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  1. From the middle of the doors up and the front fascia are utterly fantastic.For some reason though I'm not feeling the bottom half of the doors. It's great seeing you back here drawing again.
  2. Hey welcome! We have a few LIers on here, myself included. What part of the island are you from?
  3. I see a fair amount of Stingray in the front and sides of the car. Not that I'm implying that one copied the other, just that there's always been eery similarities between Corvette and Ferrari design.
  4. I drove a 4dr as a rental. I admit to liking it except when driving it through a mountain pass at 50-75mph in Nevada where it's top-heaviness became pretty apparent. I do get the bug for a Wrangler periodically. I'd only get the 2dr though with the stick and the soft top. I do like the more squarish styling of the current generation, and the V6s they use now appear to be holding up well.
  5. Cross-fire injection was used in 82 and 84. In 85 they switched to TPI. Chevy aslo carried over the 62 engines in the 63, and the 67 engines in 68. Yeah, I am not hung up on the 5.3 displacement and assuming it's a "truck" engine. After all, 5.3 was a Corvette displacement long before it became used in trucks
  6. This idea is not without precedent..remember the plethora of engine options available on the mid-60s-early 70s Corvettes? Usually a small block and a big block, each with two or three different levels of tune. No reason why this can't be true again. A C7 with a 400hp 5.3 should perform at least as well as a 2005 C6. Similar output to the LS2 but in a lighter body. I wouldn't be so quick to call this car a slouch. Only thing I disagree with...I'd still call this car a Singray.
  7. The lady I fancy prefers the classics, and is particularly fond of Corvettes, so this one is a no brainer: Or maybe not, because given that she currently drives a convertible, she might want another one: What the heck...it's only money. I'll get her both, and I'll drive the one she's not using that day.
  8. This. There are a couple of front and rear fascia designs in the photo gallery on page one. Holden hasn't shown their full hand yet. The Chevy SS will most likely be wearing the Commodore SS body kit, etc. which is still under wraps, sort of.
  9. My truck is a homebody. It's only been to NJ once, and briefly at that. Other than that it never leaves NY.
  10. It's a shame that GM still hasn't created a suitable replacement for the Saturn Ion. If only they'd just build a class-leading small car that's reliable, well-built, fuel efficient, roomy, and chock full of features and gadgets. I bet it'd become GM's best seller all over the world. Oh wait...
  11. Probably can be solved with the seat tracks from a crew cab rear seat, some scrap metal, a welder, and some ingenuity.
  12. Just for giggles, can you make a version with body colored vents by the taillights? The rear is cleaner without them, but they are functional. Great job, and I'm glad to see you chopping again
  13. z28luvr01

    Here's Your ELR

    Save for some very minor bits, it's the Converj. I'm glad they didn't dumb it down.

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