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  1. I havent heard this song in like...4 ever!!! I had forgotten about it. THANK-YOU ENDLESSLY for posting it!!! And now, I am dancing with tears (of joy) in my eyes reminiscing about my youth. @trinacriabob If I wasnt Greek, and I didnt love being Greek so much, then my second choice of what Id wanna be, then Id wanna be Eye-Talian. Una facia, una razza! Ill double down on Send me an Angel
  2. All cars are as posted. 1. 1970 Olds 442 W-30 with those rocket wheels instead of the Magnum wheels and preferably no wing...and no vinyl top either... 2. 1969 Plymouth Road Runner or GTX...preferably a Road Runner so I could honk the horn to hear it go...meep meep. 3. Dodge Challenger Hellcat. Redeye is optional. I dont care as long as its a Hellcat... 4. 1973 Pontiac Trans Am SD455 with white vinyl interior. 5. 1933 Ford Roadster Hot Rod with Ford's latest 5.2 liter V8. Not the Voodoo, but the new GT500 V8. An Ancient Greek mythological themed motif to compliment the Hot Rod look to it instead of the stereotypical flames and/or skulls... These would be numbers matching garage queens. Not babied by all means, they'd be driven, but not hard miles. I wouldnt pamper them too much, but Id be careful as well. If I was to replace those with clones and restomodded/pro-toured with modern set-ups, then Id daily drive all of them. One week one car, the following car next week and so forth.
  3. Its gots to be all those residual checks that GM cashes in from movie royalties... The Chevy Suburban just got its Hollywood Walk of Fame Star a couple of days ago.... It is said that the Suburban has had a 60 year career and been in over 1750 movies...so...11 billion dollars/per year profit The year GM went bankrupt, there was a conspiracy against GM and Hollywood stopped re-running Smokey and the Bandit, The A-Team, Knight Rider...
  4. I always listen to Dean Martin's version or Annie Lennox's
  5. My dad HATED Bing Crosby. He told me he was a lowlife, drunken deadbeat dad, and wife beating husband. He never wanted to hear his songs in the house. But....I on the other hand, LOVE, LOVE his voice. I do NOT condone his behaviour, but his voice is just...so XMAS-y... Another voice that I love listening to during XMAS
  6. Yes. Roberta Flack. Her version was a staple on the (Montreal) radio well into the late 1970s and very early 1980s. I think I saw the movie Play Misty for Me, although I do not remember if I saw it or not...and Fatal Attraction? With Michael Douglas? I saw that movie thrice. Once on VHS when it came out. Another on DVD sometime in the late 1990s and last year I got my hands on it again. But I do not remember hearing the song in the movie... But yeah...I LOVE this song and her version!
  7. ^^^ Not bad... good and powerful voice. Nice and soft, as it supposed to be sung. I still prefer the original, though.
  8. Many corporations today, rely on shytty social media and even shyttier comment sections (I have come to an understanding, corporations have been doing this kind of marketing for at least a decade now...) to see where public perception is heading...) Focus groups and internet comment sections seem to direct CEOs nowadays on what and how products are to be launched... Its just a theory that I have. Oh...I KNOW that corporations have social media marketing personnel on their payroll...and I also know that they rely on the internet for data... GM on the C8 for instance, when they launched the C8 in July, Tadge DID mention how that online reveal had a million views, or whatever the figure was and how for the days following, the Chevy website nearly crashed because they had a record amount of visitors playing with the C8 price build... So its kinda logical that these internet marketing people also look at the comments sections to get a feel of what folk are saying about GM's image and the C8 and V8s and EVs and shyte!!! Call me crazy, but I KNOW I am unto something...
