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  1. So if it has a 10 gallon fuel tank, I'll be able to go 2300 miles on a single tank of gas? I don't think so. This MPG rating is completely dishonest. I know if a gas powered car is rated at 30 miles to the gallon and it has a 10 gallon tank, it will go 300 miles on a full tank. The Volt needs to be rated that way as well. The problem is that the real mileage might be closer to 40MPG. Who would spend $40k on a compact eco car when they can get a Prius with better mileage for less $?
  2. That's just it. GM is NEVER going to pay back the loans EVER EVER EVER. That's the deal they're getting form the Czar, er I mean President. I read the article, which I've seen all over the net, and I said REALLY!? The article basically says, they're going to take "Good GM"(Which the PTOA says is Caddy and Chevy) $h!can everything else and just write off all of the loans as a loss. Then the government will OWN gm. It'll be Government Motors instead of General Motors. Based on the way the government has run everything it get's its hands on, it'll be run inefficiently and unprofitably. If we look at the history of EVERY government owned auto company, the end result has been failure. GM IS history, and I just want to get it over with. I look at it like this. I doubt that GM is ever going to become a private company again. I'd rather see them dissolve now and save some dignity. I don't want them to be like the aging Rock Star that should have retired, but instead goes out on stage and embarrasses himself every night.
  3. Quite the opposite. I've never owned anything BUT GM. I'll remain a fan of GM's products, but I can't support a publicly traded company taking money from the us taxpayers to fund their business. If they had filed chapter 11 last year, when they should have, I could still be behind them. Nearly 16B later and they end up a ward of the state and stiff the American public? I just can't support that. I love what America is SUPPOSED to be too much and this whole shenanigan is a disgrace to both GM and the United States. At least it's not as bad as the banks though.
  4. I love the Cadillac CTS. I may buy a Lincoln for my next car. I just can't buy a GM or Chrysler product, until they pay back the loans. This article states, that's never gonna happen, so I guess I'll have to buy a Ford or Lincoln product for my next car.
  5. network engineer

    GM plans upgrades to Chevy Volt throughout lifecycle

    Compared to windows? Why yes it is. Compared to Linux? Why yes it is.
  6. network engineer

    Ford Taurus SHO will debut at the Chicago Auto Show

    Don't see why not. Sounds like a sweet engine too. Twin Turbo power but V6 Fuel economy.
  7. The Ford Taurus SHO or Performance Version will debut at the Chicago Auto Show. If you follow THIS LINK , and then click on Key Features you will see Performance Series at the bottom of the list. If you roll over that text with your cursor it will change to February 2009. That can only mean the Chicago Auto Show, AKA the biggest and best show in the U.S. though I'm biased. Can't wait to see this already beautiful vehicle at the show with it's new engine and potential ascetic mods.
  8. network engineer

    Facebook integration

    Most of us use Facebook I'm sure. I was recently on consumerist.com and had the option of logging in with my Facebook account. After logging in I was able to make posts with my Facebook avatar posted and then a pop up window gave me the option of duplicating the post along with a link to the article on my Facebook account. Here is my Facebook account.
  9. network engineer

    Ford @ NAIAS: 2010 Taurus

    I am very impressed with this car. It looks great inside and out. As for the Big ass, I think that was done to nod to the interceptor and to give it potentially class leading trunk space. As Americans move toward cars, they will want more cargo space. I think depending on the pricing and options this will be a real toss up for me between this and the new Lacrosse.
  10. network engineer

    2010 Ford Taurus Revealed

    2010 Ford Taurus From Autoblog
  11. network engineer

    Cadillac Volt (nee Converj)

    With a realistic interior this car could sell hugely to the rich and famous. How cool would it be to be seen driving this car and saving the environment at the same time? I know it's way out of my price range, but I have to say I love this car!
  12. network engineer

    2010 Buick LaCrosse

    Autoblog was saying $26k to $33k for the base prices of the two different models. (3.0L and 3.6L)
  13. network engineer

    2010 Buick LaCrosse

    From Autoblog Hey look, is that an XM antenna that's color coded? I have to say, that I really like that interior. Note the HUD and that the gauges appear to be digital.
  14. network engineer

    This is what I've been saying for a LONG time

    I agree wholeheartedly. I also agree with FOG. We don't need less models, but rather, need brands to have their own vehicles. Platform sharing really just means you sell the same car with a different wrapper. It clearly hasn't worked well for the last 30 years. If GM wants to keep Pontiac, then it needs the Pontiac cars to be truly unique. If it wants to keep Buick, then Buick should be unique, not just a gussied up Chevy. Do you have to engineer a brand new platform for different brands? No not really. You can take the same architecture and tailor it for a specific brand. For Buick you stretch it and soften the suspension. Work hard to isolate any vibrations. Make sure it really does drive and handle differently than the chevy. The cars can be cousins, but never brothers.

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