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  1. Gotta be honest... i see very little in the difference between the CT6 Park assist and the S-Class Assist
  2. But then OK Google says... "Hold up MOFO.. that's ... U don't talk like that to him... And take those wack ass gloves off bro... U're in the muthafuckin car."
  3. This.. HUGE. Why is that not discussed in these conversation about CUE. Even better why are Cell phones and Teslas not a hot topic in these conversations ??? I'll tell U why.. because if a muthafucka can find something nothing to bitch about.. they will pick on CUE Seriously.. if CUE is such a problem with gloves on then how are U using your touchscreen cell.. or Tesla's big IPAD dash? Look. I used my CUE.. cell.. all while doing 90+ up the road. No issues.. no accidents.. no shit
  4. And there U go.. if U are gonna bitch about the screen.. Bitch about he gloves too.. and do what Olds is saying.. and upgrade your mitts. Question../ why are we wearing gloves in cars with modern heating systems that can be remote started up to 10 minutes before U even get into the car?
  5. People like to bitch about anything that is CHANGE. My father still has a freakin flip phone because of this.. it has buttons. As to consumer complaints.. Fuck em.. I'm all for progress. If turning a knob influences your decision that I would tell them to go for the inferior car. The interface is easy as pie to use. Cadillac sales.. CADILLAC sales have to do with lack of product (CUVs and variants) not the CUE system that even the magazines are now calling "quite good." Initially it had some hiccups in performance.. that is not the case anymore. My V's CUE is just as easy to operate as my MyLink in all the other cars. @Drew Dowdell like Olds said.. take the gloves off. Anyone with a Cadillac that has CUE should have opted for.. (or is it standard??? I don't kno because it always comes with my cars) HEATED STEERING WHEEL. They are Hyundais.. and that still says a lot.. about nothing... other than copying other's designs, gobbling them together and acting as if it were original. In Hyubdais defense.. I do kno that they head-hunted Audi designers, but still... that's a BS excuse. Wish they would go out of business.
  6. But still.. over 100 years of business.. GM should have gotten $50 Billion without having to pay it back. Shit. Look at VW. For its entire existence its been partially Gov't owned. If U don't think that over the years it hasn't gotten gov't infused moneys then U are a dullard. 20% of the company is owned by Germany.. and another 17% owned by the Gov't of Qatar Toyota??? Betcha ass they get help from the Japanese gov. Hyundai.. Yup. S. Korea knows whats up. Even Ford got Gov't money via the DOE.. Billions.. $6 Billion.. LINK MOFO still owed. No mention of that by U.. And Nissan.. Nissan.. a French/Japanese company got $1.6 Billion.. and your precious Tesla.. They were loaned $500 Mill. If they are no making no money.. how the hell did they pay it back??? Will they ever?
  7. OK!!! OK!!!... did U understand me saying OK!!!??? I have said about a thousand times that GMC should not only house the profit making Denali sub-brand.. but also the profit potential of a Hummer sub-brand. Call it Alpha (which was a trim of Hummer) if they like..
  8. OK.. I agree on the manufacturing process, but when I speak of the Astra.. for Pontiac (we aren't talking Chevy).. the so-called "excitement division".. I was speaking of the VXR/OPC editions
  9. Exactly. And from a business point of view I am disgusted while at the same time considering despite my income and such.. going on Gov't Assistance for no other disability than I can't stop cursing every time I look up towards the front of a massive traffic jam.. and see a Corolla or Prius up there holding everyone else up by driving like bitches. Tesla is receiving Gov't assistance to survive daily for the past 10 years. Furthermore it sold 76K units in 2016 and is valued more or around the same as Ford and GM who sold between 7 and 10 million last year Whooah Whoooah Whooah. I don't hate Tesla. I don't like their styling and think that their interior are on par with my Impala's at best (even at $40K more) but I don't hate them one bit. I applaud the idea.. but just think that the idea is easily emulated by one or all of the major automakers on the planet. Again.. the Bolt is a better Tesla just not marketed the same. Seriously. If the ELR had of used the BOLT way instead of the Volt one.. and been larger sized that Cadillac would have probably outsold the Model S
  10. LOL.. .The United States middle class.. hell military-technology exists today solely because of massive funding and GM (along with Ford) input... Get a grip. GM was given LOANS because the U.S. Gov knu what was good for the U.S. Gov
  11. Nice way of looking at it.. Because they were the same with exception to SUBJECTIVE styling. Even I never tried to dog out the Matrix without dogging out the Vibe.. from a Toyota hating point of view. And I hate Toyota with a passion. My biggest quip with the Vibe always remained the fact that GM just didn't use Delta to make it or import the Astra at the time for Pontiac as it would do later for Saturn... another pointless, money costing venture that should have never been. Seriously.. Saturn was an expensive experiment that should have just been a renaming of Oldsmobile, but called Aurora.. which Olds was gonna be called eventually anyway. And hell if U look at the Saturns pre-names (when they were called SL etc) U see the face of what Olds would become in the Intrigue, Alero, and Aurora. Olds, historically was GM's test-bed for tech. Olds would get tech before Cadillac in many cases.. In other words the Alero could have shown up with plastic doors.. LOL.. now I'm just ranting
  12. Ironically I think that is an issue for Cadillac. Consumers actually want them to rape the consumers in order to be viewed on the same level as the Sclass. It will be most interesting if this type of thing continues with the CT6 when the CT7 or 8 arrives. Effectively you will have a CT6 Platinum that is the competitor of the Sclass for less while the base CT7 or 8 goes even further than it while starting off exactly the same in regards to pricing
  13. Tesla is a conundrum.. no a quagmire.. Definition: noun a soft boggy area of land that gives way underfoot. an awkward, complex, or hazardous situation. Its very existence depends on liberal aid. The Gov't subsidizes is lights being on.. Musk is brilliant in utilizing these loopholes. And hold the fuck up... Tesla lost $700 Million last year.. while GM made $9.4 Billion.. and somehow Tesla was the more valuable company? Anyone else see a flim-flam of massive proportions? Its valuation comes from two things.. desire for growth and everyone rooting for the under-dog. GM on the other hand is a 100+ year old company that really only can get larger by merging with other companies. But wait.. no one calculates that GM.. the maker of the Volt, Bolt, CT6 Hybrid.. could even just completely copy Tesla's model and put it out of business by re-launching Saturn. Yes Saturn.. which was originally going to go the way of Tesla before 2009 using alternative drive-trains as its mantra I'll quote Bob Lutz recently "Somehow it's levitating. Elon Musk is the greatest salesman in the world. He paints this vision of an unlimited future, aided and abetted by some analysts," Lutz said. "It's like Elon Musk has been beamed down from another planet to show us mortals how to run a company."
  14. Oh.. U don't have to tell me. When I was a "star" over at Motor Trend Forum I dealt with Angus McKenzie over a idiotic high rating he gave the Toyota Matrix.. while at the same time dogging the Pontiac Vibe. He tried to chalk it up to a Typo.. yes.. a typo.. during the darkest days of the Domestics past.. having issues with perception.. he used that excuse in a nationally published consumer read magazine