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  1. so @cubical-aka.. what's so funny about that suggestion?
  2. So basically what I'd like to see is those buyers of coupes migrate over to Chevy or Ford and get a Camaro or Mustang. Both companies should market to ex-Accord Coupe buyers. Considering how great both cars have become.. advanced well far ahead of anything Honda produces.. including most Acuras, this should be a no brainer
  3. Jeeeezus Christ.. Are U telling me that @smk4565 is boasting a 6 sec advantage on the ring by a car costing almost $100k more than the ZL1?
  4. don't forget the fact that it looks exactly like the S-Class, 'cept smaller.. Their ATP is only SLIGHTLY higher than Cadillac's.. despite selling more $100K cars than anyone else in the world... That son son.. is a fuckin problem.. GASP ON THAT MOFO
  5. Honda News: Honda Teases Us with the 2018 Accord

    I agree.. This is the interior of a 55 my friend/neighbor just picked up a few months ago. Look a the detail in the dash and U will see Chevy Bowties in the silver portion
  6. Cadillac News: 2018 Cadillac XTS Puts on A CT6 Face

    Was always dazed and confused as to why the ELR was not a roadster. It would have been perfect.
  7. Honda News: Honda Teases Us with the 2018 Accord

    Agree. The new Civic actually a nice car.. my runner up to the Cruze.. but its styling... makes me think of Mad Max Road Warrior
  8. Honda News: Honda Teases Us with the 2018 Accord

    Yes. The TL.. a friend of mine picked me up for breakfast yesterday in her 2015 TL. The interior was, again, way less luxo than my Impala's. I am not talking about my '14... I'm talkin about my '66.. . No seriously. the interior was effin plasticky and cheap on a level that I wouldn't expect in a Honda.. let alone their luxury brand
  9. Cadillac News: 2018 Cadillac XTS Puts on A CT6 Face

    When the Volt isn't charged? Fuckin charge it.. Lol..
  10. Cadillac News: 2018 Cadillac XTS Puts on A CT6 Face

    Reliable because its a Camry.. GTFO of here.. I won't even start on my issues when I had one.. and why I truly hate Toyota. I won't even remind U of the reason why my neighbor just garaged his and bought a new Acadia. HP.. HP is irrelevant in this day and age if it doesn't move the car any faster. FOR ONCE.. for ONCE... I will use your bitch-ass 0-60 metric.. and say that as far as I have read from MT and C&D.. the new Camry, despite its 306HP.. is no faster than the Malibu 2.0L Turbo with 50 less HP and almost equal torque.. Why?? Because like most Toyotas they did very little with the platform in switching models. The Camry is still 3300-3600 lbs.. the top Malibu is 3,280 lb.
  11. Cadillac News: 2018 Cadillac XTS Puts on A CT6 Face

    I think it would be perfect.. and the only thing for America tastes needed would be a front DETACHABLE bottom spoiler/valence for the fascia.. just to fill it out. And it could be optional
  12. Cadillac News: 2018 Cadillac XTS Puts on A CT6 Face

    The thing is that U don't need a billion different sizes of every car when one can can cover two spaces. The Chevy line-Up as it is require just one more CUV because of the complete down size of the Equinox.. which BTW.. can be optioned to over $40K. After that inclusion of a "Trailblazer," which should be simply cribbed from Oz.. Chevy will have a perfect CUV/SUV line-up. There is no need to have a bunch of vehicles completely in another's space. I have complained about the XTS for that reason.. being the same size as the CT6 (kinda) while being the same price as the CTS.. (kinda).. Cadillac addressed that complaint by essentially using the XTS for it fleet duties while retaining resale for the others. Smart move... as I don't want to see the CT6 out in mass as a Black car. Furthermore this issue I bring up is exactly the reason why U.. and many others spoke against the A-Class showing up. The Benz small car line will now have the A-Class, CLA, and essentially the C-Class occupying the same space in CONSUMER'S MINDS.. they will all now be the "Baby Benzes." Talk about confusion. Frankly.. the Benz line should have started at the C-Class.. and left it there. I hope, in the wake of car sales drop off, JDN has killed it in his mind for a Cadillac smaller than the ATS.. unless it is a niche Sports coupe or Hatch. Lastly.. I think the big thing with GM.. as I have stated many times before in relation to REBADGING.. their base or donor cars are quite frankly on the same level as most premium vehicles. Example is the new Malibu.. which.. if U yanked the name and put on blinders.. could easily be mistaken for an Audi or Lexus in the fit and finish.. driving.. again.. blinders and a cover-up of the badge to kill bias. A new Equinox Premiere is every bit as competition and luxuriously appointed as a GLK. This is fact... Using such a donor car for Cadillac would not be the same as using the Cavalier for the Cimmaron. It really wouldn't be.
  13. Cadillac News: 2018 Cadillac XTS Puts on A CT6 Face

    Right.. I think it was @balthazar that once said over at GMI... when the 2016 CTS-V debuted.. "Cadillac needs to be itself and not a carbon copy of the Germans…. EXCEPT still do everything they do." Balthazar GMI 7/31/15 I instantly became a fan.. and then saving my pennies in a jar so I could one day buy one...
  14. Cadillac News: 2018 Cadillac XTS Puts on A CT6 Face

    I want to accept that compliment on behalf of Rose.. but the Mclaren owner was a cool older dude. He seriously said to me.. "I love what Cadillac has done with that and the big car they just brought out... U have to bring that to Hunt Valley's Cars and Coffee next weekend. "
  15. Cadillac News: 2018 Cadillac XTS Puts on A CT6 Face

    Sorry.. just don't agree. I don't see those cars as DARK DAYS just because they weren't track stars and appealed to a different type of buyer. That buyer during those times saw a Fleetwood as MONEY. A Seville as MONEY. Times changed and an American car had to be able to turn.. just so happens that the first European cars that could really handle outside of Porsche were those BMWs.. who.. then decided to leave their sporting roots and turn to Luxury. This can be said to death.. but in the 80s and part of the 90s.. BMW and Audi were anything but LUXURY. They were sport cars that happen to be sedans.. or vice versa. Quite frankly U pull up in this in 1997 and people knu U had money.. and panties were definitely gonna be wiggled off at the front door Pull up in this.. and U were most likely a CEO Bottom line is times change.. demographics and desires changed.. who would have thought 10 years ago that CUVs would storm the market after what we went thru with gas prices and the almost death of SUVs? Funny thing is people can say that GM was caught behind the 8 ball and idiotic for not having CUVs ready.. then U look at GM.. Chevy in particular.. and U see they have plenty of CUV/SUVs.. but for Cadillac.. the issue could have been averted simply by going the Lexus route and simply rebadging existing models.. but the press/media.. and idiotic fans are so hard on Cadillac.. that they have to develop "special" CUVs that will never be to a track. My plan would say FUCK IT.. the Enclave would be the XT7. AWD only. Turbo 3.0 and MRC. Cadillac design.. watch it sell. XT8 would would be a Tall wagon version of the Omega.. XT6 would be a Tall version of Omega. XT3 would be tall version of Alpha. Done.. shut the fuck up