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  1. Yes exactly. At least that much much. I thought they were completely useless. But like you said, it was a high truck. I mean, Im 5'6 and half inches tall. Those hooks would do nothing for me anyway. LOL. So...100% completely useless for me. But if I ever wanted to be saving Barbie from Nikolai Volkoff and the Iron Sheik from tyranny, Ken with his ascots would just just choke himself to death, but I...with my Hummer...could save the world. And THAT was the idea behind the H2, and like you said, they sold like hotcakes with crazy high pricetags. And immediately after that, the HUMMER brand was expanding...
  2. Looks mean different things to different people. The H2 could have never been made to look anything else BUT like a H1. THAT was the whole purpose of the H2. To be a smaller, more user friendly H1. It was never about being being user friendly. It was more about it being more user friendly as a baby H1... The H1 was a military vehicle through and through. Just as how the Willys Jeep was. When the CJ came out after the war, Civilian Jeep, it retained all the military specs of being a military vehicle. In other words, it wasnt a comfortable ride for civilians. Hell, it wasnt comfortable for soldiers either, but the army doesnt give a shyte about the comfort of the soldiers, at least back then...THAT is how the H1 civilian was. The H2 was just a vehicle to simulate a military one, with the comfort of a real civilian vehicle. It even had those hooks on the hood to be airdropped like the H1, but of course they were fake on the H2...and THAT was THE point of the H2. Im not saying you had to like that, Im just sayin' the target market for the H2 DEFINATELY WANTED that. And THIS is where Fap's rhetoric holds no water. GM gave the HUMMER buyers what they wanted. The H3 and other future products were then created to take on JEEP. Which never panned out. But that was never the H2's mission. To be a Jeep competitor, The H2 was supposed to fill some of the market's need to be G.I. Joe. Something that the Wrangler forgot it was a loooooong time ago... But...when the brand HUMMER was phased out, the Wrangler got more brutish in looks, huh? Makes you think why that is...
  3. GM did no such thing with the H2. If fact, it was the opposite of what you say. Riding on the coattails on Ahnold's H1 civilian version and with the start of the SUV craze in the early 19990s and on Lincoln's Navigator, GM purchased the rights to HUMMER and listened to what folk said that went batshyte for the H1 so GM created the H2. (The 1st gen Escalade was already done and the 1st gen Escalade is where you could take your idiotic rhetoric and be correct) The H2 was not underwhelming. It was EVERYTHING a HUMMER buyer EVER wanted in his HUMMER purchase. If you do not know what those criteria were...then YOU might be the problem... The H2 was NEVER about luxury. The H2 was BRILLIANTLY recreated to EMULATE the H1...just to give you a hint. So much so, that IMMEDIATELY there after, the most sought after SUV WAS the H2. Then the 2nd gen Escalade came along as the 1st gen was a patch job in missing the market and GM just like that, had a 1-2 punch with a blink of an eye that dominated EVERY OTHER automaker that built and sold top dog SUVs... So much so that HUMMER's product line IMMEDIATELY broke open with many many many products down the pipe line. HUMMER died...but not because of how your twisted mind works against GM and HUMMER... If you do not comprehend that, or you simply refuse to acknowledge, then YOU might just be the problem... They way YOU go on about EVs and Teslas...that statement right there...is kinda ironic from where Im sitting...
  4. If we are going to do this sexist thing and call white males dumb. We might as well do it right: Dumb white males and their muscle cars/exotic cars with their scantily clad bimbos!!! Dont forget the rock-n-roll!
  5. ^^^ I had the same thought when I read DFELT's post. A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. But...art could also be translated a thousand ways. A photograph is most certainly art. If one person wants to interpret that photogragh as a sexist one, than that person is sick in the head. Those women, are free to work, make money and buy anything they want to buy. They dont need a "man" to support them. What I see also, in that pic, is that a man is reliant on a woman, MANY women, to get his car on the road because it seems he is incompetent to do it on his own. WAIT A MINUTE???!!! You are correct, it IS sexist. It shows that older white males are dumb and stupid and cant pump their own gas and need women to survive. I call BEE ESSSSSS on that!!!
