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  1. GM is owned by the banks and trusts not GM itself. They are the ones reaching out to Sergio...it's quite interesting.
  2. Even if it's only going away in the cars, it's still sad news. This new Charger being built on the Guilia platform, is it going to support a V8? I find it kind of difficult to believe, though it's not possible. I see the V8 becoming less an option on the regular models. For SRT no...Ralph has made it clear to us SRT owners and Dealer Networks this is NOT the plan. However...caveat being all plans can change of course.
  3. They already are...the next hemi 5.7 will be released with the trucks and the new SRT V8 will be with the new Charger/Challenger/Durango. Helps when you are part of the dealergroup getting this information.
  4. Looks who posted this non sense - sees it is the troll who keeps getting banned from numerous sites.
  5. Hellcats are in the 9's now...with very little modding. E85 tune with pulley swap and better rear rubber now. Go figure. EDIT: Also upgraded drive shaft and hoop.
  6. Alfa isn't needed and is a waste. Focus on existing markets like Masseratti and CDJR models.
  7. We crucify the shills Wings...namely you, Bill, Keen, and a few others bc of how you post. You know this, you've been told this I don't know how many times, you've been banned i don't know how many times now but it all comes back to YOU. Always YOU. If you run into in one asshole all day, that person was probably an asshole, but if you run into assholes all day you're probably THE asshole.
  8. I see wings is working on another bannishment from a forum again.
  9. I have wings and casa blocked so I don't see what they type...it's nice!

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