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  1. Would you buy an Envision or an SRX?

    Personally I'd go SRX. I just prefer Cadillac over everything else except Corvette.
  2. 2019 Lincoln MKC Clips Its Wings: Comments

    Equinox, Terrain, Traverse, Acadia, Enclave as well Looks the same to me.. I mean not exactly obviously.. but still no more appealing.
  3. This is crazy.. Tesla, if they can pull it off, not to mention the Model 3.. could seriously be ushering a complete need for other OEMs to up the ante in relation to Electrification. My hope and dream is that Cadillac jumps in with an all electric sports coupe that blows this away
  4. Perhaps not a trailer but I see people hauling their boats all the tie with Escalade and Denali. Maybe because where U are from U guys don't have access to the BIG OCEANS.
  5. Chevrolet News:2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Arrives With 755 Horsepower

    Amazing the clownish BS arises again. No offense to those complaining about the spoiller.. but I highly doubt that U are the target for the ZR1. I say that with the utmost respect too. The Spoiler is, like other iterations of it, incorporated to HELP exact 950lbs of DOWNFORCE on the car at higher speeds and in track conditions. Anyone who has driven a car like this above 170, let alone 210+, will tell U that at a certain point.. your ass becomes insanely LITE. That is absolutely no good at that speed for various reasons. I'm still researching the fuel system, but they aren't planning on running into any first year Z06 cooling issues it seems
  6. Chevrolet News:2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Arrives With 755 Horsepower

    A ZL1 will outgun a Hellcat. Did U mean Demon?
  7. Chevrolet News:2019 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 Arrives With 755 Horsepower

    Love the power.. but I'm sitting this one out til the Mid-Engine arrives. IF anything I would get a used Z06. 755HP is awesome.. but in the wrong hands WOW. The Demon for instance will kill someone I guarantee within weeks of it hitting the market. I believe that this having 755HP is essentially the equivalent of the Dodge in the fact that this is 1000lbs lighter and has GM engineering
  8. October 2017: General Motors Co.

    Shit never makes it off the lot when I buy one.. First thing I tell them before I sign paper #1 is I want to see the car before I sign to make sure that not only is the BS removed.. but there was no damage done when U removed it.. Fuck I look like giving U free advertising after just PAY U for the car? @Drew Dowdell Yeah. I agree. The new rear looks much more BOSS. And this is the FWD based car. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the Black looks like on a revised CT6.
  9. October 2017: General Motors Co.

    Love the new rear end of the XTS.
  10. Chevrolet News:Corvette ZR1 Leaks Out, Debuting In Dubai

    I'm not even completely confident the 750HP (I wouldn't be surprised if its more) number let alone the rest of the articles. The REVEAL will answer all questions.. and my comment above was speculation. The car is gonna be on point nonetheless. THIS!!!
  11. Chevrolet News:Corvette ZR1 Leaks Out, Debuting In Dubai

    I will wait and see.. but various things could have been improved on this car to the point that any worry is moot. Hell the recent $350 Improved Magnetic Ride Calibrations that can be done at the dealership on the Z51 and Z06 are said to have improved times dramatically. I will also bring up that suspension tuning overall for this car are goin to be dialed to 15 vs the Z06 being 10. Also.. the reading shows WHY they decided to go with a OHV engine over a OHC. Simple styling of the exterior. Personally I see zero reason why they need to go OHC in this generation anyway. The Mid-Engine version can accommodate, but the visibility would be compromised looking out of the windshield if the HUMP were too big. and this is HUGE (screen shot below). If U've ever driven a C7 Z06 this sounds like its gonna require new training. Seriously in the Z06 and CTS-V (haven't driven the new ZL1) that 640-650 is all the way there.. it will get U if U don't massage it proper like.. and send U literally in the other direction.. even at 70 MPH already (believe me.. I almost pissed myself in both)
  12. Chevrolet News:Corvette ZR1 Leaks Out, Debuting In Dubai

    I don't kno.. Cadillac's art and science, Chevy, Buick.. truly has metamorphosed.. as has Nissan's look. Toyota is the wrong example to use. They are the epitome of SAFE That's nuts. Maybe they will as CUBIC said be simulated.. or only be at quick contained spurts. Me? What the fuck is the point?
  13. Chevrolet News:Corvette ZR1 Leaks Out, Debuting In Dubai

    Who cares what SMK says.. I am on the line as saying that this car will hit the 750HP mark.. and BLOW ALL HIS BS AWAY Stolen from a dude at Corvette Forum who read the C&D article: Here is the info on the new Corvette!- Starting price expected to be around $120k- 7 speed manual and 8 speed automatic- 1/2" wider than Z06 front wheels- Mag Ride standard- Carbon Ceramic Brakes- 750hp/680 lb-ft LT5 (6.2L, pushrod V8, Eaton supercharger)- Supercharger produces 52% more air per RPM than the Z06 blower, also 2.9" taller. - Because of the hood height, car can not be sold in Europe - Tadge claims the ZR1 can shoot flames out from its exhaust - NEW fuel delivery system- BOTH PORT INJECTION AND DIRECT INJECTION - sub 3 second 0-60, sub 11 second 1/4 mile, 210+ mph top speed- 4 additional heat exchangers (comparing to Z06) in the nose- Curb weight 3664 lbs, 140 lbs over Z06- Several aero packages available, RPO "ZTK" as shown in magazine. Wing has 10 degrees of adjustability, contributing to 500 lbs of downforce at speed. - Wing is attached behind the hatch and spreads the load to the bumper beam.- Removable top- 2.5 seconds faster around VIR than Z06

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