  6. Point(s) also taken on my part on your rebuttal. True, but I was more talking about how we went from normal sized cars from the end of WW2 to the excess craze that happened from the mid-1950s that lasted all the way to the mid-1970s and each year in that time period, chrome got more utilized, wheelbases increased, cars got longer and wider, etc. Granted, 1920s and 1930s luxury cars were huge too, but that is for another discussion another day. Yes, todays cars are heavier, but they arent bigger or wider. Ill secede some of my rant, its true that us too, in North America, we are heading to a more European and Asian trend of going smaller. Some reasoning is that of what I said about Europe. But more of the polluting side of petrol cars rather than rationing it. But...its the governmental push worldwide that is forcing us North Americans to go that route. At least we still have our wide open spaces though... And our 2500 and 3500 heavy duty pick-up trucks as a last middle finger salute to all opposed of our excessive way of life!!!
  7. Both Ford and GMC wheels are hot. They actually remind me of the General Lee and the A-Team van wheels. Those are great wheels. I like the Harley F-150 and I like the Harley GMC as well and I could see myself owning either or if it werent for one thing. The Harley Davidson part. The aesthetics on both are great. Its just that I, as a fairly new pick-up truck fan, I wouldnt want my pick-up truck to be associated with Harley Davidson. I like Harleys, I guess. I like some sport bikes too, I guess... Im..not really a motorcycle guy. I agree @Robert Hall. Those wheel wells have to be filled either by bigger tires or the truck being lowered. Not too big tires or not too lowered either, but as is...is also lacking.
  8. In all fairness, that would be a different market and the rules been played with are waaaaay different than what rules we play with. And moreso to it than that our luxury rules are pretty much bigger is better, which not only lends itself to mean bigger engines and more power, but it also means huge, large, heavy vehicles to go with those bigger engines, and those huge vehicles actually do require bigger engines and bigger outputs BECAUSE they got bigger. And we still play by those rules somewhat today. In Europe though, old cities exist, and when I mean old cities, I really do mean old. Quebec City is as old as it gets in North America, but by European standards, Quebec City is STILL in its infancy... With that being said, there arent many wide and open spaces in Europe to accomodate EVERYONE to own our kind of luxury for cars. And after 2 devastating wars on that continent, petrol rations and taxes on said petrol to rebuild have made their mark as to why in Europe, small cars and small engines continue to be. So... Yeah...I also agree with CCAP's statement. In OUR market for OUR market. Thankfully, I dont live in Europe, nor do I ever plan to live in Europe. Europe, could kiss my Greek ass... (great history Europe has, but the political hypocrisy is so much more unbearable there than here. California and Hollyweird times a thousand to give you a clue) I do see myself visiting Greece often though... its not so bad there. Really. Plus Im...Greek.
  9. Yeah...I remember that. LOL I have since forgotten in what context that statement was made. But thanx for the memories.
  10. Quebec hasnt changed their plate since they went to Je Me Souviens. Boring white backround with blue lettering. With that crappy inscription. I like love the Fleur de Lys though. I understand the reasoning for that inscription, I just think in 2019-2020, Quebec should move on from playing the victim. I think if they went back to La Belle Province, they, as a people, would have a stronger identity in Canada and in the world going forward. Playing the victim, you always have a chip on your shoulder and you could never overcome your "status" as a "victim".
  11. And where did that eventually lead up too? Pretty effin' ugly Id say that eventually...din' work... That ugly muthaphocka blew the sarge & himself up because...so ugly. (I could have posted the scene in GIF form, but its gruesome. I thought about the kiddies reading our posts. But then again, the 2500 Silverado is posted up above, so those two scenes would be a walk in the park then...)
