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  1. thanks, but i should have been more specifc and asked for that promotional picture....
  2. could look alot better if the original wasn't so blotchy
  3. pineapple67

    Confirmed NYIAS Debuts

    or would a silverado ss with a giant v8 be more fitting with theme? maybe they'll finally announce the 6-speed for the avalanche
  4. pineapple67

    Confirmed NYIAS Debuts

    maybe i was right about the impala? or is it going to be more along the lines of "here's all of the gas guzzlers... and a new compact pickup!"
  5. pineapple67

    FIRST LOOK: Chevrolet Avalanche/Tahoe/Suburban Z71s

    any word on them putting the 6 speed in it?
  6. pineapple67

    New GM High Perf. Division website input

    my opinoins: sound effects are annoying scrolling through lists of cars doesn't feel well (drifts too much), and also after you click a new car, i don't like how it has to completely try and drop the menu down again... sound effects are annoying alot of the images look jagged and appear to be really cruddy photoshops (even when i know some aren't) sound effects are annoying autoplay videos ftl... and did i mention the sound effects are annoying?
  7. pineapple67

    Chevrolet Avalanche Z-71 Plus

    i want!
  8. pineapple67

    2008 STINGRAY!

    http://www.automobilemag.com/future_cars/2...t_corvette_z07/ i dunno if i like it
  9. figured i might as well give this a shot... nomad ss who needs a magnum to haul stuff
  10. pineapple67

    so i got bored

    i lost intrest in making it perfect when the bumper wouldn't erase well but hopefully someone else makes a better chop and GM builds one with an LS2 cause i want!
  11. pineapple67

    noones tried it yet that ive seen

    heh, that reminds me of a monte carlo station wagon i chopped years ago

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