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  1. 2011 Saab 9-4X Aero: Start Up, Test Drive & In Depth Review

    No doubt. I seriously considered getting one as a daily before I got the Impala. Absolutely beautiful things coming out of Saab before the shut down
  2. Cadillac's Average Transaction Prices at new Heights

    I heard the CT6 is much higher than the CTS.. for obvious reasons... around $70K
  3. The brand's average transaction price has risen 25 percent in the last five years to $54,488 per vehicle sold in 2017 — making it among the best in the luxury segment, which last year averaged $48,752, according to J.D. Power and Associates. Cadillac's pricing gains reflect in part a smaller volume base, coming amid a 14 percent decline in U.S. sales since 2013. Still, they offer some validation for the strategy espoused by brand President Johan de Nysschen, who has been steadfast in stressing the brand's global long-term health over near-term volume and market share gains in the U.S. A big element of that strategy is Project Pinnacle, a retail program intended to improve the brand by overhauling the retail network with restructured incentives and stricter performance requirements. MORE AT AUTONEWS Jesus. The CTS is seriously helping out. Gotta wonder what Caddy would be averaging if it had a more fleshed out upper line-up. The numbers for the CT6 are absent.. but best believe they are higher than the CTS's
  4. Ford News: Ford Will Finally Reveal What Cars Will Be Cut Later This Year

    And that's the thing.. I'm as much a gear-head as anyone, but i the end scenario.. the majority of the consumers these day simply are not.. They actually seem to see themselves as enthusiasts driving a Tesla.. a computer on wheels. Yeah.. the Tesla Model S is fast, but that's it. That being said.. and with no more enthusiasts of ole around.. why not move to the more cost efficient, more efficient.. "Generator powered" vehicles? The only thing that's holding back all manufacturers from leaving the ICE really boils down the ANXIETY from their customers. Conquer the fear.. conquer the range (400miles) and conquer the time it takes to charge up.. and its a wrap for the ICE
  5. Ford News: Ford Will Finally Reveal What Cars Will Be Cut Later This Year

    Didn't GM do this dumb shit 20 years ago? I get producing more CUVs but there is still a huge level of car lovers out there. Autonomous driving added to this will kill the average enthusiast buyer.
  6. Acura News: Acura Announces Return of Type S, New Twin-Turbo V6

    FWD based AWD performance is fine. It can be exhilarating as well. The slew of FWD only cars these days from everyone from GM, Ford, Honda, and Mazda could put a great deal of RWD vehicles on the truck with their handling.. Seriously. The recent Cruze RS I bought my daughter is one of the best handling cars I've ever driven. The new Malibu my GF has is an awesome handler.. the Ford Fusion a friend has is no slouch.. No AWD or RWD needed. What makes it even more important to note about a system like Acura's SH-AWD is that like so many other RWD biased systems.. it can send 100% of the power to one or more wheels based on the need.
  7. Acura News: Acura Announces Return of Type S, New Twin-Turbo V6

    Exactly why I said I took a CTS-V over the E63. I wanna be able to drive my car at extreme limits and if necessary just put some snow tires on if Maryland gets a decent snow season for 2 days, yet still be able to drive at the limits when I want to for $20K less. Or.. like anyone else who has a CTS-V, E63AMG, M5/6, Lamborghini.. DRIVE THEIR SUV when it snows, because who in their right mind is out driving their $100K+ cars in ice and snow when they could afford a $100K+ car? I'll answer... about 3%.. because most who buy those cars don't even want to get rain on them let alone salt and fender bangers as a result of snow and ice
  8. Acura News: Acura Announces Return of Type S, New Twin-Turbo V6

    I'm confident that Honda will employ this TT in AWD only. Why wouldn't they. Their AWD system currently employed is one of the best in the business
  9. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    No because U kno what I bought. I guess I could've bought an SS but I wanted what I bought more.
  10. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    1) It was usually a sticker on a filter pan, a lot of the times it said the cubic inches and not the division 2) Why? 3) How is having a set feature exclusive to your company a reason for "failure?" Especially when its a useful feature if U use it? 4) What GM owner is complaining about this? I personally love it for the exact reason Drew pointed out. Fuck I care if someone has to stop and wonder if I'm backing out and I'm not? That's their issue.. kick sand. 5) Skip shift.. on my Vette, Camaro, ATS-V, and SS.. Cags can be killed completly for $16 on Amazon by purchasing and attaching this.. Takes 10 minutes under the car or when U go get your oil changed. A 1/4 the price and no different than buying 4 mud flaps.. and less time to install
  11. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    Thank U Thank U Thank U. I even found it annoying the BS about the truck release being "only" on the fob and inner door. Only!!! I'm like.. most Corvette owners I kno don't even know that there is a pad above the tag. This bitch was complaining for the sake of complaining. PERSONALLY.. I HATE when reviewers of this day and age always have to reference GM in every review. They don't do it with Toyota and VW.. why GM?
  12. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    I always looked at the SS as a obligatory car.. or a gift to enthusiasts. They had to spill off Commodore units while at the same time appeasing Chevy/GM buyers who missed Pontias's G8. Never posed a problem for me.. as I was interested in the CTS-V.. but now.. I am not opposed to picking up a used one as my Impala is now hitting 89K and I kno where I can find a used SS with 74K on the ODO for about $25K. I'll have to pony up some cas with the trade... but seriously still a bargain
  13. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    No they aren't. The initial expectation was 3000 a year. The Styling was sleeper.. what's wrong with that. The only reason Dodge has a meaner looking Charger is because that's really all they got. The Challenger is only aggressive looking because it literally steals styling completely from the muscle car era.. hence the reason why Fiat is SCARED to change it for now 11 years. Chevy sold them to people who wanted RWD performance at a bargain coming from a car that was both a spectacular handler and elegant to boot. Drive one.. see. For anyone that didn't want the performance they had an Impala right next to it the whole damn time. Personally.. I would love to see the two merge.. but only now.. as sedan sales are down and resources are being allocated to CUVs. And to the trim thing.. again IMPALA has your lower offerings.. and.. to me the worst thing.. the most pathetic thing.. is pulling up on a Charger SXT. A joke for the name
  14. Here's Why the Chevy SS Was a Total Failure

    This guy is a dweeb. His review was a nitpicking farce
  15. Quick Drive: 2017 Cadillac ATS Coupe 2.0T Luxury

    Dfelt is spot on. Its been my observation and defense of the ATS since it hit the road. Cadillac gave enthusiasts the exact car they wanted.. problem was.. as I've said since I started posting on forums.. ENTHUSIASTS ARE THE WORST FUCKIN CUSTOMERS because they don't buy cars in the numbers needed to really sustain. Mercedes buyers are not enthusiasts. BMW drivers are quickly moving that direction as well. Point of fact.. look at the performance tests and comparos and tell me how the ATS, a car that is now 6 MYs old.. is second only to the Brand new Alfa Romeo in performance and handling? That's even with a new C-Class, Jag XE, upgrades to the 3series and IS.. and new A4. Furthermore the ATS was built for DRIVERS, not passengers. As always I say fuck the passenger.. they get what they get. BMW 3series owners apparently wanted a more family oriented car... the the current 3Series is more liken to Lexus than BMW. Go get in a 3series or new C-Class and U will see that the space for the driver is compromised for the sake of backseat occupants without seat adjustments, not be just the fore and aft.. but the ergonomic ups and downs as well. Measurements be damned.. the ATS is more comfy in the front.. than both the 3 and C. In the rear.. they have an edge.

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