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  1. Cmicasa the Great

    Cadillac News: Cadillac Making Some Changes To The V-Series

    The 403HP/400lbs CT6 TT3.0L pulls the 0-60 in 5 secs.. adding an additional 150HP and a WHOPPING 227 ft-lb torque will most likely have it in the sub 3.4 sec range. Also.. I'm of the crazy belief that adding two extra cylinders doesn't necessarily add 150 extra lbs. ALSO.. the 10 Speed is supposed to be lighter than the 8 Speed.. so again.. ,your incessant need to bolster Germany is squashed .. also.. I didn't bring up the S65 for obvious reasons.. its $240K.. and despite the extra power from the V12.. it actually slower than the S63 and still carries a effin 7 Speed.
  2. Cmicasa the Great

    Cadillac News: Cadillac Making Some Changes To The V-Series

    The thing is that with the new AWD system they don't even need RWD anymore as a stand alone for performance. The XT5, Acadia, and from what I've read, XT4, all perform well in terms of handling with the new AWD system. All they all lack is a hi-po engine to legitimize their performance and a necessary VSport model. And I might be one of the few who says that their is absolutely no real need for a VSERIES SUV unless its a coupe style version of the XT6/7. I have no issue with a TTV8 under the hood of an XT5, but would be just as content with the 3.0L TTV6
  3. Cmicasa the Great

    Cadillac News: Cadillac Making Some Changes To The V-Series

    ACTUALLY.. this is not correct. I have actually talked to a client who works over at GM's plant over in White Marsh who told me that the engine is already being shown to have variants that are in the 700HP range. Strong possibility that due to the CT6 being essentially the 7series of Cadillac, and the CTS(5) being the 5Series of Cadillac.. that the formula will stand as the Mid-Sizer continuing to be the true large performance option while the larger vehicle (CT6) while powerful, will get a tuned down engine more geared for bragging rights within luxury. Furthermore... Cadillac bench-marked the S63 AMG's performance.. and despite.. chose not to go above it in HP (603) /Torque.. simply because it doesn't have to. The S-Class's FAT ASS is heavy.. about 700lbs heavier than the CT6 AWD Platinum. Similar thing can be said about the heavy 760i and B7 Alpina.. both boasting 600 HP but less torque than the BlackWing anyway... I am 100% behind this name change.. and in fact questioned WHY they were calling the 550HP/627lb Torque version a Vsport while still having a 500HP version under it.. and a 400HP 3.0L.. and a probable 2.0L or 3.6L under those.. in the first place. With that much torque.. and that much power.. PLUS AWD.. and a curb weight that is 55lbs less (CT6 3.0L vs CTS-V) than the my ’16 Vseries.. I am completely confident that this car will actually beat me in a drag race.. despite the loss of HP/Torque simply because of grip. I don’t know if U’ve ever tried to launch a 640HP VSeries and not spin a little bit, but its not easily done… same goes for my Z06 with the same RWD/LT4 setup. AWD system adds the needed traction that has enabled the German cars in this class to post lower acceleration numbers lately. With Track or Sport mode allowing for 40/60 front/rear in Tour mode to 20/80 in Sport and 50/50 in Snow/Ice. My assumption is that there will be a Track mode in for the Vseries… as the numbers I posted are from the current CT6 AWD system available. CT6V = 550HP CT6 Platinum Should be 500HP CT6 VSport should be 400+HP CT6-E Hybrid CT6 everything below
  4. Cmicasa the Great

    BMW News: 2019 BMW Z4 M40i Arrives At Pebble Beach

    WOW! That's exactly what I saw.. just didn't realize what I was trying to see. It does look like an effin Kia... and that ain't good. DISGUSTING looking..
  5. Cmicasa the Great