  12. That is the part I down voted. Ready for what? To put a bag over its face because its so ugly. Ready to go sob to mommy because the bullies at school make fun of it and beat it up because its so ugly. Ready to go to a plastic surgeon to rearrange its face because even it cant look at itself in the mirror because its so damned ugly? The only thing the Chevy 2500 has going for it, is that the BMW X7's face is uglier...
  13. 1959 car before everything else? Its a polarizing face, that is for sure. And I get that these trucks have to look a certain way. Gaudy and garish is what these trucks do, and the buyers of these is what is demanded. I get that...but they dont have to be ugly tho. All 4 Detroit 2500 pick-up trucks (Ford, Chevy, Ram and GMC) have tall grills. Big and brutal faces. Garish and loud and proud. But its only the Chevy that is ugly AF. This version of what Balthy posted a couple of days earlier is slowly making its way to my like column But lets be real here, yes, the 2500 takes inspiration from all the trucks posted, but this inspirational 2500 is ugly AF. Ill be re-naming the Chevy Personality. Because its soooooo ugly.
  14. Those blues from the 1990s were awesome colours. And the darker blue for the M635csi. Something about the E46 that I hate. Probably my douchebag Greek friends more than anything else. I never liked the 7 Series. Always hated them. Iused to like the Bangle Butt one. For awhile. Now I hate that one too. The 8 Series? Im on the fence with that one. I have always been on the fence with that one. The V12 is something that I liked about it. The pop-up lights of course is always a winner in my books. But...I guess its because its a BMW that I never really took to it. The E39 and the E36 are hard NOT to like. Even for a hater like me. LOL The E39 is the perferct midsized car for the modern times. The E39 M5 is just THE perfect car in modern times. Hard not to like that. I love that V8 engine in it. But GM gave us a version that tops it in my books. The Chevy SS with a V8 that spoeaks to me. The E39 M5 is not a muscle car, but a European sports sedan. The Chevy SS and the Pontiac G8 GXP is that muscle car that I wanted the E39 M5 to be. The Charger is nice and all...but its missing something. Its missing what the Challenger has in spades. So we good with that.
  15. I also like the M2 or the M235. The E36 I like. Especially in M guise. I actually like the X6. My absolute favorite BMWs are the E39 5 Series. Especially in M guise. The Z8 of the same time period and the 1980s M635 csi.
  16. Those are OK. I still dont like 'em. But they do represent and own a piece of automotive history. So I respect that aspect. I do like some of those Bimmers myself though. And there are other Bimmers that I like that go against the grain of what is popular in the world of BMW. Like the first generation 1M. Many ironies with this. Many BMW "enthusiasts" hated this because...I dont know why. But these guys preferred the bloated M3 over this but THIS is the BMW that goes back to BMW's roots. And THAT is why I LOVE this BMW. Because I understood what this car represents. Another irony is that I never understood this love affair of the BMW and their "ultimate driving machine slogan" and I really never cared for it, but with the 1M, its like I got it, understood it and loved it and became an old school 2002 ti BMW freak because of it but all those Bimmer guys, that say they love BMW because BMWs really are the ultimate driving machines, well, they now go crazy for BMWs that really are not all that, and ignore the one and only BMW that truly is a fantastic machine to drive...
  17. Rolling coal asshats for me represent redneck doucheyness. Hummer machismo is the same with fullsized pick-up truck superiority to me when these guys drive like they own the road because they are heavier and bigger than the rest of us. Which is the same, in my eyes, as the fake, snootiness that some European luxury car owners exude. But in reality, none of that actually bothers me. Expect BMWs.... I HATE BMWs!!! Dont matter. Same image.