  9. What Dfelt said... And people are NOT indifferent to EVs in MY neck of the woods. I said about 8 months ago that I see 5 different Tesla Model 3s each and every day here. Well, 8 months later, like as of now, that figure went up. I see at least 7-8 DIFFERENT Model 3s each and every day on a SHORT commute to work. And no, the Tesla store is no where near where I live and work. There is only one Tesla store in case you are asking... //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Back to the thread...but with an EV flavour. I think GM is cutting all these sedans because so they could focus full force on bringing out EVs. Barra said that she wants GM to be the world's leader in EVs... The 2.3 billion dollar venture with LG Chem and a creation of 1100 jobs while closing down ICE factories and laying off ICE workers should signal to all of us what is going on with GM... Killing off the CT6, waisting billions on it and the Blackwing while telling us that the Blackwing costs money is just a smoke screen. I think, they are killing the Blackwing NOT because it costs money...I think GM brass want to distance Cadillac from the internal combustion engine as much as they can. The Blackwing is a start. Its a "gas guzzling V8". It does not look good with PR with EV sheeple to have a brand new gas guzzling V8 in the stable when in a couple of years, an onslaught of Cadillac EVs are gonna launch... I have come to this conclusion after reading comments from product launches from GM. The C8 and the Blackwing CT6. Also Autoline Detroit... There are MANY comments made by EV trolls, that diss the V8s...or even the rotary engine. They say all kinds of dumb things such as "why invest in ICE when electrics are the future?" Or "dino tech that sucks gas spews emissions" Or "0-60 in xx seconds, quarter mile yy seconds? HA! Stuopid GM for wasting billions on outdated technology...Telsa Model XYZ is faster...blah blah blah..." My personal opinion is this... Its a damned shame that GM spent billions to finally create a SEDAN worthy of the Cadillac badge, (big, brawny, V8, RWD sedan) only to kill it, yet again with this pattern, only to invest billions more on something that may be just a pipe dream, because even though in MY neck of the woods, people seems to want EVs, there are other woods dar from where I am, that are dead set against EVs... And Cadillac, whether Barra wants Cadillac to be a leader in EVs, and I have no doubt that Cadillac can and WILL produce something to embarrass Tesla and now the Mustang Mach-E, Cadillac is STILL all about the big badass V8 car. The Blackwing is that...
  10. https://www.wardsauto.com/ideaxchange/evs-not-easier-build-will-cut-jobs Factories will close. Jobs are gonna be lost. In areas where ICE is concerned. Radiator manufacturing, water pumps, oil pan construction and the like. But new factories are gonna be built where a different type of worker will be needed...a worker that knows about electrical components and electricity and stuff...
  11. Should have been written...nearly 10 years ago. 9 years to the day almost to be exact...
  12. I watched this Jay Leno Garage video about a couple of weeks ago when it was released. This thread was created nearly 20 years ago. 19 years to the day almost to be exact... Id say this is cool that @dfelt just posted how he wants an Aero Monte-Carlo in this thread...
  13. I believe GM is still being coy, very coy, about the CT6. They havent confirmed whether the CT6 is dead, nor confirmed that the CT6 is NOT dead. Ever since GM first mentioned the CT6's future, the statement was vague. Interpretation good be made either way and then speculation came from speculators but not one speculating source really knows what is up with the CT6... Same as with the Camaro.
  14. Youtube suggestions....so I decided to click on it. Pretty accurate and honest journalism for big American cars sold in Britain for 1973 and 1974.
  15. Not entirely true. Maybe a 1 point 3 liter turbo tri cylinder could be called a performance package. But in my honest and most humble opinion, I think these here 4 horsepers are more unbridled and hence....more performance oriented... I think this new CUV is missing quite a few things... I was a teenager in the malaise era 1980s, and it seems like we are already witnessing mid to late 1970s and 1980s performance garbage again... But hey!!! We got wireless charging cup holders now! YIPPE THE FREAKING HEE!!! *SIGH*
  16. My daughter this year has music as a course. Secondary 3 high school. Grade 9 if you will for Canucks...or last year in junior high for Americans? Anyway, she picked the trumpet to learn. Next week, she has her first concert in the school band. XMAS concert. She is nervous.
  17. I never really cared for these. Then and now. Sorry Drew. But Id have to agree with Balthy, the Riviera looks best. I like the way the rear quarter panel on the Riviera is curvy as compared to a straight line in the Toronado and Eldorado. I prefer the Riviera's front end and grill over the other two, although the Cadillac "face" is pretty too. I do prefer the Eldorado's rear over the other 2 but the Riviera's rear aint too shabby. But something about them I dont like. I do not know what it is. I just dont...like them. I prefer the G-Body even though the G-Body is lower on the ladder. What is even more weird is that I prefer the successor models from 1986-1991 over that generation as well. A 1990 and 1991 Toronado Trofeo would be my ultimate.
  18. Nobody says that Mazda engineers and tuners cant and wont make an AWD, torque-vectored electric Miata RWD biased... If that is what you are saying, that supercars with AWD torque vectoring are tuned to be RWD biased. Because I know that these AWD torque vectored supercars ARE RWD biased...and Mazda could just do the same. It aint pure RWD...and Ill agree with you if you are saying torque vectoring is still NOT a 100% RWD equivalent though. But it does emulate it quite nicely Ill retort back.
