium.
  7. this gen of Impalas sold bigly around these parts. When GM put the 3.6 in them, it was a nice improvement. I am glad a large GM car is available like this for a good price to buyers who like them. I like their styling and the simple clean interior. I do know a couple people who have had recent Impalas and i would say just look for info on their reliability. In the case of the few I knew, it is possible their maintenance or lack of may have been a factor.
  8. DRIVEN - 2017 GMC Acadia SLT AWD, MSRP like 45,500 or something HIGHS: Something in the showroom at GMC to fend off the onslaught of Jeep Grand Cherokee sales Downsized to hit a broader swath of the market. Much more garageable than old Acadia. Solid build quality, inside and out. Feels very hefty and solid on the road, giving the impression of durability and ready for tough roads. If GMC wanted it to feel like a truck, and not a crossover, then they hit the jackpot. First and second row seating is very solid and comfortable. Drivers seat is very adjustable. Rear seats even good for large adults and plenty of leg room. Sort of a 'truck cockpit' that works well. Armrest, shifter, gauges, door switches. Done well. Trunk with third row folded is good. Interior quality on GM's recent models is very good, and despite bland interior colors, the materials come off as not cheap. Switches, knobs, etc. their action is much improved over just a few years ago even. Seams and gaps and tolerances and fits, all greatly improved versus old GM preconceived notions. Good views out the cabin. You sit high, but not too high and the view out the back hatch is pretty good too. Obviously a much more quality feeling vehicle than say, a Kia Sorento. GMC does convey added quality and value here. If you wanted a modern day 2006 GMC Envoy this is probably it (I am trying to determine who is on this list). LOWS: Doesn't feel like a crossover. So yes, if you wanted a car like handling, this maybe feels more trucky and something to compete with Jeep. Feels heavy (solid, true, but heavy also). Big lack of torque. Lazy throttle, tranny waits a bit, and engine lacks torque. Doesn't have a bunch of get up and go for in town driving. That's probably because even though they tout that the Acadia lost weight, if you consider it lost a lot of size too, it's pounds per square foot is probably not much different. I'll add that the weight feels high and maybe its a bit tippy feeling (yes I drive a sedan all day). I personally still think the styling is a dud here. If you wanted a modern day 2006 GMC Envoy, here is your rig (I don't see anyone clamoring for a vehicle as dull as the Envoy). I realize the upper trims have some nicer interior bits, but the death black interior in this rig was a bit depressing. Even if the knobs and switches for the radio and climate control had a nice feel to them, they look cheap; it detracts from whatever else good is going on inside. Kinda crazy because the steering wheel and stalks feel and look great. Badly done plood bits in some places detract a lot, too. The plood by the shifter is not terribly offensive but the other small bits are really badly done. So does the touchscreen that is too low and angled to not be anywhere near you think it would need to be convenient to your line of sight. Well, maybe it is closer to your finger (manuf's will have to start looking at putting more touchpads in behind the shifters). Actually, the 8 inch touchscreen may seem huge on the spec sheet but it really seems small in the Acadia and i think in 2-3 years we will have 12 inch touchscreens in the dash. In general, the interior lacks interesting details. I could go for like 2" more interior width for the elbows and butts. Tight third row. Yes, I get it. Like sales guy said, GM believed it would be better for GM overall to move the Acadia down in size and leave the big CUV for new Chevy Traverse and Buick Enclave. Borderline laughable trunk space with third row up. Yes, I get it. Overall, no sizzle in the steak. But some folks love steak a lot. SUMMARY: I do think GMC was right to plug this market hole, although i didn't favor moving the Acadia name down to this class to do it. In any case, I think the new gen Acadia will please those moving up from the Terrain, and those looking for something more size competitive to the Grand Cherokee and some other larger mid-sizers. Time will tell if Traverse and Enclave fill the need for the larger crossovers, and conversation with sales guy confirms for me that it is selling well and hitting a market. The Acadia though feels solid and built well, and gives the impression of being capable to tackle many conditions. It's new found truckiness may play more into what GMC is looking for in a demographic. It delivers on that concept, apart from dull styling. I usually letter grade vehicles, but i don't know if I can even fairly grade this. If the vehicle did not have a model name that gave me preconceived notions, I would probably still only give it a B or a B-. The styling, lack of engine wow, and more sedate steering and handling FOR ME downgrades it a bit. I admit this vehicle may not be 100% my cup of tea even if there are a lot of things I like about it otherwise. I'll just say its welcome in the market, and seems built well, is comfortable and let the chips fall on this one. If it makes GM money, I am on board. Ultimately, I'd like to see them spice it up some (maybe I need to drive a Denali LOL).
