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  1. i was watching tv last night and a chevy ad came on for the tahoe and at the end with all the legal blah blah blah was 0% financing for 72 mos for qualified buyers. i mean im sure you probably have to have a 750 or higher credit score for that but it shocked me a little bit how far companies are willing to stretch it out now for a sale. when i bought my colorado brand new in 04 they offered me 0% financing if i did 48 mos, it wasnt an option for me because the payments were going to be above my comfort level what with me working part time and being in school so i opted for 5 yrs at .8%, which was no biggie. i think i ended up paying a total of 850 bucks interest. fast forward to 2015 when i bought my jk unlimited, i ended up financing 72 mos as even tho i wanted 60. the interest rate is 1.79 but i intend to keep the jeep 10+ yrs. ive still got the colorado 13 yrs on so im sure the willys is here to stay for quite some time. its got "cool hand me down high school car" written all over it for my someday kids!
  2. whoops... sorry fap, i didnt mean to quote you. my statement had nothing to do with what you said.
  3. but its also close to focus rs land as well. the prices i quoted for the ecoboost premium and v6 1LE camaro 2LT are straight from the build your own page from ford and chevy. are they top of the line? no, but they arent stripped either. i was just comparing the performance numbers for the price point.
  4. maybe im in the wrong and the people shopping for one of these wouldnt cross shop with a camaro or mustang, but you can get a 2017 ecoboost premium for $33K and a 2lt camaro with the 3.6 for $35k. heck for $37,300 you can get a 1LE v6 camaro which is probably where the markup on the type r starts. you wont have the ring lap record clout but i think id rather have one of those 2 instead.
  5. just a few thoughts. even back in '69 the average 20 something joe didnt waltz into a dealership and plop money down on new cars. most needed cosigners, reading my old issues of hemmings muscle machines original owners issues state that in nearly every owners story. insurance premiums also needed to be taken into consideration. most guys that were 20 something owning 69 model cars usually bought them in the mid 70's. im sure someone in that age bracket will nod their head in agreement. my dad was a senior in high school in 76 and owned a 68 ss396 chevelle so theres my basis. however. these camaros are still huge bangs for the buck. talks of zr-1's in this thread brings up the fact that in 1994 a zr-1 base would set you back $67,443. that got you a 405hp lt5 that could see nearly 195mph. in 1994 my dad traded an 87 monte carlo and sold a 69 and 71 chevy truck to get a new z28 camaro. if i remember it came in right around $22K and that got you 275 hp. the fact that now you can get a v6 camaro for around 30 grand that will flat outrun the 94 z28 means you are still getting a great bang for your buck. the power isnt outpriced. why are people snubbing the v6 camaros when they are darn fine numbers behind them? the fact that this zl1 will come in somewhere in the 50-60K range is a great bang for the buck in the terms of performance compared to what people paid in 94 for the zr-1. the new camaros are a bit out of my price range too but thats what the used car market is for. catfish camaros are a dime a dozen now and a clean 2002 ss camaro can be had for 10 grand easy. slap another 5K in performance parts on it and youll be hanging with the late model camaros all day long. i feel gm knows what they are doing. they have a good line up of choices for budgets and performance needs. i am scared however to see what the new z28 is going to command. right now is probably the last hurrah for cars of these types, guys who were on the scene in the 80's dark ages of performance are beside themselves looking at these numbers. the end is on the horizon tho, legislation is eventually going to force these cars out im sure. so until that happens im just going to sit back and enjoy the fact we can sit around and argue about them! heheh
  6. seriously tho, there has been a lot of activity in our downtown area because of it. working at the hospital i have yet to see any incidents of injuries sustained but im not sure if people would fess up to the truth if it were. theres apparently a gym in our hospital cafeteria so its interesting to people watch there these days. theres always going to be the idiots out there that make a name for themselves by showing what happens when you poke-wrong. the guy sideswiping a parked cop car and the kids busted for trespassing on a nuclear power facility come to mind, but all in all i agree its in good fun. just keep your head on a swivel and practice a little situational awareness while playing. i also saw theres now money to be made in the fact people are selling their accounts after obtaining rare pokemon and such.
  7. there have been ford taurus x's coming out the wood works here lately. i saw at least 3 in one week all different colors. i had forgotten such an abomination existed... then i saw a cherry 5dr chevy citation. it was mint, no idea where its been hiding for nearly 30 years. in a walmart parking lot there was a sweet early-mid 60's ford van.
  8. on another note mr regular of regular car reviews is an avid bike guy, and while there is a lot of snarkiness in his videos he has reviewed bikes across the board. i think his fav was a suzuki gs 500 but heres a vid of where he talks about his bikes.
  9. i love old kawa's my first bike was a 96 ke100. loved it. i got the desire for a street bike a few years ago and almost settled for a 76 honda cb750k, but i never fully embraced it. then i found exactly what i was looking for in a 2006 triumph bonnie t100. i eventually sold it to the guy next door to the guy i bought it from. i miss it but part of the proceeds of the sale went towards my willys wheeler. im keeping an eye on the new royal enfield himalayan tho. 400 cc single is right on the money for all i need if i were to swing a leg over another one.
  10. the blue is sharp, i really like the rain forest green too but if had the cash and nothing better to do with it id go for the midnight edition 2500 hd I think he was talking about the Colorado btw. how embarrassing, i keep forgetting the diesel colorado/canyons. duramax = 6.6 when i hear it! a local dealership had a trail boss z71 crew cab colorado but the 43k price tag is tough to swallow...
  11. the blue is sharp, i really like the rain forest green too but if had the cash and nothing better to do with it id go for the midnight edition 2500 hd
  12. turbo rotories sound amazing. that being said i'd still rather have after watching a regular car review on the rx8... eh, more trouble than they seem to be worth.
  13. 1964 buick wildcat with the super wildcat 425 like my great aunt had. like this one. ( still have the dual 4bbl carbs and intake for it) 1969 pontiac grand prix sj 428 1970 olds cutlass sx 455 1970 buick GS Stage1 1990 SS 454 to replace the one that i had in high school.
  14. to me, down votes just seem like the virtual equivalent of an eye roll.

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