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  1. the chain hookup point is very good, though I imagine they'd set a rule that everything has to be as delivered.
  2. http://sify.com/news/gm-fund-donating-100k-to-haiti-relief-effort-news-environment-and-nature-kbofO3hhefc.html
  3. some of these companies can be pretty persistent. Just look at that small TO firm that took on Microsoft and got Word pulled.
  4. http://www.allcarselectric.com/blog/103492...o-patent-issues
  5. not feeling it so much, espeically the headlights.
  6. If they are, I wonder if Frank would try to get a no-strike clause in the deal
  7. don't know about the warranty. If it lasts more then the 1000km he said (which I should be through soemtime next week cause I'm moving) he'd fix the problem
  8. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/globe-inves...article1148545/
  9. talked to the mechanic. he was able to repeat the sound without much effort and said it was just the shoes setting it. Said to come back after 1000km (I've put about 100-150km on it since the work was done on tues) if it was still making the sound
  10. He only did the rear shoes this time around (he did the front pads last year). the only other thing he did was to put on my summer tires. I wouldn't think this would be making the sound because a)they've been on before without making the sound
  11. Just got a new set of shoes from my 2001 Sunfire. Now whenever I hit the brakes there's a constant whine, louder when speed is under 30kph. Its especially bad when the brakes are cold. Any idea's what it could be?
  12. http://business.theglobeandmail.com/servle...y/Business/home
  13. thats EXACTLY what I was planning on saying

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