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  1. Nah...its about chemical warfare. And ze Germans (Mercedes) know a thing or two about that from their recent but past history... Sorry @David Stay safe everyone! Get your HEPA filters to compliment your masks now!
  2. Was watching the hockey game last night. A commercial is playing and the song used is a new cover of we will we will rock YOU! I wake up this morning with it in my head and I still cant seem to shake off the guitar solo. So, here (hear)... a whole hour of it!
  3. I get what you are saying. And yes, you are not arguing against what Balthy and I are saying, but only correcting the information at hand...which is cool. And necessary for mis-information not to be reproduced. Thank-you. It is quite recent, this rule, I believe. I think 2018? But even before 2018, sometime between the 1980s when it was carefree and 2018, the engines had to last 4 engines per driver for the whole season or 5 races per engine. In other words, some sort of durability was and is applied to F1 engines and gearboxes. Which is nice to know. https://ww
  4. I watched my son's first baseball game of the year. He had a 50/50 game. He went 2/4 with 3 RBIs. A single, a double and a walk. He came in all three times he made it to base. No strike-outs. He played shortstop. He made 2 fantastic plays to first ending 2 innings with the 3rd out ending threats of the opposing to to score. He also played 3rd base. He overthrew to first on the last inning to make the opposing team tie the game with 1 run in with 2 outs. Easy play and the game would have been over and they would have won... They eventually lost the game 8-7. (we were
  5. Actually... Racing cars are built ONLY to last THAT race... Balthy already stated that. Engines, transmissions...are all rebuilt after EVERY race. Tolerances are soooooo tight, that after running hard for a full race, the wear and tear on them in soooooo great that a rebuild is necessary because after a race, the tolerances are no longer in spec, wear and tear... therefore the engine is not making the full amount of horsepower that was engineered into it and the transmission will fail... The aeropackages on a race car are engineered to be just strong enough to do its j
  6. True...but I wasnt questioning you or your stance REGARDING 400 mile range either... I was just stating that there might NOT be a need for 400 mile range and COMPLIMENTING your post rather than questioning it... But YOU are quite defensive there... Is it because you are sooooo comfortable if phoquery posts? Like you want to mess with my mind because I cant take an adolescent joke about a phoquing your mother joke when my mom passed away just a few months prior. When we are ALL NOT adolescent's anymore and chances are at OUR age, a parent might pass away because...p
  7. EXACTLY! You just throw FALSE information at EVERY turn trying to DENOUNCE. The thing is...you cant FOOL and LIE your TRUE intentions concerning EVs... Just ADMIT it that you dont like EVs and STOP trying to insult MINE and everyone elses intelligence with phoquery! There is NOTHING wrong with you NOT wanting to adapt to EVs. JUST STOP being a COWARD and ADMIT it. It took several posts...but I got you to admit it when your phoquery wouldnt go any further... I had to insult your country to do so even...before I got the TRUTH out of you... Why do you feel the
  8. but...BECASUE technology in battery tech is changing pretty quickly and charging times and range is also a problem that engineers WANT to address and ARE doing so.. THAT survey that was done in 2018 really has no teeth in 2021... It got OUTDATED. Charging times in 2018 were longer BECAUSE not all public chargers had level 2 charging. Not ALL BEVs had level 2 charging capabilities... Going forward...is THAT STILL a problem for 2021? For 2024? A new problem HAS arose: FUNCTIONAL charging stations... Will THAT be a deterrent in 2021 for folk that dont have ac
  9. I read a comment somewhere where a poster was commenting on range for EVs... He said: "there is no need for a 400 mile range battery and more in an EV" why? "A gasoline powered car lugs around 400 plus mile of range in the form of gasoline. gasoline is heavy, but ONLY when the tank is full. When its empty, it aint heavy. We also dont drive with a full tank of gas all the time. Its only full once. We drive the first mile and its no longer full and its 1 mile less heavy. And we dont rush to fill 'er up the next day either. Some of us dont even fill 'er up all the way. Some
  10. Whether there will be or not... THERE IS NO PHOQUING NEED FOR 400 MILE RANGE...(if one has a charger at home...if and WHEN charging times drop....when there are ENOUGH charging stations at every street corner...) gasoline powered cars barely have over 400 mile range... But...gasoline powered cars cant be filled up at HOME... Its the SAME old tiring argument...
  11. I guess...you are reading that article with a BIASED view AGAINST EVs... 1. folk didnt have access to level 2 charging at home. 2. hassle to charge at a public charger 3. failure of article to state what was a hassle... 4. one has to assume a) charging times too long b) hard to find a public charger that is i) available to use ii) in good working order iii) etc 5. I came to a conclusion that MORE public chargers that are at every corner LIKE a gasoline station is a VIABLE solution to which Norway is trying to do. California and Quebec
  12. OK...do a search and see how many full sized pick-up truck represent in Quebec. Do another and see where the pony cars fit in...
