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    likes: hidden headlights, dual scoops on Pontiacs and single scoops on Chevys, true dual exhaust, corvettes, V8s, strange yet awesome variations from a brands image (like a Buick supercar, they should make one!), big muscular looking cars<br /><br />dislikes: hatchbacks... they are the scourge of this planet, naming a 4 door "sport" sedan with floaty suspension after a legendary muscle car *cough*DCX*cough*, stupid variations from a brands image (why... WHY does Pontiac have a minvan????), 4 cylinders aka half a real engine, rice in any shape or form (except the food... rice is good food...)
  1. i actually do like this... my main complaint with it is the wrap-around rear glass... the only car I've ever seen that look good on is the corvette... other than that... its got a lot of rear overhang... but that can be okay sometimes if its done right... try tucking the bottom of the rear end in a little bit... it almost looks like the area with the exhaust and such is farther out than the taillights... make them even with or even a little in from the taillights and it'll look a lot better i think... overall this is rather impressive... ive been doodling for months trying to figure out how to evolve the design philosophy of the current 300 into a new model... and you have come very very close i think
  2. well i wasnt suggesting nuclear powered cars haha i was merely saying... constant worrying over global warming means absolutely nothing until they realize the benefits of nuclear power and stop fearing it just because it has the same word attached to it as does a bomb... we can either sit here whining about the planet getting hotter and the coal running out until the apocalypse happens... or we can notice that we have a clean, re-usable alternative that our only reason for not using is general fear which is due mainly to lack of education on the subject... its a fairly quick fix if you ask me
  3. and yet its the same government thats so blindly terrified of the word "nuclear" that this country hasn't built a new nuclear power plant in over 20 years while other nations... even the surrender happy french... are now running on over 50% total energy produced by nuclear plants... not to mention the fact that here in the US its illegal to use the radioactive plutonium produced as the uranium fuel cells burn off... is this because of a possible danger proven by science? nope... its because the word "nuclear" scares the crap out of just about every politician ever... which restricts us from using a power source that basically makes more fuel as the original fuel burns off... good call... everyone is so terrified of nuclear energy since the Chernobyl incident... what they fail to realize is that even when that tragedy occurred in 1986... that plant was outdated... it lacked most of the containment technologies that were in use at the time... and certainly lacked the more advanced ones in use today... while yes there is the possibility of disaster... the systems developed to minimize possibilities of disaster... and prevent catastrophe in case one occurs... are more than enough to set my mind at ease as far as nuclear energy is concerned whats really hypocritical about the whole thing is where the fuel rods, which we for some bizarre reason are not allowed to recycle, are stored... are they taken away to a secure site in nevada that has been scientifically proven to be a safe site to store such materials without any possibility of contamination of water supply etc over 10 times? nope... Yucca mountain remains in limbo while these radioactive fuel rods are stored in SWIMMING POOLS ON SITE!! yes... instead of taking all the dangerous radioactive materials away from the plants to a place where they can be stored safely... the materials are left in the plant... near cities... such good decisions being made... let me tell you... by the way... did you know that nuclear power is a zero emissions energy source? apparently that fact... along with the fact that some countries in europe have already devoted themselves to nuclear power... isnt enough to sway our government thats so afraid of global warming away from the use of coal as the primary source of energy... politics are awesome...
  4. When i though about it... a Pontiac supercar would be a combination of Ferrari style with Lambo attitude... curves, yet in your face... so i went back to when Pontiac had that mentality... the late 90s... and took cues from some concepts... you may recognize the Rageous front clip... or the GTO inspired sides and rear... all i know is when i was finished and i looked at it... my reaction was "it looks like satan"... i also didnt have the heart to name it anything but banshee... didnt realize GPfan had already made a banshee... oh well.... not the first time theres been two of the same name car in a competition
  5. ooo this is interesting... i might give this a shot... i only have a small window to do it but i'll try
  6. thats okay YJ... wouldve been cool to have one but its not a terrible loss... thanks for your help tho
  7. its no problem at all haha this thread was started with the intention of just getting an idea of how easy to find they would be and maybe get some nicer pictures... if it ends with me buying one itll be fantastic!!
  8. im confused as to how he knows it can turn 12.9s when it has supposedly "never had the tires spun or never seen redline. never raced etc." i would also like to call shenanigans on it outgunning an '07 corvette... even if it is 288 pounds lighter than a stock Z28 as he claims... because you have a 400 horsepower car weighing 3179 lbs... or 7.9 lbs/hp and a 310 horsepower car weighing a claimed 3145ish pounds... or 10.2 lbs/hp... not to mention the superiority of the suspension of the 'vette... this man either knows something we dont... or is an idiot
  9. sounds good YJ... thanks again and yeah i agree with sixty8... theres just something about these old pontiacs that makes them so much more... alluring maybe... i cant find a good word for it haha
  10. im absolutely speechless... i also recommend the rocker camera video from Sebring 2008 in the videos section... the noises that car makes just... theyre perfect
  11. see now that... while not something i would buy because im not a fan of graphics... looks fairly good for what it is... i cant decide if the football or just the NFL logo alone would look better there tho... i guess thats up to you
  12. meh... dont like it... too busy... and a little ridiculous however... i understand that this is your style and such... my advice would be to not do a collage like grouping of NFL images... the image of the receiver catching the pass should be enough... then move the NFL logo down to where the antichrist*... i mean Tom Brady... is and enlarge it... perhaps even get rid of the circular coronas thing... the company name on the car twice should be enough... just my opinion tho... *im a bitter Jets fan and have lots of unreasonable hatred for that man... please excuse my outbursts
  13. i might be... depending on how reasonable the price is... and of course the whole distance issue... where in kentucky are you? i go to school in columbus, OH but i live in NJ... and school gets out in less than a month... so it all really depends on what i can work out... which will of course start with the price haha... thanks in advance!
  14. for real i would love to but im not sure if i can make it work right now... nor do i know of anyplace i can store it... altho if it is cheap enough... can you get me some more information?

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