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  1. Well. I always got along with Wings and I swear, one day I would have gotten him and Casa into a bar to have a beer together (with me as a real-life moderator, of course ).. i'd make Casa drink some obscure Canadian beer and force a Sam Adams down Wing's gullet. And yes, I'd resort to committing all sorts of underhanded trickery and deceit to make it happen. After all, I am a car salesman at heart.
  2. I dunno... I'm thinking that the rears should be juuuust a little larger than the fronts but maintaining the same "50" aspect ratio. I just don't think an aspect ratio lower than 50 works on classic American iron. Maybe a 255/50-17? Probably a question best answered by the pros at your tire shop
  3. Well I failed to pull him back from the edge more than once, and as for you being able to push his buttons? Hell brother, I think you had the schematics to his internal wiring
  4. THIS!!! A classic '66 Impala (first brand-new car my parents owned was a gold '66 Impala sedan) should not have such low-profile tires that you have no sidewall at all. 17's are perfect for this car, and you can't beat a Torque Thrust on classic American iron. I love the car Casa! Absolutely beautiful. One day I would really like to build a '65 Riviera Grand Sport but that's a loooong way off. Gotta get my boy through college first. Anyway, congrats on that Impala. I expect to see many more pictures and progress reports.
  5. He's closing the Forum down but keeping the social media active. In my opinion, they signed their own death warrant when they went to that boring format AND when they decided to try and neuter everybody. CF basically become a sterile automotive library ("Sssshhhh!"). I have no problem trying to maintain decorum but you need to let personalities shine when all we have is a keyboard and a mouse. Not letting you be you is a mistake.
  6. Yup, good to see you here as well! Looks like I won't be getting much sleep tonight!
  7. Hello Greyhairedpete, I'm thinking I should rename myself "baldheadedBurg"... Good to see you buddy!
  8. The Burg is here! I'm an old forum hound going back to the days of yore, from the legendary AWCC! Can't wait to reconnect with many of you! So I now work for an awesome dealership called Auto Lenders. Strictly pre-owned vehicles, all brands, absolutely no manufacturer affiliations at all. We get everything from uber-exotics to run-of-the-mill stuff. I was recruited away from Nissan after 3 years there and am now a buyer for my company. I get paid to buy cars!!! HOW COOL IS THAT!!!! This might be a shock to some, and a "meh" to others, but Car Fanatics is shutting down its f
  9. Hello my long-lost brother from another mother!

    1. Cmicasa the Great

      Cmicasa the Great

      :D OK... now I'm good. Where the hell have U been man? Hows things? 

    2. The Burg

      The Burg

      Much has changed in my world.  Now happily divorced, and thrilled that my ex has a new BF so I can hand him the pink slip.  We've remained very good friends but it was for the best.  I no longer work for Nissan (or any automaker for that matter) but I do work for an awesome dealership called Auto Lenders.  I'm a buyer for the company but I still do sales when warranted.  Strictly pre-owned, all makes and models, working in a 40,000 square foot SOTA showroom that's big enough to play Arena football in.  Been with them since Sept 2015.  I dropped out of the forum scene when CF went downhill.  On a whim I checked this place out and saw so many familiar names that I had to jump in.

      Enough about me, how are you doing?

    3. Cmicasa the Great

      Cmicasa the Great

      I good man.. kids are teenagers now and my oldest is driving. When we first started posting together on AWCC she was 4 or 5. Crazy. Business is still good and everything else as well. Few grays in my beard now, but I can always shave... LOL.  Glad to hear that U are doing well. Come on over to this thread.. check out my latest purchase



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