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  1. Id wanna replicate the 75th anniversary concept if Id ever buy a Wrangler. Or just buy an original US military WW2 or Korean war Jeep. Or do a lifted 4 door like in the Terminator Salvation movie That is what I want in my Jeep. The only SUV I crave, really. OK...maybe a lifted 1980s Toyota 4Runner would be another. FCA hints at 392 and Hellcat V8s for it. Usually, I applaud V8 applications for vehicles, but not in these. I mean, I aint against V8s in these, its just that a V8 would be very very low on my gotta have list CJ/YJ/Wrangler...
  2. So do I. That particular one is special...
  3. Maybe flat, but can kick your ass upside down and sideways. Those pecs are : muscles super cut from their own body's weight. No "bodybuilding" weightlifting, tearing up and healing, coming back stronger and bigger pecs, but from training and practicing martial arts. Push ups, pull ups, sit ups, running, hitting objects, hitting other humans and getting hit back and meditation. Also, big pecs and huge python biceps, aside from steriod use, is determined from genetics and asian men, for the most part, are usually less huge in the pecs and biceps than say...Aryan men, such as yourself
  4. Maybe not Korean this guy, but an '80s icon martial artist and actor. Buff AF Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee All 3 have 1 thing in common: MARTIAL ARTS Perfect body, perfect mind happens when this discipline is practiced. Koreans have their own style of martial arts. Taekwondo I believe it is. One question? Koreans, @David only now have come to adopt "perfect bodies"? Body building being the catalyst? A western (Ancient Greek actually) thing and not from the influence of martial arts being an eastern thing? Interesting...
  5. 1. Isnt this a car forum? 2. You want to "harness" everyone else....BULLY everybody else unto YOUR shytty opinion. You are a joke. You are an asshole.
  6. Like I said.... There is NEVER any rebuttal. You bully. You troll. You whine and play the victim. You are a sad man.
  7. You know why you earned a downvote on the last one? Ill do what I used to do and break it down sentence by sentence. That will do two things. a) Either you will have a decent back and forth discourse with me and we WILL come to a conclusion with BOTH of us meeting in the middle or... b) YOU will just laugh it off or troll me and tell ME I dont know how it is...and PHOQUE YOU one MORE time if you choose option b again! Yes. That is true. But....you whining about the iX has NOTHING to do with how the iX is as an EV. THAT has been BMW's problem since the 2000s. We AL
  8. And now you are playing the victim card. Just like how I called it earlier. You start shyte, then whine. Why dont YOU change your phoquing ways and we could talk about the phoquing Bimmer?
  9. Like I said... You are a hypocrite. A troll. You bully people.
  10. From the Random Thoughts Thread If you find this post too long to read, there is a shorter answer. Just go straight to the pic below. Im sure he caught the sarcasm. He was just being nice to me and playing nice for the sake of this community. Hostility is not a nice thing. But...you do have issues you need to work on. You dont seem to be a very tolerant or open minded guy. Very narrow and close minded. Or maybe you play a buffoon on the internets. Its cool. You are who you are. In real life or your internet persona. I used to like you in these
  11. That is nice of you. Thank-you! Like wise! Awesome truck BTW.
  12. Granted, that was in the past when Tesla had shopping mall locations. I do not know if they continue to sell cars at shopping malls still. I assume too sometimes, but I own my assumptions BEFORE I am seen as an ass...
  13. Not all Tesla stores have functional demo models tho... In Montreal we do in case one was wondering. There are no Rivian stores in Montreal.
  14. how 'bout how it drives? Cant do that with a non-functioning "demo" model. Contrary to some folks' belief, EVs are not gonna be same 'ole mundane pods. That criteria is reserved for autonomous pods, which wont be happening any time soon. Suspension tuning, handling characteristics, steering input and output, acceleration tuning, regen braking tuning, etc will still have differences between them. Especially in acceleration tuning...computer software WILL mimick and differentiate between family haulers and sports cars... So...how would you know what kind of an EV drive you prefer
  15. Has it been that long for you since you last used paper cash money that you have to put cash in quotations and call it strange and new? LOL I find it strange (in a good and funny way) that you even found it new in paying with actual physical legal tender. LOL
  16. As in "gotta go to Kmart"? anyway...the next word going forward right after pacifier. The Rock
  17. Yeah...that is kinda stupid. But we knew that from awhile ago. #3 for sedans. #4 for coupes. Then they got the 4 door coupe thing plus they have the lifted hatch GT/CUV/station wagon thing... Not to mention the nonsensical engine displacement number system... Oh...I forgot. The M sport cars that just have M badging and nothing else then the got the M-light cars and then the fully on sport M cars... The idiotic iX naming scheme has nothing to do with the vehicle itself. Is this really a flagship tho? 0-60 in less than whatever seconds is a non-issue.
  18. You like the Jewish references I see...so Ill go with this GIF

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