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  1. Yo.. Congrads on a magnificent automobile... I will say to U.. a person who loves modding.. now.. U can seriously MOD away.
  2. Who cares??? Until GM gets off its hands and lets the 3.0L TT be an actual replacement to the 3.6L I will no longer get excited. Seriously.. 335HP-340HP from the 3.6L is pointless when U can detune the 3.0L TT and have 350-400 NOW. No one cares if an engine is exclusive to Cadillac.. what they care about is if their stock engine is more powerful than the under-brands.
  3. Took her for a spin.. This car is a DRAGster.. If I want to make it a real cruiser... I'm gonna have to go 2.73 gears or 3.07. This is 4.10
  4. I will reserve complete judgment for real life.. But seriously the more I look at it the more I think its mundane and as if I've been seeing it for over a decade. Not that it looks like anything else.. Just that it is boring as a something U've been seeing for as long. That's the whole thing, exterior and interior. By contrast everytime I see an Escalade, Yukon or Tahoe in pictures, let alone real life, I still get a chubby. That includes GMT 900s as well as current
  5. Wheels in place and everything I spoke of as an issue in post #1 rectified. 17x8 front and 17x9..5 rear running 245/45/17 and 275/40/17 rear. Meet Thelma
  6. I keep saying that one of the easiest things to do is look at a competitive benchmark and improve upon it with slightly better or different ways of doing it. The Ford guys looked at the Slade's complaints and did something different. Altho in still not convinced on the interior aspect.. especially the excessive use of buttons and the lose, completely, if a lever for the tranny (ask me about my experience in a Continental if U need clarification). Nonetheless, the area where they clearly did improve is the powrrtrain. IMO, Cadillac needs to answer, if it is with supercharged Vsport Ecotec. No reason why that move should give JDN any restless nites
  7. Then if that's truly the case.. HEY WINGS.. EFF U and the REDWINGS... and Donald Trump while I'm at it. He was the biggest FLAKE on MTForum.. and that's sayin something after we took over that joint in '06. Yup.. need no degree in the field at all to kno.. That MOFO was CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY!!!
  8. Overall a decent looking SUV.. and that's because it looks like a modified K2XX on the outside. Its as if Lincoln decided to be the fourth K2XX . Interior looks good.. but with that amount of buttons.. how can anyone bitch about CUE's lack of ever again? Best thing in my opinion is the HP/Torque. 30/40 more than the Escalade and Denali. Gotta wonder if GM will answer next year. It really wouldn't be hard even if they simply offered a VSport Escalade with a S/C Ecotec. Sales.. who knows? Escalade currently outsells MORE THAN 3X as many Navs. I dunno.. we were told that the Continental would destroy the much higher priced CT6... yet last month the CT6 actually outsold it, with its actual competition outselling it by 1 and 1/2
  9. I don't doubt for one second that he isn't still here. Might not be posting, but still here.
  10. so why not go for 245/55/17 which would be 27.6?
  11. Fuck that mofo
  12. Of course. I bought the ARs in 17x8 17x9. Any clue on what the tires size I should shoot for. I'm thinking 245/50/17 on fr and 245/45/17on rear
  13. I did what I could. What the hell happened to that fool All-About-Nothing BTW?
  14. Nutty as a fruit cake, since our MT Forum days.., but I like to think, Burg, El KBong, and I, especially, helped make him that way
  15. ^^^ Yeah that's crazy.. Those numbers I got from a forum where a member with the same set-up.. We'll see. The STS rims are a non-talker now since a buyer just swung thru and picked them up around 12.. I got $600 for them.. which isn't bad considering they are 12 years old and the tires were worn