    BMW News: 2019 BMW Z4 M40i Arrives At Pebble Beach

    No way no how anyone can possibly say that this car is good looking. Performance will be great I'm sure, but its ugly and messy as sin
  6. M y point was that the base model CTS is very seldom seen nor bought... This is not a bargain hunters segment UNLESS U are talking about a Genesis... which U seemingly try to insult the storied 110 year old brand Cadillac as being comparable enough for them to price as similar. The CTS tho, as an American vehicle does occasionally get service duty.. of course not as prevalent as the 5Series does in its home market. Meaning that a base model CTS (Standard) might be getting some fleet duty where as the 530i skips the comparable model here in the U.S. and gives us a CTS Luxury competitor to start. They don't sell the 520i here.. if they did.. they would start it off at the same price as the CTS STANDARD As to the Variants.. U are preaching to the Pope on this one
  7. U should check that pricing.. the a COMPARABLE CTS 2.0L starts at $700 less than the 530i.. The BASE CTS doesn't even have Navigation like the 530.. and according to my dealer is a "White Whale" that they have never even seen
  8. Let's not forget that the A3 also has a Convertible, and Sportback Plug-In (Wagon) along with that cheaper price. It would be wild if those variants make up the difference in sales
  9. Thanks.. but the design in a GMC's .. just larger than their 22s and 20's and in black.
  10. Cmicasa the Great

    Who Wore it Better?

    I think this comparison is weird.. As some have stated.. the XT5 vs Blazer would be a better comparison, but again.. the purpose would still come into play. Even more obvious tho.. is that the only reason one would make this comparison is that they are both coming from a GM division and on a similar platform. For me.. the XT5 for the luxury, and wouldn't even consider an XT4 due to the size relative to my size. The Blazer I would choose as a Daily Driver. No different than people did with the Impala vs the XTS.. or owing a Camaro and a CTS. I kno a guy with an Escalade and a Tahoe. One he uses for luxury purposes.. the other is literally his work truck on sites (he owns a construction co) and Daily Driver. Looks wise.. still the XT5. I think it is gorgeous, but I have said that since day one. The XT4's styling by comparison is even sexier, using the Escala's front homage. The Blazer is more "badass" utilizing the Camaro's looks. It in essence looks like a 4door CUV Camaro. Its appeal will be to those individuals who want sport over lux. Both, if not all three vehicle ACTUALLY would be insane to incorporate actual Hi-Po versions. None need a V8 really. But the TT 3.0L or even 3.6L would be very desirable
  11. Yup. Found this out the hard way back in March when I literally had to call a tow truck (wench) to get me out of a drenched mud field in my yard due to getting stuck with 24s and obvious summer tires on the Yukon. I called the end of Winter too early and made the change. Winter ended up ending in late April imo LOL. 24s on summer tires are NO GOOD for MUD and SNOW.. let alone off roading Point is that at best.. the H2 was engineered in 1997-98. Meaning that it is essentially 20 years old. Maybe its time for them to either rebuild the entire vehicle of sell and get something else
  12. Perhaps.. and I mean PERHAPS.. your GF's parents bought a lemon. THAT HAPPENS.. even with a GM product. I owned the GMT800 Yukon SLT from 2000 to 2006. Put about 150K on the ODO.. In the summer of 2005 I decided I would put the 4.10 diff in from a wrecked Denali. Did it myself.. but that was the only time I remember being under the truck. In Late '06 bout my 2007 Tahoe LTZ and drove from that time til 2014.. 8 years.. one issue with the Air Shocks, which I replaced myself with Ergnotts version and saved a lot versus GM parts. Got the current 2015 when my Tahoe hit 120k I think The H2 was based on the GMT800. Plenty of them still rolling around including my older brother's 2006 which has 170K on the ODO last I checked in Dec
  13. Cmicasa the Great

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet Drops A New Turbo-Four Into 2019 Silverado

    ^^^ This was essentially my question as well to @Drew Dowdell. DO U know the difference in weight between the Silvy and the F150? I'm seeing that the 2019s should come in at about 450-500lbs lighter than the previous, which started at about 4500lbs.. so it appears that the Silvy should be literally the same weight as the F150
  14. Cmicasa the Great

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet Drops A New Turbo-Four Into 2019 Silverado

    But why.. if this is rated on Regular octane and not doing what Ford normally does and rate their HP/TQ on Premium. This normally equates to a 20HP loss if U use 87 in a Ecoboost Mustang for instance
  15. Cmicasa the Great

    Chevrolet News:Chevrolet Drops A New Turbo-Four Into 2019 Silverado

    This is cool.. but still.. what in GM marketing allows them to have an engine that is still 15Hp/27 ft lb of torque less than the 2.7L Ford F150? I sure it was the benchmark.. What's the weight difference? Is this.. like other GM turbos a 87 Octane figure?

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