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  1. Sorry David. ZETA is hogwash! This 'protest' is a 100% pure 'millennials' type of tantrum. Rivian, Uber, Tesla, Lordstown, Lucid, Faraday Future... yes...yes...the US military...ALL branches...use phoquing petrol to power ALL war machines. News phoquing flash...ALL militaries of the WORLD use phoquing petrol to power all of their war machines. I have a feeling ZETA's protest is more of a sinister one rather than what they say is for the "best interest of the country". Its because its hypocritical in nature... Its because none of the so called electr
  2. Its not unusual... (wink wink) But Ill tell you one thing, the first sign of a dead dove and Im playing this song 24/7 turned up to 11...
  3. I much prefer French Toast over waffles. Pancakes a close second. And Quebec lends itself to look like French bread dipped into egg batter perfectly... With gobs and gobs of Quebec maple syrup and butter. With a sunny side up egg on top and bacon and ham. Breakfast of Champions Id say!
  4. Candy Apple Red also goes nice with '57 Chevys
  5. There is one glaring criteria though that MOST politicians share: disingenuous, lying sacks of shyte.
  6. I could see that aspect of argument of hub motors affecting suspension. Unsprung weight... Koenigsegg Agera, Ferrari 488 Pista, Ford Mustang GT350, Ford GT, Corvette C8 Z06 (supposedly) and some others, all offer carbon wheels to REDUCE weight at the wheels, but like you said, engineering can have a solution for that... The only thing I could think of, logically speaking without any engineering knowledge, with 4 hub motors at each wheel respectively, at least the unsprung weight is spread EVENLY at all 4 corners while eliminating weight in other areas on the platform without motor moun
  7. These things have (4) hub motors? Awesome! This is the direction electric motors and related tech should be going in.
  8. I agree with that sarcasm 100% However... When a politician has OBVIOUS BIASES...he/she should NOT blame the technology that he/she is against when OBVIOUSLY the technology WORKS EVERYWHERE ELSE on the PHOQUING planet...when the PROPER ENGINEERING is applied to that SPECIFIC area of failure... Its LAUGHABLE at best. Its downright DISGUSTING and ABHORRENT at the LACK of phoquing intelligence these ladies and/or gents are displaying at worst. Dont get me started on the voyages to warmer (party atmosphere) climates... Cant get more phoquing tone deaf that that... He
  9. And quite ironically, all look like the outgoing Grumman LLV...
  10. I soooooo wanna do a wife joke right here... I cant bring myself to pull the trigger. I apologize though for even thinking about it... EDIT: But I cant seem to shake it off. LOL Here is a clue as to what I wanted to say...in song form...
  11. I never said it was a good looking vehicle. I said its weird looking. From the very start... We actually dont disagree. We BOTH think its ugly. I just LIKE it... I just find a certain charm to it. For whatever inexplicable reason. Hey...I also bought a 2012 Acura TL because I like the TL's style too. I recognize its one ugly motherphoquer... Yes you do. I dont mind that. I know of one dude though that will throw a hissy fit... You dont know how well it will perform. I actually applaud the fact that it could be converted from ICE to EV. Best of BOTH
  12. You cant disagree with me liking it. YOU may hate it. But you cant disagree with ME liking it... That is like Ocnblu downvoting my Toyota Hilux and 4Runner pics... You wanna have a discourse with me on why I should NOT like the styling? Who cares how it looks IF it performs the way it should. The Chevrolet Volt (that we actually got) was an UGLY design too. BUT it worked because it had (still has?) the LOWEST air coefficient drag of ANY production vehicle. To help with range efficiency with less friction and drag... Function over form... Its not about
  13. You are disagreeing with me liking the Oshkosh's weird styling? I like how it looks. Nothing more, nothing less. I like many weird looking things. I like the A10 Warthog. I like the F4 Phantom II. I like the Nissan Juke Nismo... I never talked about its qualities and qualifications as nobody knows how it will performs. Many programs such as this actually change the exterior stylings somewhat when they actually become real All changes before and during WW2. Between Willys and Ford and Bantam. Tweaks here and there. concept Volt
  14. I did not see that initially, but after reading that line, now I cant unsee it. Yes. A mix of Pony and Excel Id say. Id say the Ioniq 5 is an attractive CUV. (High hatchback?) (Or could we just change up the marking spiel and call it a Sports ACTIVITY Vehicle, SAV for short? It could charge all kinds of stuff like EV scooters and CAMPING equipment and high powered electric stuff...you know...outdoor ACTIVITY stuff...) I like the specs on it and the EV stuff it could do. Like the interior AND exterior charging ports to charge all kinds
  15. https://www.theverge.com/2021/2/23/22297823/usps-postal-service-mail-truck-electric-oshkosh-workhorse I personally dont mind its looks. Its looks weird Ill admit. But I kinda like it. The Arrival van looks OK. Better than the Oshkosh. But for whatever reason, I prefer the looks of the Oshkosh.

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