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    I want to be an Automotive Designer in the future. <br /><br />Yea, I am only 16 years old, in 11th Grade, but I know just as much, if not more about new cars/trucks/suv's/ etc than other people on the site. I guess u can say im the Best 16 year old Automotive Enthusiasts in the world. ; ) I drive a Silver 1991 Chevrolet Caprice Classic LTZ V8. <br />Check out my myspace at Myspace.com/eric_08
  1. this looks very homemade.. isnt official is it??
  2. Okay, any of you guys who diss ont he Enclaves styling should shut up. i mean look at the production model in this pic! The ones i took were grainy, akward, camera phone pics, of the base model and you guys wanna start to like it less and less. Come on people
  3. I live in Marion Indiana, i saw the Gmc Acadia a few weeks after it debuted, it was at the GM plant here in town, and then i see the enclave today! Both with Michigan license plates, lol a lady at my moms works has an silver Outlook XE. Very sleek.. and yes the enclave had EXCELLENT road presence. it demands attention
  4. Keep in mind, this is the entry level model, and from the front, it was BEAUTIFUL. More eye catching than the Escalade. Please, wait until you see it in person yourself, before you judge. It looked awesome. Deff a lexus fighter! I dont know whats up with our town, but i got the first real life pics of the GMC acadia too lol
  5. Saw this baby on the way home from school.. It was a base model. Smallish rims, lots of chrome, definetly sticks out.. In a good way!! LOVE the tailights!! (cell phone pics)
  6. Ur_pimp


    As i was driving past my local BPGMC dealership, i glanced in the showroom and saw a car covered in a white sheet. I was excited, and pulled in to take a closer look, the dealership was closed, but here are the pics i took...
  7. The tailights were actuall very distinctive, and match well with the overall look of the rest of the car :] especialy in these 2 pictures
  8. This bad boy was instantly noticed from the main road about 400 feet away! It looked amazing, maybe because it was overcast today, but it really is nice in real life biggrin.gif It was parked at our local GM plant in Marion IN, with alot of other new GM products (GMT 900's), Cadillacs.. etc all with Michigan license plates..
  9. I saw this parked in a comfort suites hotel parking lot a month or so ago, it was awesome..
  10. neither have i.. just tons of top of the line GMT900's drivin everywhere
  11. Ur_pimp


    ANYWAYS..... I think it's safe to say that the girls i hang out with are the hottest. I have the best friends and i love em lol Nicole and i Abby at nivans :] Spencer Spencer and i Spencer and Ariel at spencers house
  12. Ur_pimp


    I take lots of pictures

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