  19. Ill be a hypocrite and say no to that bolded part. Why hypocrite? Because I did not mind and wanted fully for Corvette to go mid-engined and therefore changing the Corvette's technical identity. This will very much alter what a Miata is suppose to be. Tadge Juechter said of the C8 that the Vette is still a two seater, V8, RWD sports car and that its visceral Corvette driving characteristics are still intact not changing that formula at all to what all other Corvettes were in the past while retaining that relatively affordable price point with room for golf bags for storage. And that was important to maintain for the C8. Well, the Miata is suppose to be a more reliable, Japanese version of a British roadster sports car. And THAT means small, short, low to the ground, and very light. And the Miata has never really veered of that standard. To make it 3000lbs is a NO-NO... AWD with torque vectoring emulates and imitates RWD and light weight toss-ability, Ill give you that, but 3000 lbs is still 3000 lbs. You feel that weigh tossing around a sports car in the curves. Especially a roadster. So a big NO to 3000 lbs!!! AWD, electric motors with torque vectoring doesnt really mess up with the British roadster sports car image just as how the C8 Vette retains that same driving dynamic that all Corvettes and its owners seem to enjoy.... But, no amount of technology could get around that 3000 lb gorilla... Weight saving materials is a possible answer, but that drives up the cost and price. Not a good thing for a Miata. Not a good thing for a Corvette either. An all carbon fibre and titanium this and aluminium that underbody bringing the Vettte's weight closer to that ideal 3000 lb super car weight would make the Corvette Z51 with not even 500 horsepower an even more European sports car killer, but then that 60 000 dollar price tag would have to be kissed good-bye... The price tag would be more in line of what people feared the Vette's BASE price would balloon up to. Its that senility versus virility thing again...
  20. that should have be written as C6 Z06 , C7 and the Cadillac CT6.
  21. Yes, the battery on a skateboard platform does reduce center of gravity, like what Tesla does is a must, it improves that handling ten fold so having a front engine, RWD, 50/50 weight distribution is a moot point with a BEV skateboard platform. BUT...a Miata is NOT only about nimble handling, its about TOSSABLE handling on a car that weighs very little. A BEV IMMEDIATELY NEGATES that out of the box....using conventional materials for the frame and body...I guess that would be steel... High strength steel is stronger lighter than steel but more expensive, aluminium and carbon fibre and titanium and other more exotic light weight materials to offset the heft of the battery just augments the cost of construction which augments the price the consumer has to pay and that also NEGATES what the Miata is all about... That problem is not insurmountable by any means, but when you factor in cost and price versus the weight quotient, then THAT is when Mazda engineers have to think like Corvette engineers and how to solve those obstacles. Even Corvette engineers augmented the weight of the Corvette as compared to the last generation. OK...that weight gain was more to do with the dual clutch transmission than anything else, but like I said, the aluminium frame that the Corvette uses was done with cost effectiveness BECAUSE that technology was passed on down from the C6 Z06 to the Z07 and the Cadillac CT6... Carbon fibre bits and pieces here and there were also time tested with new ways of fabricating it to bring down cost and GM figures the C8 will sell in large amounts (for Corvette standards) and the fibre glass parts have just about been perfected today in which GM KNOWS how to manufacture fibre glass on the very very cheap and so forth (V8 tooling shared with other GM vehicles). THAT is how GM kept the C8 base Corvette at 60 000. But have you guys noticed? The options on the C8 QUICKLY move the price tag needle waaaaay waaaaay up, to recuperate monies from all that tech... Mazda, as compared to Chevy, is in very knew territory regarding building a very niche sports car, and now using more or less expensive technology to build and sell in low numbers and try to make a profit on them. The Miata simply cant sustain a "Z51 3LT" trim package that sells for 100 000 which is what...a 40% price increase over the base C8 Vette? That would make a possible Miata the price of a base Corvette. Yikes for the Miata... PS: There WAS a time when Corvette was not making money for Chevy and GM too... Ill stick to my point of view and say that the Miata going electric may not be a viable business case. Unless like what @smk4565 says, a mild hybrid system and not full out BEV with a minimal addition of low weight materials to keep costs down might help with the weight thing and the price of it all.
