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  1. They are putting the money in their pockets.. that's it.. And who is suddenly saying that the Cadillacs don;t have build quality? Regardless.. GM, Toyota, VW can build cars for less and sell them for less because of total scale. Many of their cars share parts.. That Q7 and A5.. shares parts with the Tour.. or CC... that ES and LS.. shares some parts with a Camry or Avalon.. CT6 and XT5.. certainly share parts.. its the most documented thing in automotive history
  2. First.. I think U are putting too much emphasis in 0-60 times.. second.. the TORQUE and TORQUE presentation from 1500 UP.. might surprise the hell out of U. Third I really don't think the difference in price is so steep that if one wanted a lil more power for bragging rights they couldn't pay the extra coin
  3. Also.. its quite obvious what they did was create a baby CT6 in the CT4. It looks like a scaled down versions and carries its size change very well. Would be nice if the CT8 were coming it be a larger version of the CT5.. which in essence is a scaled down version of the Escala concept I'm cool with the engine base too. They did a more balanced and proper take on the 2.0L Turbo where the HP may be down as much as 35HP (from a 2014 ATS), but the torque comes in way earlier and continues well into the upper RPMs.. all while giving the model a more fuel efficient option that was once filled by the weak 2.5L. I'm good with this.. because ONCE AGAIN.. if one doesn't like the bottom engine.. they can opt for a more powerful one. CHOICES! LOL.. If Cadillac asked some.. they would only be offering the LT2 in their cars.
  4. Exactly. What Cadillac needs to do is realize a huge thing that they missed since Wagoner and Co left RenCen... that they could offer Bentley levels of luxury.. but because they are AMERICAN.. in this age.. they will always be considered not as worth of higher costs over the Germans in base packages. In other words.. U can price a CT6 as high as a 7Series... but U must do so strategically and via options and packages. That base price tho.. that must come off like a value. AMERICANS are self loathing. I challenge even the German's staunchest defender to show me where a based on the CT4's specs thus far.. what makes a comparable 2020 3Series (the leader) a better car to justify a price jump.. other than marketing and longevity in the market place. Ironically.. as I've said many times.. in 2016 I spent $100K on my CTS-V and a friend spent $110K on their M5.. he was disturbed when we both pulled up at spots.. and people wanted to converse about my Cadillac.. take pics standing next to my Cadillac.. and paid no attention to his BMW. Often commenting.. "must be nice." "Is that the V?" "Very classy.. probably cost U a mint.." BMW M5.. nothin. Cadillac can pull this is off.. if only they stick to the place.. be consistent.. stop **cking changing names and strategy.. and continue to build. AND 4GODSAKE!!! Don't kill any cars.. add at least 4 more.. one above the 6, coupes for the 4 and 5, and a variant of the C8.
  5. Height matters in riding. Believe me. When I was originally looking for a bike (I'm 6'3) I was gonna get a Sportster 1200.. Sat on it.. all hunched over even with 10 inch bars.. went for a test.. came back with an aching back. At 5'10,.. U still might want to look at a larger bike so as U don;t have to go thru as much adjusting and changing stuff to accommodate your height.. just sayin. If U already know this.. my bad.. That BMW may have U needing to up the handle bars and change the seat.. no to mention get forward controls. TRUTHFULLY.. U can find a lotta nice deals on older bikes with low miles that are larger.. from Harley.. Triumph.. Indian.. hell even Yamaha. I admittedly was considering getting a Yamaha Raider S
  6. If the 2020 is the last.. and Chrysler has nothing in the pipeline for the brand.. that's a wrap. They literally have the 300 and the Pacifica at this point.
  7. BMW ninet Scrambler? How tall are U?
  8. Yeah.. saw that a few days ago. Oh well.. Its reason one why I have zero issue with waiting til the 2020s go into production.. maybe even a lightly used one to kill me taking a hit on depreciation. Luxury cars are the worst when it comes to that. Friend of mine literally went into trade his S63AMG in with less than 20K on the odo.. I think it was a '17.. they offered him $60K if I remember correct.
