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  1. Sorry guys... that is false information. G8 GT isn't getting a manual. http://www.autoblog.com/2008/06/24/correct...l-6-speed-stic/
  2. Thanks.. The problem I'm running into with aftermarket remote start is that factory alarms can't be armed with aftermarket fobs. That means I either have to go without arming the security system, or get a remote start that comes with its own alarm, which gets a bit costly, considering that most places charge an additional $100 just to bypass GM's PassLock system. I decent system will run $500 or more, and I'm just a little hesitant going up that far.
  3. Oh.. pics... of course! http://www.kanco.com/cars/torrent There ya go :AH-HA_wink:
  4. Did you end up buying one? I just picked one up and love it. Really bummed that you can't install GM remote start on 2006 models, but oh well. Saved decent amount over an '07.
  5. I think it looks pretty sexy, but does anyone else think it looks like it's on the same platform as the Lucerne? Based on the pics I've seen so far, it looks like Buick's sibling with a Chevy treatment. I'm not complaining, either. ..
  6. He helped me find mine... detailed it recently for me, as well
  7. Here's some more info on that: Link to CafePress image guidelines
  8. Brian, Awesome idea. Don't mean to poop on the party, but just FYI - CafePress (and most other publishers) will not approve use of car images due to brand logos / badges trademark / copyright issues. That's why many products that have pictures of cars on automotive products have logos / names edited out. Correct me if I'm wrong :AH-HA_wink: p.s. you may be able to create a calendar and get it published quickly before anyone notices, but if someone flags it before it gets printed, it would end up to be a lot of wasted effort. Allen K
  9. For what it's worth, G6 is getting a new spoiler. I made it red so that you can see it better. I don't know if you're into that sort of thing though... my guess is no
  10. Geez, yesterday I would've thought someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed, but two days in a row? I dunno man. You seriously think this is worth bickering over? I went to Pontiac's website, customized the car, took a screenshot of every single angle, edited out all the little arrows and squares that they had on it, cropped the pictures, uploaded to my space... just so that I could show them to you guys who haven't seen it, and this is the thanks I get. Going to have to think twice before posting stuff here again.
  11. "pimped out" wasn't the emphasis of the subject. I wasn't using it in the same sense as you are. I just meant accessorized.
  12. Chrome top/bottom grilles, 18" wheels, ground effects... not bad, not bad at all. I chose different color for ground effects to it's easier to see what's been added.
  13. I'm on the East Coast and my local dealership has a bunch of them (at least 5) that have been there for the last week or two. Ocnblu can confirm or correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. Thanks for a fair and honest review. I've owned a 2004 Grand Prix and have driven the GXP, so you're pretty much on the money.

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