  13. 1. because battery tech has changed in the last 3 years. The Model S Plaid as an example. Its batteries are different from a decade ago giving the Plaid MORE range. Price is another story. And will change even more in the following 3. This is where GM's Ultium batteries come in and where GM will put them in truly affordable Chevys in the next 6 years... 2. Charging tech has changed and GROWN since the last 3 years. ESPECIALLY in California where as compared to Quebec and even we dont whine about that... The dude in MY link complains about not enough of them in Abiti-phoquing
  14. True ^^^ But Quebec makes its own laws. A Quebec ban on ICE where the sale of new ICEVs by 2035 is relegated to Quebec only. It only affects the citizens of Quebec. And if going by your 2.5% increase in increments, by 2035, 39% of Quebec's population would own an EV? For Quebec? Yeah...39% seems doable. Even by BEFORE 2035 as I stated above. Quebecois are not hung up on that idea. Are not really crying over the disappearance of ICEVs. Are quite acceptant of BEVs. Like the link states: The reasons why Quebecois are buying them up slowly is not because they are
  15. From the 92 000 units sold link: (the above paragragh that I didnt post suggests that Covid really didnt affect car sales. But that was probably early in the pandemic) Issues that North Americans in general have about BEVs. Quebecois are not so different. BUT...Quebecois are not afraid to switch to BEVs. Proved by the 6.8% figure which Im assuming is higher than MOST parts of North America. For the fact that Zero-emissions vehicles sold in Quebec account about 50% of the total in Canada. And as VW and Chevrolet, (and Ford and Honda and Hyundai...) will come
  16. Its high...for what Quebec is. And with what the world had to deal with in 2020. Quebec citizens are not exactly wealthy like say...parts of California... Up from 5.8% in 2019 It was 3.5% in 2018 Quebec wanted 100 000 plug-ins and BEVs by 2020. Quebec missed that figure by 8000. 92 000 units sold. Not so bad considering Covid put a halt on many Quebecois' revenue... https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/quebec-narrowly-misses-goal-of-100000-electric-vehicles-on-the-road-1.5856007 for 2021, sales
  17. Im not gonna argue the 2035 ban failing. It probably will. In the US. In Quebec, I think its almost law now, if not, it will be and it will stick. But aside from the law aspect of it, for people adapting EVs and the discussion we are having here. if it werent for the threat of a law, Im not so dense to understand that change of that magnitude DOES take time. An enormous amount of time. We gave discussed this before and a change of THAT magnitude COULD happen for America to be fully EV by 2035. But...for THAT to happen, the WHOLE country needs to be on the same page. And Im no
  18. Id say...by 2035 it will be the law... And about the homeless thing and not being a component. well...it was an Microsoft analysis, so Ill give you that. It wasnt a biased type of survey to convey a biased form of info.
  19. It will...soon. PS: YOU are comparing a BASE PHOQUING CORVETTE TO A HIGH END BLACK SERIES GT...
  20. It depends on how you want to interpret how fast change happens... I bet you that 2019 microsoft analysis included homeless people in that 162 million population. Hobos, Amish, older folk from the silent gen that happened to be still alive, older boomers... The thing is though..why dont we interpret how fast American people went to NOT owning a PC in the 1980s to owning 4 computers in the late 2010s...in a span of a short 30 years in adapting not only a computer and dial up internet but 4 computer devices... YES...4. 1. Ditching the PC AND the laptop in the process BUT o
  21. Technically, the Corvette EV Hybrid was supposed to come out in 2021 USING Ultium battery tech... And its still rumoured that Chevy could still sell the Hybrid in late December....although I doubt it myself... But yeah... THAT kind of battery tech is JUST around the corner and if it werent for the chip shortage, it WOULD have definitely been 2021...
  22. The Model S and now the Plaid is a testament on what Tesla could do. No doubt. The Roadster 2.0 when Musk showed it, it took the world by storm. And rightfully so! These are amazing machines. But to simply prop them up only to shyte on the competition is wrong. Its wrong because the competition HAS caught up to Tesla. The Roadster 2.0 was unveiled in 2017 and it was supposed to come out in 2020. Well, in 2017, the competition for EVs from the legacy automakers was DISMAL! THAT is why we could put Tesla on SUCH a HIGH pedestal...then There was NO Corvette C8 let
  23. No they wont. The world saw what the Hummer looks like, so they will stay the PHOQUE away from it. Only rabid Tesla fanboys will buy that. And ONLY the ones that have the room for one. THAT equals to NOT many... The Hummer is also huge...but it has a more BROADER appeal. The Hummer H1 and H2 were PREMATURELY canceled. With the EXPLOSION of Jeep SINCE the cancelation of HUMMER ICE and the introduction and SUCCESS of the Ford Bronco only tells me that the HUMMER EV willl TROUNCE the Cybertruck in sales. They are indeed in the same category those two... Again...GLOSS over th

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