  9. nice write up. at one of my last offices, they had hired a tech school grad, like 20 y.o. and someone who didn't have much $$$$ in his family....nor was the office i was at paying him much. But he was able to get credit and get a loan to buy a new Versa like this, so he could drive his 35 miles one way to work every day. So, to serve a purpose like that, I'll call them 'new credit' and not making much $$$, first loan. This is exactly why this car is built. I would say Nissan does a good job with this here. That is where Chevy should move the Sonic. (The current sonic is nicer than the Versa though). rather fitting this versa is by Ikea. affordable and useful.
  10. nice write up, by the way.
  11. Apparently the same headroom as the previous Regal. Roof is lower, but so is the seat.
  12. I really like the +/- button atop the shifter. I only manual shift on steep hills and things. I know of few folks who paddle shift, if any. For me, the +/- is in the perfect spot. SHO's mpg for his rental is consistent with what i have experienced. Mine is around 8500 miles now and after the ECM reflesh and a bit warmer weather, the mpg may finally be coming back around again. i am surprised to hear anyone mention turbo lag on the 1.5. It really has no lag at all. What it does lack is overall power and torque, but that is due to engine size. I am in the camp now that would go for a larger engine but the mpg was partly why i went with the 1.5. GM charges too much for the 2.0 upgrade and the 1.5 is there to help CAFE. May favorite part of driving the 1.5 is how light and nimble the car is. The 2.0 has a boat anchor front end in comparison (or at least it feels that way). I don't like the heavier feel of the steering and the different weight balance of the 2.0. I do think the 2.0 could stand to be replaced, too. It's not as smooth as the 1.5. What GM should really do is put a new 2.0 in it. I would even scrub the 1.5 except for the LS and make a 1.8 variant for the volume seller. What's crazy is i was watching an Opel insignia video for 2018 yesterday, and it mentioned that in Europe that there are like 2 other engines that are going to be offered that have less power than the 1.5 we know (one version is a detuned 1.5). To circle the wagon, the powertrain (aside from getting the oil pan leaks fixed twice) is very very good and the deliberately planned weakness is the lack of power. I've had the hybrid for a loaner twice now and it does get 40-45 mpg. The car as a whole feels different though. Its way heavier and therefore the ride is not amazing because the suspension is not tuned amazing.....they spent all the dollars on powertrain development and slapped a suspension in it. The electric motor noises and powertrain whine become evident when the car is in electric mode. Normally you wouldn't hear fine detail like this in an all gas car, but if electric cars want to be full mainstream they will have to work on fine detail things like that. Its sort of petty when considering overall the powertrain behaves quite well in the hybrid, much better than any other hybrid I've driven. The trunk is not as compromised as has been made out to be. I would LOVE to see this car with a light v6 turbo, like a 2.5 and real sophisticated sport suspension to go with it. next time if i get another malibu or the regal i will for sure pop for the moonroof to lighten up the cabin and get rid of some of the claustrophobia. Otherwise the driving position and front seat space is so nice, especially compared to the last gen Malibu. I still am not in one camp or another on the auto stop, but i absolutely would love to have a switch to turn it off at my discretion. STOP IT, THAT GETS ME HOT (except for the seat cover) The LaCrosse got ZERO love at the auto show. Aside from me, i am not sure i saw anyone get into one or really look at them. IMO its the Hyundainess of it that is a huge turnoff. Well, that and the small interior and the, you know, crossovers.
  13. nice write up. when i saw it at the auto show a couple weeks ago, it looked decent if bland on the outside. Didn't convey VW just from the outside without seeing the badge. They opened it up to show some people and i looked in a bit, it looked roomy but plagued by interior cheapness like the passat and jetta. I can't wait to give it ride though.
  14. does anyone durability test their product anymore?
  15. the first evah! ASCENT! maybe they can co market with Eddie Bauer??????!!!!