  9. Didn't know U rode. Naaah. If I were U I'd get one now or in the coming months. Prices will be down. 2019 Harleys, if that's what U are going for are on sale. Went on Labor Day just to peruse and man they have hella deals. One day.. when I'm ready to do that cross-country ride.. I'll go back to pick-up a Road Glide or Road King
  10. BUt the thing is.. AMERICAN MEDIA.. won't cover it except for a blurb. GM or Ford.. or even Chry.. they would be running the stories back to back daily for 5 years. I mean really. I just thought about what I typed and almost threw up in my mouth at the bulls#!t. Especially if it were GM they would be obsessed over it.. demanding Trump ram Mary Barra's residence door down to get at her
  11. Been away for a while.. summer stuff.. figured I'd get out an live while the weather was warm. Decided to get back into riding bikes.. had given it up back in '05 after my then wife (now ex) had issue with me riding with two small children, one of which had just arrived a year earlier. This time.. decided to do it legal and get an actual license.. no more sport bikes tho.. went with Harley, a Softail Cruiser in June.. and by August wanted a sportier Harley to sit next to her.. a NightRod Special (VRod). Meet Browyn (Softail) and Ronda (NRS). The Softail is an '03 Softail Standard FXST with Rhinehart exhaust. The NRS has Vance and Hines 2-in-1 exhaust and commander tune. Two different looks of the Softail are because I just change my handlebars to Ape Hangers this Saturday. The 2016 NightRod I have been customizing myself as U can see The original look is the grey bike. NRS before I started customizing (Stock Form) Softail before Ape Hanger Handlebars (below). Windshield is detachable
  12. The best selling premium crossovers sold are all FWD/AWD products from Lexus, Acura, Volvo, and.... Cadillac. Do we expect any crossover utilizing the status quo to actually do anything to raise a brands perception? The truth of the matter is that even with Mercedes, the current leader in luxury, the only SUV/CUV that they currently have that truly offers a glimpse of raising any bar is he G-Wagon. And that vehicle is still basically the same as it was 1000 years ago. The GLS, GLE, GLC, and GLA really do nothing so extraordinary that they make one believe that outside the emblem that they are truly special. I have experience in both the GLS and GLE one on one, and I could not for the life of me figure out why, in this case, the GLS was considered anything superior to an Escalade with a similar drive train. These vehicle are fluff. They are profit makers. GM has clearly stated, and I believe them, that they are going EV. This vehicle, like the XT5, and XT4 are to pay for that mission. Truthfully I believe that this XT6 is gonna be a hot seller. I think it will bring about 45-50K new sales into Cadillac. AND.. Its a rebadge.. or better yet a platform engineered entry to a segment where Cadillac desperately needed a contender. I think that is phenomenal for GM considering that this is a platform mate to 5 other vehicles. (Cxx) Lambda's Acadia, Enclave, Outlook, and Traverse reborn. That is six vehicles off one platform and as yet, I have not seen anyone outside of the car rags, and forum readers commenting anything about "rebadging." So much so I have a friend who recently bought a Traverse for himself, his wife has an XT5, and they are looking out for a decent blip of inventory of the Blazer for their daughter who is about to graduate Grad school in the Spring. In conversations with him and his wife, they not once seem to realize that they are driving platform mates. His wife didn't even know that the XT5 and Traverse were apart of the same corporation until they got their statements the same day from GM Finance Why is that so hard to grapple? The market demanded that Cadillac put out a small and larger CUV that sandwiched the XT5/SRX. They responded pretty quickly considering the fact that outside of the Trailblazer overseas is the only model they have that could have served the purpose and answered a question that no one really asked outside of a group of so-called enthusiasts that probably won't buy anyway. Do I think that the Cadillac brand.. no.. GM as a whole needs a small RWD based architecture for CUVs? Yes.. and NO. If the Cadillac brand is delving into the EV market as they say they are in a few years.. no. Performance in a straight, which is really where the line should be drawn for tall wagons, considering the real driving capabilities of most Americans, is just too evident and too apparent with electric motors doing the pushing. What I think Cadillac should do is offer a secondary take on upcoming Escalade which goes the same route as the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport. Two vehicles.. one blatantly luxo.. the other luxo sport.. but really appealing to the Male demo as the CUVs in their portfolio are really aimed at women. I believe that the target segment for the XT6, intentionally, is to cater to more females than the heavy skewed male target market of the Escalade garners. I bet good money that U will see more men, by percentage, in the Aviator than U will see in the XT6. Similar in the way the old QX56 and Infiniti FX35-45 pulled in more males, while the EX35 pulled in women. But, for the sake of argument I will wait and see. I truly believe that CAdillac specifically designed the XT4,5, and 6 as vehicles to bring more women into the CUV portion of the brand. The Escalade and ESV will continue to be pushed to men, with the XT7, possibly going RWD to attract men looking for a smaller SUV.
  13. Not convinced of that. In truth I think it is very plausible. altho the necxt CUV could be an EV.. which is shown on this chart as a LOW ROOF Lux
  14. They really don't need to go that deep into it. I really wish some would go drive a current Escalade. It truly is a vehicle that, despite its size, is a marvel of handling. My Yukon SLT is basically the same vehicle and it has been leveled out in the rear (lowered) to no longer be hopped up. The handling is phenomenal.. and I can come around corners that even when driving my nieces Challenger RT I get a bit scared taking... despite its lower center of gravity and RWD. I won;t compare it to my V or Z for obvious reasons.. the Alpha platform being what it is.. along with the YBody. Point being.. the Escalade with the 8 Speed was doing 0-60 in 5.8secs and a 1/4 in 14.4 sec @ 96.8 mph, pulling .77g. This is a 5900lb vehicle. Putting a 100-150 more HP, coupled to the faster shifting 10Speed, lowering it and inch or two.. and U have a pretty crazy performing large luxury SUV.. on the other end.. an XT7 could literally take the original SRX formula (which was essentially a tall STS) and raise a CT6 up a few inches, and add some metal to make it a style equivalent to the XT4
  15. I agree.. to a degree. At this point.. all Cadillacs should just be AWD. The AWD system is a performance based one.. RWD simply is not necessary at this level considering biases 60% of the torque rearward in tour mode, which gets bumped up to 80% in sport mode. Some will come in and call it GM de-contenting.. I will point to this and say "How?" In truth once AWD became widespread adaptable, I argued that it should be the only Wheel DRIVE for luxury cars anyway, and that was 10 years ago on this very site. My hope and dream was for them to kill the 3.6L and have two variants of the 3.0LTT and two variants of the 4.2LTT. Truth be told, it would be in inconsistent and negligent if Cadillac did not kill the NA 3.6L for the CT6. In fact I think the 3.0L TT should be cast so that it can also replace the 3.6 in the XT6 and XT5. This would instantly rejuvenate the powertrain lineup thru out. For the CUVs, they'd get both the 335HP/400lb-ft and 404/400+ lb-ft versions. Point blank Forced Induction should be the only config at Cadillac. Turbo or Super-Charge

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