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  1. Random Thoughts Thread

    Yeah.. I kno.. but the styling of the Cas. is just so much more attractive.
  2. Random Thoughts Thread

    GM/Buick are IDIOTIC for not only not offering a hardtop of the Cascada and more power.. but not marketing it really at all. What a fantastic looking car.. and it drives very nice let me tell U. Definitely not a speed demon , but will do nicely against as a cruiser. The 1.6L Turbo should be upgraded to the 2.0L T from the Regal. This car would be just like that.. so much better IMO.. and look right at home sitting nect to the NEW Regal
  3. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    to the bolded part. So one lemon.. and it happens is indicative of a while truck line that has sold millions upon millions when the platform was alive? Ridiculous But then... their hummer at minimum is 8 years old. H2 stopped production in '09. If they've replaced their alternator TWICE.. the second part was faulty too.. and very seldom have I ever heard of anyone taking their vehicle to a dealership for a tranny rebuild.. so the tranny rebuild must have been bad. Missing how that is an H2 issue As far as me having the Camaro as a DD.. yeah.. it was my daily driver from August 2010 to July 31 2013 when I got my Impala DD. I don't kno if U kno but I had a Tahoe at the time before I got my Yukon.. If I needed to move anything larger I brought that. AND WHO THE FUCK GIVES A SHIT ABOUT MOVING BIG SHIT ON A DAILY BASIS AND THEN BUYS A CAR IN THE FIRST PLACE? Camaro, Mustang, Camry, or even an Impala?
  4. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    take a used H3, Jeep, or RR over it as well
  5. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    Yet every H2 owner I kno has zero issues with their vehicles... Why??? Because like the GMT800 it's based on it is a relatively straight forward design that U will still see in droves on the road even 19 years after its intro.. millions. U ARE FULL OF SHIT
  6. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    Was this even serious? I lived with my 2011 Camaro DD for 3.5 years and not once was I ever let down in terms of ride or storage. The current model has an exemplary ride.. is comfy.. and has enough storage for any daily driver. WTF are U trying to move around.. a grand father clock??? Ridiculous.. U bitch about irrelevant shit. The real question is WHY THE FUCK... does this imaginary GF of yours drive a Gwagon instead of something more practical with U around being a Dweeb about everything? That's exactly what he does
  7. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    The pics were from Drew.. but they are for real nonetheless. Also.. who the hell has not driven a Gwagon? They aren't exactly exclusive in my realm. In fact.. when my brother bought his Hummer H2 he also looked at the GWagon.. him and I drove it around for an entire day.. trying to figure out why anyone would buy that shit. So U are applauding the fact that they duped your girl friend into buying one huh? Great BF U are... In fact.. I find it hard to believe that U have a GF.
  8. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    In his defense I think the SUCKER he was talking about was U... I kno for a FACT.. that I certainly was. But then again.. make no mistake.. I'd certainly take this: over this...: if the Benz was free.. simply to find a SUCKER like U and sell it to so I could, buy the 'Slade... pocket the $45K difference to get a sweet new: to use as DD
  9. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    So instantly U forgive them for selling people shit... for minimum the last 20 years. And that's me giving them the benefit of the doubt that a platform that was engineered during the Carter Admin was good up to the Bush I admin
  10. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    Dude every time Smk says something about Benz fit and finish... I think I will reference how this ... SMDH wasn't even a step up from this from the 1970s-80s GWagon.. the Official vehicle of the... ABA.. no not the BAR ASSOCIATION.. the outdated and defunct
  11. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    SUCKERS is the key word. Its for the suburbanite who has to tackle the sand dunes at the local Costco, Dunkin, or higher end Crate and Barrel
  12. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    U are quickly becoming an apologetic sap for these German brands when evidence constantly proves U wrong. I guess U are trying to be a devil's advocate.. but...The first pic is the one that had me laughing the hardest.. fuck using it as a cup holder.. cut the bottom out and let's play Hoops using balled up receipts Pathetic people ever make a negative statement about an GMT800 Tahoe again, let alone an Escalade or Denali.. or a 900 or K2xx
  13. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    Said it a thousand times.. only in the U.S. is Mercedes considered a Luxo-Only maker. They are essentially Chevy/GMC/Cadillac/Buick.. just on a smaller scale
  14. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    He won't.. he will continually move the post in either direction so long as it accommodates Benz or the Germans. GM, a downsized company.. leaner than ever.. managed too pull in $12Billion last year still with lawsuits from ignition over its head. For '17 they are at about $4 Billion (for Q1 and 2) down slightly because of the Opel sale, still a strong possibility to pull off $8-9Bil for the year GM have been historically about their truck sales more than anything else.. RWD TRUCK sales in the U.S. alone accounted for about 1.3 Million sales last year. IMO, car RWD sales are a luxury that GM affords.. but the economies of scale are carried forward generation after generation. That being.. these platforms are not costing them the billions upon billions that everyone whats to throw on them. Alpha and Omega are similar in many regards to the each other with the exception of certain weight saving techs that came about after alpha was already on the market.. bet good money that Alpha2 is going to be basically a scaled down version of Omega. I have also been told several times by GM insiders that technically a great deal of Alpha was really SIGMA.. as Sigma was a revised version of ZETA.. (or was it vice-versa?)
  15. Genesis News: Genesis G70 is Korea's 3-Series Challenger

    1) Cadillac's number one seller is selling not because its FWD, but because its their only CUV in a market that wants CUVs. Bet good money that if the XT5 was actually based on the CTS RWD/AWD it would sell in the exact same numbers, maybe more as it would then be able to also be an enthusiast's vehicle with the right optional driveline 2)If they weren't.. what would even be the point of re-engineering the platform? Despite its age it is still a fantastic handler, and one of the lightest in class... plus.. considering the bitching and complaining.. and it being the one real thing that most reviewers zeroed in on thru out its life.. I'd say most likely so. Also.. look what they did with the Malibu after similar issues with space in the 2013-15 models. That car has so much space in the rear now I could have a menage a trois back there and never get a charlie horse