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  1. They were too busy hiring dumbasses like Jonny Lieberman and getting their number of likes/views up LOL I think the software there actually is from a war torn third world country, but with most of the best features removed. Usually it is used as a form of torture for captured enemy combatants and doubles as tax software for the truly masochistic. I believe that it's vBulletin pre-3.8, which is probably why they're hesitant to update (post-3.8 has a lot of security issues).
  2. I'm just impressed that since moving over here there has not been a single thread on the level of what Wings and company have been filling MT up with, and also none of the trolling, flaming, and brand bashing that MT was such a hotbed for. I mean, yes, people, including myself, may mention they don't like a brand, but they aren't going out of their way to try and tell everyone the brand is awful, they just allow people to have different opinions. It is really refreshing, seeing adult conversation taking place. Even Casa, though he may still be a little extreme in some of his views, is a much calmer and more concise poster (no offense, Casa, but I think you know that you got right in there with the rest of them on a lot of the over the top arguing over there). It shows pretty clearly that some people were very true in their statements that they were playing to the audience that they had, and not necessarily posting the way they would have preferred. all Good. I'll be the first to admit I earned my reputation.. but most of what earned it for me occurred before I returned to MTForum. If U or anyone takes the time.. U'll see that I was, in many cases, egged on by a few dickheads who seemingly were trying to bait me into an argument that would get me banned again. During the time I was away from MT posting at GMI or CF.. I calmed down and returned to just loving cars.. and only correcting idiot commentary made by fanboyish fools that lacked logic or reason. Wings??? At CF.. I dunked that fool's head in the toilet daily.. but he kept coming up for air. I like that personally. I like a mofo who can take an asswhipping and still be ready for more an hour later. Some of the posters at MT.. and now here.. one in particular.. drives a Charger... would bait me so much I thought he was my girlfriend and he was gonna tell me he was pregnant soon. Then they would go cry to the mods to "look what Casa said.." People like that are straight BITCHES. either way.. f@#k the clowns.. lets talk about CARS. What'cha selling??? Would you believe that he's an Admin in one of the spinoff FB groups? LOL (And a terrible one at that)
  3. I'll never understand why they haven't either updated the system, or switch to a new one. Both are relatively easy to do.
  4. Long time no see old friend. How goes things?
  5. I might be interested in this Drew.
  6. Deq told me about this place, so I thought that I would check it out. I see some familiar faces here, so they already know who I am. For those that don't, I'm the Korean Cowboy. I used to be on the AWCC and was a MT Mod for about 4.5 years, before moving on to CF Blog as a writer and starting my own FB Group. I currently reside in Las Vegas, NV with my wife, dog, and soon to be either a boy or a girl (she doesn't want to know for some bizarre reason LOL). I work in the gaming industry as a ECM Webmaster, and in my spare time, play blackjack professionally. Hopefully I can carve out some time to spend on here, and I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here.

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