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  1. Dennis Faulkner

    Ford News: Ford To Cut Platforms Down To Just Five

    Sounds like mistakes are being made - the Mustang has not seemed American for a while - with its "angry" face - I read the 4 cylinder turbo, which seems to have no mpg gain over the great six engine - requires premium fuel? And how does it affect insurance costs, and repair costs, having a turbo? Plus, it is hard to fathom a 4 cylinder turbo being as smooth and great as my six Mustang - And how long-lived will the 4 banger turbo be? Makes the Camaro and the Challenger look a whole lot better - If Ford is not making the cars that people want - someone else will be -
  2. Dennis Faulkner

    Chevrolet News:Certain 2019 Chevrolet Camaro Models See A Drop in MPG

    I want to know why - the new face doesn't look as sharp as the old one, so it is not worth losing 1 mpg over - one concern with the new trans is are they as durable as the old ones - if I am losing 1 mpg over a trans, and it is not as durable either - bring back the old - main thing I want what I pay for - currently I am driving a 99 Mustang six auto, 176000 miles on original six, original trans, no major problems. I have kept it well maintained - and did go one size wider on the existing tires -

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