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  1. Can't hate on any of that.. and truthfully I've always said that if American Domestics didn't make a vehicle in a particular segment.. the U gotta go to their competition to get it. Personally I'm still a Harley Guy.. altho my Night Rod Special did have the engine partially designed by Porsche Damn Bro. Sorry to hear that.. and hope he recovers fully soon. Stay Safe your self
  2. Ummm @oldshurst442... what did I do to get drawn into this fight lol? Long time my friend.. but after sifting thru some of this.. I am still lost as to why @ocnblu is so in love with ICES that he still finds the need to talk $h! about the EV movement. INSANITY.. Propulsion that moves us around faster and more efficiently and if I rev the engine/motor/ up with a kid standing behind it... he won't get carbon monoxide poisoning and die? U'd think NO BRAINER. OCNBLU.. U must work for an oil company up there in PA. Rest assured.. I'm trying to hold out for either that Hummer EV or
  3. I instantly turn it off. Its cool on certain vehicles.. but weirdly unnecessary in a luxo or sports car
  4. Hey Thanks Dfelt.. much appreciated. I already made an appointment for Fri to have the new Recall done LOL Thanks Bro Wow.. Thanks.. I too had a White Diamond CTS-V Coupe.. '12 tho.. and yeah I did the smoked markers on this as I did on my Z06.
  5. Thanks Bro.. and Well Drew might know a little more.. but Its a known fact that the VSSR platform is coming in 2022 and the next slew of Cadillacs are to be EV. From a costs perspective it makes sense for them to start to make the change over now.. just hurts seeing the moving on from the ICE
  6. Been a while fellas.. hope is well.. Just wanted pop in and post up my new ride. Sold my CTS-V and Impala and went larger I just took delivery of 2020 CT6V, bought, because I may just keep this one considering the BW's possible iconic status. But it occurred to me that it doesn't matter that its no longer in production when a replacement car.. powered by electric is on the way. This would have been no different than any other car that changed its name or platform the next generation. 2019 CTS buyers for instance.. being upset when the name was changed to Ct5.. and let me
  7. They are putting the money in their pockets.. that's it.. And who is suddenly saying that the Cadillacs don;t have build quality? Regardless.. GM, Toyota, VW can build cars for less and sell them for less because of total scale. Many of their cars share parts.. That Q7 and A5.. shares parts with the Tour.. or CC... that ES and LS.. shares some parts with a Camry or Avalon.. CT6 and XT5.. certainly share parts.. its the most documented thing in automotive history
  8. First.. I think U are putting too much emphasis in 0-60 times.. second.. the TORQUE and TORQUE presentation from 1500 UP.. might surprise the hell out of U. Third I really don't think the difference in price is so steep that if one wanted a lil more power for bragging rights they couldn't pay the extra coin
  9. Also.. its quite obvious what they did was create a baby CT6 in the CT4. It looks like a scaled down versions and carries its size change very well. Would be nice if the CT8 were coming it be a larger version of the CT5.. which in essence is a scaled down version of the Escala concept I'm cool with the engine base too. They did a more balanced and proper take on the 2.0L Turbo where the HP may be down as much as 35HP (from a 2014 ATS), but the torque comes in way earlier and continues well into the upper RPMs.. all while giving the model a more fuel efficient option that was once fi
  10. Exactly. What Cadillac needs to do is realize a huge thing that they missed since Wagoner and Co left RenCen... that they could offer Bentley levels of luxury.. but because they are AMERICAN.. in this age.. they will always be considered not as worth of higher costs over the Germans in base packages. In other words.. U can price a CT6 as high as a 7Series... but U must do so strategically and via options and packages. That base price tho.. that must come off like a value. AMERICANS are self loathing. I challenge even the German's staunchest defender to show me where a based on the CT4's s
  11. Height matters in riding. Believe me. When I was originally looking for a bike (I'm 6'3) I was gonna get a Sportster 1200.. Sat on it.. all hunched over even with 10 inch bars.. went for a test.. came back with an aching back. At 5'10,.. U still might want to look at a larger bike so as U don;t have to go thru as much adjusting and changing stuff to accommodate your height.. just sayin. If U already know this.. my bad.. That BMW may have U needing to up the handle bars and change the seat.. no to mention get forward controls. TRUTHFULLY.. U can find a lotta nice deals on older bikes with low m
  12. If the 2020 is the last.. and Chrysler has nothing in the pipeline for the brand.. that's a wrap. They literally have the 300 and the Pacifica at this point.
  13. BMW ninet Scrambler? How tall are U?
  14. Yeah.. saw that a few days ago. Oh well.. Its reason one why I have zero issue with waiting til the 2020s go into production.. maybe even a lightly used one to kill me taking a hit on depreciation. Luxury cars are the worst when it comes to that. Friend of mine literally went into trade his S63AMG in with less than 20K on the odo.. I think it was a '17.. they offered him $60K if I remember correct.
  15. Didn't know U rode. Naaah. If I were U I'd get one now or in the coming months. Prices will be down. 2019 Harleys, if that's what U are going for are on sale. Went on Labor Day just to peruse and man they have hella deals. One day.. when I'm ready to do that cross-country ride.. I'll go back to pick-up a Road Glide or Road King

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