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  1. serious as a heart attack
  2. I really think it was the best solution. Going Alpha numeric.. Either that or the world really needs to get with the program, renounce their bullshit heritages and rally behind the only language that matters.. English. And I'm talking American English not that crap from the UK and Oz. While we are at it kill this religion thing too. Everyone worship one perfect idea of a person.. He already has the ending.. "the Great XvX" to his name. Serious as a heart attack
  3. No... No.. But even I didn't celebrate its purchase of Daewoo until American influence became apart of their engineering. So U are wrong.. Again
  4. Love my Cadillac, GMC, and Chevys. Ex loves her Buick. A man who has owned a Fiat.. knu better to never own a Fiat again.......Confucius said that.. I think in other news... "Fiat Chrysler faces French probe for emissions violations, report says"
  5. Who here.. who here is going to go so far as to care what the chinese call it? In china it still means.. future. Perhaps they see the word weilai as "sexy."
  6. Well why not? The XT5 is platform mates with the Acadia, Enclave, Traverse. Zero reasons why the LF3 is not a company engine 4 years in. Tune it differently. No one is gonna bitch that there XT5 has the same engine as their less fortunate sister's Acadia, especially if the Acadia Denali is running a 360HP LF3 and the XT5 is running 390HP. Yes there is an opposite precedent set.. when the last gen CTS-V's LSA had 556HP and the ZL1 got 580HP from the same motor.. or now.. 640HP LT4 vs 650HP in the ZL1.. We kno its the same engine.. and the real power difference lies or laid in making it more luxuriously quiet with less aggressive exhaust, not to mention routing
  7. Very interested in what they will do with it. Again.. revisiting the brilliance behind Denali in the sister brand GMC.. Avenir could be a blazing success if done right. Truly the best place to start is interior.. taking them up a notch.. and then onward to MRC, higher HP, special paints, and even nicer wheel options can really add on the content for the customer.. and the profit for GM. Remember EACH brand should be a profit center on its own.. having donor platforms and some parts bin should only add to that. Ask Porsche getting VW stuff in its non-911 vehicles.
  8. I dunno. GM has gone on record with Barra saying two years ago that she wants GM to drop down to about 4 scalable platforms only.. that would handle cars, CUVs, and trucks/Suvs General Motors GMT 31XX Platform figure will be merged with the T1XX when the K2XX are retired GM Alpha Vehicle Platform I figure will be merged with Omega.. as it is scalable. GM C1XX Vehicle Platform which is a variant of E2XX already. GM D2XX Vehicle Platform Could definetly see it being merged with C1XX and G2XX GM E2XX/P2XX Vehicle Platform Pretty much done after this gen of Malibu. P2XX is already picking up slack with new Lacrosse GM K2XX Becomes T1XX GM Omega Vehicle Platform See the Alpha GM T1XX Vehicle Platform ####################### GM P2XX Vehicle Platform Taking over for FWD and basically a larger E2XX GM Y Vehicle Platform (GM Y Body) GM G2XX Vehicle Platform GM K2XX Vehicle Platform Being replaced with T1XX
  9. This one is done to death.. but I will do it anyway. Camry outsells quite a few sedans but no one is out there arguing that its better than a Malibu, Maz6, Fusion, or Accord. The E-Class is the Camry of Luxury sedans. Fuckin Taxicab. XTS is Cadillac's best selling car because its the cheapest large luxo sedan they make. Globally the ATS outsells it.
  10. Blows me away that GM doesn't make the LF3 a corporate engine. I really don't subscribe to the "Cadillac needs exclusive engine" stuff. I think Cadillac needs exclusive TUNING.. and an exclusive set mindset of Forced Induction and EV only.
  11. bolt

    And I have nothing against the practicallity of a Kei car.. as long as I don't have to drive one. The Bolt is what it is.. and GM hit a homer when it comes down to the intended mission. Come to think of it,.. the VOLT.. without all the Republican negativity surrounding it as the Gen 1 had due to timing and the Racists view of everything associated with the positive things Pres Obama did , is a raging success as well. Altho I still think that the Volt name should have simply been CRUZE PHEV, which would have been beneficiary on so many levels to that name.
  12. bolt

    Pretty much.. for all of the issues that BOTH have.. packaging and proper marketing have done well for both.
  13. bolt

    Looks like a smashed in the face IS250
  14. bolt

    Saw one the other day in Baltimore. Nice looking lil runner. . altho I would take the Volt over it. The Volt is actually just as cool looking as some Sports cars
  15. Production needs top be managed more. Easy enough considering its only March. And why wouldn't the CTS lease be less since the CTS costs less? Not to mention it is 3 years older. LOL.. Nothing negates the fact that the CTS is still better.