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  1. The Cybertruck is not exactly THE definition of what a pick-up truck is. If the Cybertruck goes into production as is or even it ever goes into production... The Cybertruck is a toy. Its a fantasy vehicle. Its a concept car made into production. Its a lifestyle toy meant to tell your green EV loving folk what you got. But ONLY to the green ev loving folk that are rabid Tesla fans. Because GM has also entered that realm of a fantasy, recreational toy meant to compare how big the green EV d1ck is with save the planet pricks.... And the thing is...GM has already
  2. 600 bill. it should have been written as. 600 billion.
  3. I dont know if competition will make for better Tesla products as their leader and head CEO, Elon Musk, thinks that he is the smartest guy in the room. He doesnt seem to learn, or more precisely, he doesnt seem to WANT to learn from others. Especially the legacy automakers. Tesla might have (had) a superior EV product, that gap is FAST closing in on Tesla. And I really do mean fast. Faster than what I thought it would be. THAT is the thing, Legacy automakers have some brilliant engineers of their own and Elon thinks that he has cornered the market with engineers... The problem is th
  4. It was the Italians that gave way for the nice LX interior upgrades. Especially the Dodges. Daimler flubbed on what could have been a phoquing awesome partnership and merger with Chryco. Instead, Daimler was too stuck up in their German ways that questioned what Chrysler cars SHOULD be in the US market, got extremely jealous of the potential of what Chryco engineers could do with the American cars and totally bean counted, sabotaged, misappropriated Chrysler's share on the money and totally phoqued up Chrysler. That ME412 was the last straw... Im willing to bet that
  5. https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1046235_report-mercedes-benz-sls-amg-was-originally-the-next-viper If you've thought the 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG looks a lot like the Dodge Viper, you're not alone. And it turns out you may well be even more correct than you thought you were: a new report out today says the SLS AMG was originally the next-gen Dodge Viper, borrowed from Dodge while Daimler still owned Chrysler. The news is both surprising and completely expected all at once. The proportions of the car, the spy shots during development, even the character of the car itself all see
  6. That is more on what Daimler was doing to Chrysler Daimler was giving Chrysler OLD platforms to work with and then bitchin' why Chryssler aint sellin'... YOU are doing the same thing here... Chrysler came out with the Charger concept in 1999. It was a WORKING RWD car. Chrysler gets RWD, OLD platform in 2005... Chrysler had to work miracles to make it modern... Chrysler has a new sporty model in mind...Daimler agrees to make it a version of the SLK... Daimler puts it on the OLD platform while the SLK gets a new gen. The Crossfire doesnt sell, the critics bemo
  7. Watching the Golden Nights-Habs game. Camera is films Vegas folk in and around their arena...in Vegas... I sees plenty, and I mean plenty of Habs fans wearing their Habs jerseys around. A family of Habs fans posing for a photo while the TV camera man also captures the moment. I dont know whether to be proud or vomit... THERE! Now I could be proud of both the Habs jersey on TV AND the fact that I HATE the Habs!!! PS: I must admit...it warms me that soooooo out west like that and folk, American folk, cheer for a team from Montreal!
  8. They gutted Chrysler. Used ALL the money that Chrysler was making and threw her out. Chrysler had a RWD platform that they were designing all on their own. Daimler didnt want to further the project and gave them the old platform to work on while Mercedes a couple of years later got the new E Class platform https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dodge_Charger_R/T_(1999_concept) CORRECTION: You mean....Daimler used Chrysler money and Jeep engineering to make their shytty SUVs that they badge engineered the GC from... Coincidentally, the shyttyiest G
  9. Reminiscing about my childhood and the cars that I liked. I never posted this particular Pontiac anywhere. Never mentioned that I liked it, anywhere. First time. 1970 Catalina There was one in my neighborhood growing up. I think it was a 4 door. I do not think it had a vinyl top. It was the same green colour as this one with the same hub caps Loved the nose Loved the rear
  10. Yeah...I knew that about you. I forgot. (That you were into '50s and '60s Pontiacs when you were a teen in the '70s) I did calendar year for me as I wasnt as advanced as you were in recognizing what and who you were about cars. I came to that mindset when I was in my late '20s. However, I did like '50s and '60s cars in my teens, I also liked the cars IN my teens and in my '20s as well which would be cars in the '80s and '90s respectively. I only started preferring the classics cars over the currents in my late 20s which would be the late '90s.
  11. I couldnt possibly be out by 1979 as I was just starting out in being a car guy. A tad earlier than '79. But I was just 6 years old then. My dad's '70 GTO and a neighbor's '76 Trans Am were one of the first cars that I loved. The General Lee too, but we are talking about Pontiac. Then in 1979, the new look Trans Am came out and I was hooked forever as a Pontiac guy. There were other Pontiacs in my neighborhood (from the '70s) that had 'that' look that made Pontiac such an exciting brand. But...the first car that I disliked was that Sunbird that I posted. When I saw the Pon
  12. I had the opposite effect. I always loved Pontiac, but the Rageous only solidified my love for Pontiac THAT much more. The Pontiacs that questioned my love for the brand were these:
  13. Actually...not a bad idea. However, Quebecois arent too keen on fake yellow cheese.
  14. I grew up in that neighborhood. Lived slightly farther than a stone's throw from the stadium. My aunt and uncle (and cousins, duh) lived closer than a stone's throw away. 3640 Sherbrooke E is where my aunt and uncle lived. In front of that ugly ass artistic sculpture shyte, the window immediately to the right of it, was their living room. I played on that sculpture, slipped on it and had a prong go right through my left thigh the summer of '81. The google maps link. The stadium is 2-3 streets away. https://www.google.com/maps/@45.5486864,-73.5550566,3a,49y,106.85h,88.6
  15. Olympic Stadium. Montreal Home of the '76 Summer Olympics and the Montreal Expos MLB club Under construction Back view Olympic Stadium. Montreal. A corrupt, decrepit, billion dollar boondoggle.
  16. Lord Of War (I forgot about this scene...was pleasantly surprised again to see the Poncho) American Beauty (Totally forgot about this too...I must now acquire either a '70 442 W-30 or '73 Trans Am SD455 so I could passively aggressively tell my wife too that "I rule")
  17. Watching play-off hockey is sooooo relaxing when your team aint in it anymore...
  18. I JUST SAW A LOVELY LADY IN THE STANDS WEARING AN EXPOS CAP AT THE VEGAS GAME!!! YIPPI!!! Or should I say...YOUPPI!!! But...2-0 for the Golden Nights
  19. No...it aint. Smoke and mirrors... Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are another beast all together, but cryptocurrencies and Tesla perceived value are valued on the same smoke and mirrors principles. When GM had to go through bankruptcy, the company's debts and expenses were put on one side and closed down and a new company emerged. But THAT could only happen when there is a REAL value attached to a company. 600 billion attached to Tesla is NOT a real value. Restructuring of GM had many valuable assets going for them. REVENUE streams WERE healthy for
  20. smoke and mirrors, my friend. smoke and mirrors.
  21. https://www.roadandtrack.com/news/a36715189/jay-leno-production-quarter-mile-record-tesla-model-s-plaid/ Jay however, talks about American ingenuity when talking about the Model S Plaid....a necessary uptake as compared to the bashing that is done in this thread.

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