  18. You are forgetting the Highlander, the RAV4, The RX... You could conveniently ignore the CUVs, but those were still sold under the premise of being UTILITY Vehicles... Semantics with the FJ Cruiser and 4Runner getting better gas mileage. The FJ and 4Runner were still gaz guzzling pigs. What is good for the goose, is good for the gander. GM ALWAYS had a BIG stable of LARGE SUVs in their line-up going back DECADES. Toyota, I RECOGNIZE had a history of SUVs too. The FJ original was the Land Cruiser... was a reversed engineered Willys from right after the war. Toyota always had small pick-up trucks. I recognize that too. The 4Runner was an original SUV at the same time the baby Blazer and baby Jimmy from the early to mid 1980s. I get that. But GM ALWAYS had Fullsized Blazer, Jimmy, both nameplates GMC and Chevy Suburban. That would be 4. The full sized Land Cruiser made its debut in the 1980s.... But...semantics or not...hyperbolic numbers that I said.... MY point STILL stands. Like I said...'twas GM and Hummer that took the fall. NOBODY lambasted Toyota for their part in producing SUVs...
  19. Yes. Mercedes owners have that. Camaro and Mustang owners have that. Cadillac owners had that image too once upon a time ago. And the mother of all douchey images belongs to?
  20. Garbage interior yes. I dont disagree. I AGREE 100% (Ill insert the edited part of my previous quote here) (with an edited version of that as well to better discuss your post) Toyoter had MORE gas guzzling SUVs and CUVs in their stable than General Motors had...even with the Hummer brand... BMW, Mercedes, Porsche all whored themselves out with SUVs at this time too, but 'twas GM and Hummer that took the fall with these hypocritical, virtuous asshats... I do not think it bothered Hummer buyers and potential customers of Hummer that the interiors were garbage. The externals were great. The powertrains and the machismo looks is all that mattered. Hummer was actually loved by enthusiasts. Truck guys and gals along with sports car guys and gals. H2 Hideous? I will not argue. It was a very aggressive look. It worked for some many. It was a baby H1. Actually, people kinda DEMANDED for a scaled down version of the H1. Hence the H2 being what it was. And H3. Hummer was on its way to being a Jeep Wrangler competitor and I think Jeep would have suffered for it had Hummer been kept alive. Jeep would have taken it to the chin I think. When Hummer got nixed, that paved the way for the Wrangler to gain 2 more doors, eventually a bed and just become an immovable force in the automotive world. (As long as SUVs remain the go to for people haulers) I think Hummer would STILL do great today with gasoline engines if GM wanted to go the ICE path with Hummer. I think Hummer as EV is an uphill climb. Marketing better be good... Hummer still has that bad ass buzz about it. And something about electric motors (for me, for Hummer) diminishes that badassery... Like I said...marketing, the off road badassery, masculine toxicity looks BETTER be good with Hummer if GM wants the EV Hummer thing to succeed.
  21. In all fairness, it was only tainted with a certain type of snowflake, tree huggin', pot smokin', hippie millennial crowd that started the pious (Prius) movement not realizing, because they were and still are brain dead, to see that Toyoter had MORE gas guzzling SUVs and CUVs in their stable than General Motors had...even with the Hummer brand... BMW, Mercedes, Porsche all whored themselves out with SUVs at this time too, but 'twas GM and Hummer that took the fall with these hypocritical, virtuous asshats... Hummer was actually loved by enthusiasts. Truck guys and gals along with sports car guys and gals. I think Hummer would do great today with gasoline engines!!! I do not know how marketing will solve the electric issue with Hummer... Marketing better be good...
  22. Hummer...blows... I see what you did there...and I like it!!!
  23. It may work smarter, but it looks like someone touched it with the ugly stick. Not just A ugly stick...but THE ugly stick. The MOTHER of ALL ugly sticks...
  24. And while Quebec's former plate was just a regular rectangle...it was the slogan that was special before it became political. LA BELLE PROVINCE is sooooooo much better than Je Me Souviens. THE BEAUTIFUL PROVINCE as opposed to I Remember. I do not know if other Provinces and States changed colours ever two years or so, but this is how Quebec's plates looked like during the muscle car era.

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