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  1. I am hoping you meant "many" not moany ! :lol:
  2. I can't tell, is the Spoiler is different on that or not ? Also, are those different rocker panel extensions? I like the stock ones on my 04 GTP. I am glad to see they are finally releasing the front air dam extension and also putting on a lower rear valance. I know what I am asking for from Santa this year!
  3. Having the same problem, peoples avatars show, but all the C&G symbols are "x"'s. Using IE 6 and XP-SP2. Works fine on my work comp win2k and ie 6.
  4. I voted yes, most definitely. In 2002 I was all set to buy a SS. My wife (and the fact that I had just bought a brand new house) convinced me instead (in that all too subtle wifely persuasive way) to buy a pick-em-up truck. So I have lived with that regret for the intervening 3 and a half years. If they bring out a new Camaro (which looks very likely according to Red Planet) I will most definitely buy one, as long as it is a Camaro (i.e. RWD, V-8, attitude) Retro or Evolutionary, LRA or IRS all that matters to me is that it looks like a Camaro and goes fast. If they fail in this (which I seriously doubt) then I will look at the next gen GTO or a C-6 (possibly a Challenger as well). Long story short, if they build it true to form, I will buy it!
  5. Great shot Chris, nice scoop Josh! I am excited to see what the GTO looks like from this architecture.
  6. Doug, Looks awesome, nice to see you turning your attention to Chevy. I liked the Camaro, but this ranks up there with your Challenger chop as one of my favorites!
  7. Looks nice! Good clean lines, combined with the improvementsin fuel economy these should be a knock out hit for GM.
  8. Only one problem. More than likely the SS will be top Camaro again :P
  9. Sweet Javelin-AMX. I always wanted to get one to restore/hop up.
  10. Not to take away from Doug's design, but where is that new rendition of Crispey's drawing at Josh?
  11. I like it. But then again, I like the donor car as well!

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