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  1. Funny Autotrader

    http://www.autotrader.com/fyc/vdp.jsp?car_...=en&cardist=245 i stumbled across this while helping a friend find a car and found myself rolling on the floor in laughter, i figured you all would get a good laugh out of it aswell
  2. C&G Design Exclusive - 2008 Cadillac CTS

    is the side vent dealy from the escalde going to be spread across the entire caddy line up now?
  3. SUV Z71 info

    bad ass!!!!! that thing is just what the burban needed to grab some of the sales from guys like me who thought the new 900s were nice but a bit docile looking
  4. 0% for 72 seems to be working here

    the 72 hour sale deal got us into a pontiac dealership after a GTO but somehow we ended up over at the saturn dealership placing an order on an 07 Sky Redline it was a win win that day!
  5. Why the new Camaro will fail

    anyone who hasnt driven a new gto needs to hush, i was always downing the goat until we accidentally got a 24 hour test drive, i drove 2 new corvettes and the 2006 red gto with a stick in the same month and the gto was on par (if not better) than the vette in my opinion. the gto cannot be appreciated until it is experienced about the convo about insurance rates on 4th gens... im under 18 and insured as a secondary on a 99 SS and it costs about 2200 a year and as far as the new camaro goes... que sera sera, whatever will be will be and only time will tell
  6. Chevy Equinox 2008..9..10

    ^ x2 i was thinking the same thing before i read ur post

    The time table they state has me worried they are talking almost 2010 for the Camaro which would be the zeta halo I assume

  9. racing art pixs

    LSD? those are coooool but craaazzzzzy
  10. Feedback: Blog-style news posting

    love the blog style posts but this website is outdated by atleast a week now, when whas the last time anybody updated a thing on the homepage
  11. Oldsmobile Supreme...

    i dunno how this is supposed to be ugly, thats a friggin cool lookin car man
  12. Saab on kappa?

    here is an update on the topic http://www.leftlanenews.com/2006/04/27/saa...duction-aero-x/
  13. C&G: This Week

    good stuff! keep this kind of stuff up and C&G's popularity is going to be skyrocketing. you guys need to get even more things like this going, mayb even a blog type deal to present just the facts such as autoblog or LLN, we can always use the forums to present our opinons
  14. Fresh camaro pics on jalopnik

    does anyone know where the original high res versions can be found!?!?!?
  15. Fresh camaro pics on jalopnik

    good lord these shots are amazing! the real word lighting really shows off the lines

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