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  1. Not convinced of that. In truth I think it is very plausible. altho the necxt CUV could be an EV.. which is shown on this chart as a LOW ROOF Lux
  2. They really don't need to go that deep into it. I really wish some would go drive a current Escalade. It truly is a vehicle that, despite its size, is a marvel of handling. My Yukon SLT is basically the same vehicle and it has been leveled out in the rear (lowered) to no longer be hopped up. The handling is phenomenal.. and I can come around corners that even when driving my nieces Challenger RT I get a bit scared taking... despite its lower center of gravity and RWD. I won;t compare it to my V or Z for obvious reasons.. the Alpha platform being what it is.. along with the YBody. Point being.. the Escalade with the 8 Speed was doing 0-60 in 5.8secs and a 1/4 in 14.4 sec @ 96.8 mph, pulling .77g. This is a 5900lb vehicle. Putting a 100-150 more HP, coupled to the faster shifting 10Speed, lowering it and inch or two.. and U have a pretty crazy performing large luxury SUV.. on the other end.. an XT7 could literally take the original SRX formula (which was essentially a tall STS) and raise a CT6 up a few inches, and add some metal to make it a style equivalent to the XT4
  3. I agree.. to a degree. At this point.. all Cadillacs should just be AWD. The AWD system is a performance based one.. RWD simply is not necessary at this level considering biases 60% of the torque rearward in tour mode, which gets bumped up to 80% in sport mode. Some will come in and call it GM de-contenting.. I will point to this and say "How?" In truth once AWD became widespread adaptable, I argued that it should be the only Wheel DRIVE for luxury cars anyway, and that was 10 years ago on this very site. My hope and dream was for them to kill the 3.6L and have two variants of the 3.0LTT and two variants of the 4.2LTT. Truth be told, it would be in inconsistent and negligent if Cadillac did not kill the NA 3.6L for the CT6. In fact I think the 3.0L TT should be cast so that it can also replace the 3.6 in the XT6 and XT5. This would instantly rejuvenate the powertrain lineup thru out. For the CUVs, they'd get both the 335HP/400lb-ft and 404/400+ lb-ft versions. Point blank Forced Induction should be the only config at Cadillac. Turbo or Super-Charge
  4. Here's the question.. @ocnblu... why do U have such a love for ICE's? Hate against EV? They both motivate. Is it the "enthusiast passion" argument?
  5. To the rear seats... How do they feel though? How does the material feel? Is the seating arrangement up to snuff? The video reviews I've seen say nothing negative about the rear seat. Also.. from what I saw.. the materials are carried over from the CTS. Lastly.. pricing is to be between where the ATS was, $36K sedan/39K COupe and the CTS which started at $47K.. which means it will most likely be in the $43K range
  6. Nice pun.. and Not at all. I just couldn't go back and edit. I hate that part of the newer software. LOL
  7. Wow.. I'm actually glad someone did that. Imagine had they simply lined up the emblems perfectly.. Its virtually the same car in front, with exception to the headlights, the bottom grille, and the hood. Its as if the Escala was a styling exercise put into context with a concept car.. then translated quite nicely into a car that was 85% its length Hey I just noticed that we have, in essence, the same avatar... LOL.. U should put over to of it "MiatsoCi et LovelyMoon" and it will be complete
  8. Design wise I almost never like anything Benz does except the S-Class Coupe and AMG GT, but I really like what they have done with the BACK of the GLS and GLE... probably because they basically took the design of the S-Class Coupe and AMG GT rear and put it on the SUVs

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