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  1. The middle east can have them.
  2. Not my kind of car you can have it looks to much like all of the other cars.
  3. redfox

    new elcamino

    Bring it on looks real good.
  4. redfox


    Everything points to canada as the place the camaro will be built.
  5. redfox


    What ever it is it looks like crap.
  6. The new 5th generation camaro will be great but i still think the 1st generation is the best style of all the camaros.
  7. Rick Wagoner should be fired and bring in someone else to run GM keep bob lutz he does a good job.
  8. redfox


    The new truck looks better all the time.
  9. The gto would be bigger and styled different than the camaro so theres no way it would take sales away from the camaro.
  10. I think the people who want more room in there car would buy the chevelle and they wouldn't buy a small camaro any way so it wouldn't have much of an impact on camaro sales.
  11. redfox

    Death of the V8?

    The v8 is not dead and will not die check the merlin chevy engine site and you will find they have the small block up to 454ci and over 600hp theres still alot left in the small block.
  12. I hope you are wright i would like to see a new chevelle don't care about the monte carlo :wink wink:.

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