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  1. Enzora

    Poll: Where will Pontiacs sales go

    Well, I'm of the opinion that even with Pontiac's demise, the market's still over-saturated and that the level of consumption has been unnaturally high over the past several years, so I wouldn't be surprised if those Pontiac sales don't go anywhere at all.
  2. Enzora

    Word Association

    white russian
  3. Enzora

    Unlikely champion

    You'd seriously allow your purchasing decisions to be influenced by an encounter with an old lady in a gas station? Really?
  4. Enzora

    Unlikely champion

    Crazy? Sounds to me like she's a sweet old lady who's become a little senile and needs someone to talk to. Nothing wrong with that.
  5. Enzora

    If you could DROP 5 GM models

    QUOTE (regfootball @ Mar 28 2009, 03:05 AM) can this thread be revised to say which TWENTY FIVE GM vehicles would you get rid of? Or Five GM Brands you would get rid of.
  6. Enzora

    If you could DROP 5 GM models

    QUOTE (Enzora @ Aug 24 2005, 10:49 PM) Corvette, Sky, Solstice, XLR, GTO Thank you Satty, for reminding me what an asshat I can be.
  7. Enzora

    What do radio stations NOT play enough?

    My problem with that argument is that while I do think that plenty of conservative arguments can hold up to logical scrutiny, the ones used on conservative talk radio are not among them. I tend to believe that it has more to do with the fact that America is generally a pretty conservative, or at least libertarian, country. And if you'll look at the successful talk radio programs, they tend to appeal to the lowest common denominator. And a conservative radio show is going to appeal more to the conservative "common sensibilities" of the average American than their liberal counterparts.
  8. Enzora

    Bond, James Bond

    I see the Bourne Comparison a lot more in Quantum of Solace than Casino Royale. Casino Royale had great balance with Bond's classic swagger and the more Bourne-esque fight choreography. Quantum of Solace had Bond working much more as a vigilante, which made it feel closer to a Bourne film. I figured out a good drinking game for QoS: Every time James Bond should have died of internal hemmhorraging, take a drink. I felt like Daniel Craig spent half the movie either jumping from a high perch and slamming into the ground, or recovering from said jumps. On a side note, Craig's Bond and Judy Dench's M have great chemistry together. I've loved their relationship in the last two movies, which really sets Craig's Bond apart from his predecessors.
  9. Enzora

    I saw...

    QUOTE (YellowJacket894 @ Mar 7 2009, 11:19 PM) Kid Rock and Uncle Kracker? I actually forgot how horrible Josh's taste in music was; is he positive he lives in Michigan and not Mississippi? Regional bias can be a dangerous thing when musical preference is concerned. I've noticed it a lot with Canadians. Often they seem like smart, charming people with generally good taste. Then I find out they really like Nickelback, and I can never look at them the same way again. Edited to avoid confusion: In no way am I implying that Josh is a smart, charming person who has good taste in anything. Just saying that he seems to be exhibiting regional bias in his musical preference.
  10. Enzora

    Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator

    The percentages I favor my INTJ-ness, according to the test dfelt linked to: Introverted--100 Intuitive--50 Thinking--25 Judging--33 No real surprise there. I'm a hardcore introvert.
  11. Enzora


    That reminds me, I have a chocolate pecan pie in the kitchen. MMMMMM.
  12. Enzora

    Myers-Briggs Personality Indicator

    I've taken it twice, once scored an ISTJ, once an INTJ. I'd say the INTJ description best fits me, but on both tests, the sensing-intuition dimension is the one that I'm the most balanced on.
  13. Enzora

    Word Association

    Corrosion of Conformity is a very good band.
  14. Enzora

    Word Association

  15. Enzora

    The band Metallica wish they could be

    While we're comparing metal bands, I have a question that's been bugging me for a while. Is Anthrax really worthy of being grouped as one of the "big four" thrash bands along with Metallica, Megadeth, and Slayer? I'm asking this because haven't heard much of them, and I know they were popular in the 80s, but they don't seem to have the towering reputation that the other three have (or at least had in their primes.)

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