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  1. Sorry I have not checked back in a while and did not realize you asked for pictures. Here are a couple of the cars with kits installed.
  2. I own 2 of them. Final 500 and a 2 dr coupe. Love them.
  3. They were approved for production in November of 2000 and GM announced that they were shuttng down Olds in December of 2000. These cars are so beautiful that a group of us over on Aleromod.com had a group buy to have 15 of these body kits custom built.
  4. That '77 is absolutely stunning.
  5. Here is a commercial from the 1988 Indy 500 for Goodyear tires and the Olds Cutlass Pace Car.
  6. I taped the race back in '97 and got around to figuring out how to upload videos to youtube. Enjoy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdZFZ2iAB_s
  7. That 50's race car is the bomb, Very cool. Where did you find that pix.
  8. Hey, Where did everyone go to. We haven't had a post for weeks.
  9. The swooshing Rocket logo at the end is the only good thing!
  10. There are some great pictures coming in!!!! Keep them coming!!!!!!!!!!! :):):)
  11. ] This is the 1972 Hurst Olds prototype. ] Picture of Stohlman Olds/Datsun in 1970. 34 years later they put us out of business.
  12. ] Unique things they used the early Toronado's for.
  13. This is a great 442 Camino conversion. This car is perfect.
  14. This was a Toronado used to push cars in parking lots etc. picture is from 1982 OCA Nationals.

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