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  1. Some of that shortfall of engines has already been coming from Japan and according to Toyota they have excess capacity in a new China engine plant and have been shipping some of those 4 cylinder engines to the US Camry plant in Kentucky.
  2. Toyota's Tundra Tactics

    During any year there are always buyers who had one brand and then switched to another for their next purchase. It's certainly possible for Toyota to sell 30k trucks to the former millions of GM or Ford buyers and maybe nearly that many Dodge and Nissan buyers. There also will be a number of former Tundra buyers going to all those other brands. Expecting 75k new buyers to enter the full size segment in one year and be buyers of their truck when the segment is shrinking from fuel economy concerns is crazy. I for one don't expect Toyota to sell more than 150k and a lot of that will come from Tundra owners much like the increase from the Double Cab. They should get a lot of flack from bringing out such a large truck and trying to call themselves green, but the media will probably overlook that.
  3. Honda Light Trucks May Gain V6 Diesel

    Not in this lifetime.
  4. Audio: Don Fuller lays smackdown on environuts

    For those of you that think not buying from Exxon or Citgo will change anything with those companies, you are completely wrong. All you will hurt are the small to medium sized businesses that operate those stations that are independant of the big oil corporations you direct your hate. Exxon and Citgo will sell their crude oil to someone. They will sell their refined product to someone. What you buy at a station may or may not be refined by the company who's sign is out front. grow up children.
  5. GM Ready for Toyota Trucks

    Toyota had to bring more products to Indiana because the plant could build more vehicles than they could sell Tundras. What do you think they'll bring to Texas to occupy the unused capacity there? I don't see Dodge needing to be that concerned with an ugly Tundra. This is Toyota's third swing at the segment and the first two were strikes. It may be a base hit, but it also may be the last strike, no way it's got the punch to be a home run.
  6. Tax Breaks Given on Gas-Guzzling SUVs

    The people who hate large SUVs like to call this a tax break as if people who use the deduction are paying less tax in the long term. In reality they only get to accelerate the deduction into an earlier period. If they sell the vehicle for more than the tax base, they will have to count it as income. If they keep it for a long enough time, they will just get a lower tax deduction in later years.
  7. GM Death Watch 95: Dear John

    He's up to death watch 95 and GM is gaining strength. When is that loser Farago going to realize he knows less about running gM than he accuses Wagoner of. Buickman and him are two insane birds of a feather.
  8. On the Brink

    Had an 89 Cutlass Supreme, 2.8L V6 that got 33 mpg highway, 92 Buick, 3.3L V6 that got 32. A 97 Skylark 2.4L that got 40 highway. I've known several people with V8 Silverados that got from 18 to 21 highway. Because you know 1 person that gets 14 doesn't mean that is the norm. I've been able to beat EPA ratings on every domestic I have ever owned. Toyota expects to sell 300k Tundras a year shortly and they don't get any better mileage than anything GM has. They will redesign the Sequoia next and it can be expected to be no better than its GM competition. How many plants in the last 10 years has Toyota built in the US to produce hybrids and subcompacts and how many are for trucks? If Flint wants to criticize GM, don't you think it would be appropriate to level the same to Toyota?
  9. New Chevy/Camaro Head?

    So exactly what do you own? I asked a simple question of where the plugs were and 91z4me came back with an answer that provided no usefull information and now looks to have been completely wrong. Looking at the aluminum head version it was not so obvious that a plug could work in that location and I was just asking for some feedback. All I got was useless information from the smart ass patrol. Just the same thanks for providing some insight into the correct answer and for showing that nothing 91z4me added was off any value and showed absolutely no knowledge of the subject.
  10. New Chevy/Camaro Head?

    Well the genius certainly isn't you. There still isn't a spark plug. I did mention the difference in a direct injection motor. A gasoline direct injection needs both a spark plug and an injector. It's pretty apparent from your responses that you don't have a real clue about this motor and have called a fuel injector that is attached to a fuel rail and doesn't appear to be located in the right place to be direct injection, a spark plug/fuel injector. Time to quit acting like you are smart and know what you are talking about, when it's painfully obvious how limited your knowledge really is. Now go back to your high school studies.
  11. New Chevy/Camaro Head?

    Possibly sounds like you really don't know what a spark plug even looks like. Injectors squirt fuel into the intake, except on direct injection and the spark plug goes into the combustion chamber. Could learn how engines work before posting comments that display your lack of knowledge.
  12. New Chevy/Camaro Head?

    So your saying the injector and spark plug are one unit, with no coil or wire attached.
  13. New Chevy/Camaro Head?

    I guess the smart ass patrol came out lately. None of the pictures shows either a plug or coils. The onlt recess in the head by the exhaust port looks higher than the inside floor of the head. Could of just provided an answer, because you don't look any smarter with the answer you gave.
  14. New Chevy/Camaro Head?

    Is it just me or do others have a hard time finding a spark plug.
  15. Here is the detail on the Diesel

    The 4.9L was a V6 based on the Duramax. The new one has been rumored to be a 4.5L V8.

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