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  1. I dont see the resemblance myself, about that green cartoon character and the Rivian truck, but...

    the Rivian truck  makes me think about a Star Wars Rogue One robot for whatever reason. K-2SO


    Related image


    I do not like the looks of the Rivian truck too much. I think the vertical,  race car track like accent LED lighting around the 4 circle LED lights look bizarre and out of place to the otherwise horizontal lines it has on its fascia.  That contrast does not mesh well together in my opinion. 

    But...because it looks different and unique to other front ends in the car biz, I think its a fantastic way to establish brand identity. 

    Besides, it aint worse than this monstrosity

    Image result for 2020 chevrolet silverado 2500hd


    The Rivian truck just looks geeky and may say that the owner is awkward socially.  At least it does not scream out loud that the owner of a Silverado HD truck has a tiny penis! 


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