  22. I was projecting my biases towards the Grand Prix over the other W-Bodies with that post. In 2005, when I traded in my Alero for the Impala because I needed a more comfortable family car to fit my growing family in, kids and stuff, (my Alero was the coupe...4 doors were not necessarily needed but appreciated) I could no longer buy the Oldsmobile W-Body anymore as the Intrigue was no longer. (bye bye in 2002) The Buick Allure (the Lacrosse in Canada) was a tad old man-ish so that one was out of the question immediately. So that left the Pontiac and the Chevy. Yes...I did indeed want a W-Body. I did want the supercharged 3.8. Had the Intrigue been available (new), Id would want the Shortstar and seeing that Oldsmobiles were sporty and luxury, but more luxury than sporty, and seeing that I was an Oldsmobile guy, the Intrigue and Oldsmobile as a brand fit beautifully in my image. But alas, Pontiac or Chevy was the only 2 W-Bodies that I could see myself driving. (Not the Allure...) The Grand Prix...I preferred the original launch of that generation. Exterior and interior. But the refresh was welcomed by me so that was a moot point. The Impala (2005)...I LOVED the exterior styling over that generation Grand Prix (2005), but that wasnt the reason why I chose the Impala over the Grand Prix. It really was what I wrote above. I knew the red interior lighting would eventually wear me down. Both Chevy and the Pontiac had cheap plastic interiors, none of which bothered me then, nor now, but, I knew that BECAUSE that console was angled for the driver's benefit, I felt claustrophobic in it. The Alero and Intrigue were like that too, but it was more subtle. The Grand Prix's center console was also very clunky. The Intrigue's center console was more "luxurious" if you will as well. The materials used in Oldsmobiles at that time were better than the other GM brands save for Cadillac. Id say, Oldsmobile was very close to Cadillac in that time, being the late 1990s all the way to Olds' death. On a side note, I feel very claustrophobic in my Acura today. Clunky console and interior as well... I preferred the openness of the Impala's interior... And lastly, I seem to recollect that you sit down low in the Grand Prix as compared to the Impala, and I preferred a more higher seating position. THAT is why I would have bought the Intrigue instead had the Intrigue been around in 2005 when I bought the Impala...
  23. Yes. Please elaborate Drew. But I will guess on why she will hate it eventually as I have a good idea. The red interior lighting will start to become annoying. The clunky and plasticky dashboard and console will get on her nerves. Especially the way its angled towards the driver. Sure, its a GREAT driver oriented and focused console, but that only benefits enthusiastic and spirited drivers. Im guessing she is not the spirited and enthusiastic kinda driver. I havent been in a GP in a long time, but If I remember correctly, you sit lower in it than, lets say, a W-Body Impala of the same vintage. Like my 2005 Impala SS for instance. And seeing that this is a CUV type world, sitting low while having high CUVs around you gets frustrating real quick if you aint into that sorta thing.
  24. Mazda will need to go through Chevy levels of thought process and engineering to create a new electrified Miata. What I mean by that is, Chevy re-organized, rethought, re-did the Corvette and got it to be a new thing, but also managed to keep Corvette dynamics intact. Price, performance, and image on the new C8 are unmistakably Corvette. Mazda Miata means small, low to the ground, lightweight, tossable and fun to drive little roadster that is relatively cheap to buy and to own. Mazda needs to keep those qualities and an all electric Miata will definitely have some of those qualities but all electric also eliminates a lot of those qualities too. Skateboard platform is a must. Heavy battery is a must too. Weight reduction should be a priority. Expensive lightweight materials should be avoided in order to keep price down. But...EVs arent profitable just yet. Ford says they will make money on the Mustang Mach-E. Tesla for whatever reason is barely producing a profit here and there.... Mazda is in a pickle. Going back to the Corvette, a huge factor as to why Corvette makes money for Chevrolet and GM is because the tooling for the V8 engine in it is paid for by the massive amounts of pick-up trucks and SUVs GM sells. Also, any new technology or electronic gizmo on the Corvette will eventually get passed down to the other GM vehicles so GM could take a slight hit on certain Corvette parts knowing that they will eventually make it up down the road with the other vehicles sometime in the near future. Although it seems like a logical direction to take for the Miata, it may not be a viable business case for it. Unless Mazda partners up with another manufacturer to share battery tech and light weight materials with...possible even do some skateboard platform sharing as well...

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