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  1. jrockb4

    Buick Regal GS brings performance back to TriShield brand

    For us it was an Aura (traded for 'Bu) and 2 9-5's, and we loved both. I think this is a daring move by GM to put the LNF in it. I think with the torque that this will show well against the new Buick Regal targets (A4, etc) and loved someones comments about an American Mazdaspeed6. Should get decent CAFE numbers that will allow GM to crank out something fun, but yet not a CAFE killer. I think we will see a GNX within 3 to 4 years of the Regals launch and that may use an updated 2.8 or even a 3.0 Turbo!!! Now that will be fun. Bravo for Buick and maybe some this will give some of the Pontiac people hope. While the name may be dead the spirit lives one :-)
  2. jrockb4

    General Motors December 2009

    Here are the fleet numbers for December as reported on MSNBC: GM said its sales were down for the month partly because it reduced sales to rental car companies and other fleet buyers. Susan Docherty, vice president of sales, said 23 percent of GM's December sales went to fleets, compared to 20 percent at Toyota, 35 percent at Ford and 50 percent at Chrysler. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/34707522/ns/business-autos/ Looking at the automotive-fleet link from above, that is potential a huge increase for Toyota from MY 2008. I am sure some of you smart (not lazy guys here) can probably compare 2008 to the December numbers. Chrysler is the one that is in deep!
  3. jrockb4

    For Earth Day, higher CAFE

    Here is the preview of the new fuel standards. I am not sure if GM even has a vehicle that meets them maybe the Aveo and Cobalt: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/24258714/
  4. jrockb4

    Green Car Vision Award

  5. jrockb4

    Dan Neil reviews the Tahoe hybrid

    Here is a copy from LA Times: http://www.latimes.com/news/printedition/h...1&cset=true
  6. Despite all the technology in the new cars (R8 and Van V8), the new LS series V8 just keeps proving to be a sweet engine. Before you get your hopes up too much, keep in mind this is a fairly base Corvette going up against cars the start at $70k more in price. Also remember that the F430 and the Vette are 3 to 4 years old. The list of excuses is long and goes on and on :AH-HA_wink: Funny thing is Vette may have fared better if not for the optional suspension http://www.roadandtrack.com/article.asp?se...article_id=6169 Vette - All Power all the time V8 Vantage - Better battle for the XLR F430 - Lawdy that's expensive R8 - Who forgot the soul?
  7. jrockb4

    MT: 'BU vs Acc vs Cam vs Alt

    http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/sedans...ison/index.html Here you go. No teaser :AH-HA_wink:
  8. Another assualt on the Camry sales lead. http://detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?A.../712010301/1149
  9. jrockb4

    Automobile in-depth Astra Review

    This is a very in-depth and thorough Astra review, and they think GM definitely has a winner. http://car-reviews.automobile.com/Saturn/r...road-test/5304/ Some great quotes: All that was left was a small car to round out the lineup, and change Saturn's brand image from one that sells on price to one that can lure in a more sophisticated buyer through the strength of its products. The Astra is that car, without doubt. I knew it as soon as I took a seat inside after its auto show reveal, and just had it confirmed in spades during its introductory launch program in California. As you can see, I'm grasping at straws here, or at least clutching onto grab handles to come up with something wrong with this car, and I'm having a terribly difficult time doing so. Fact is that the Astra is one of the best cars in the compact class bar none, delivering thoroughly engaging driving dynamics within a sophisticated, upscale environment that should keep on looking good years after the honeymoon is over. I'm still shaking my head in disbelief, but folks you're talking to a real honest to goodness Saturn fan now. What's the world coming to?
  10. Fresh off the 3 vehicles making the 10 Best list, this will only widen your grin even more. The Corvette and tha Malibu made the Automobile Magaize All-Stars list. The triplets and the CTS made the short list of Runnerups. But it is the write up about the Malibu and the write up about the runner up Accord that will warm your heart!! http://www.automobilemag.com/features/awar...tars/index.html All-Stars http://www.automobilemag.com/features/awar...s_up/index.html Runner-ups Here are some of the highlights: Malibu - "This is the best Chevrolet family sedan I've ever driven." No, that's not from a Chevy TV ad; it was uttered spontaneously by one of our drivers after a twenty-mile thrash on challenging roads. Enough of us agree with that assessment to put the good-looking new sedan on the All-Star list with cars costing several times more. The Malibu might not be quite as good as Bob Lutz claimed after the car's Detroit show introduction, but it's not far off. CTS - After my dream garage was duly loaded with a sports car for each day of the week, I'd make room for a CTS, the Cadillac with an itch to smite the bluebloods. Triplets - You'll have a hard time finding a vehicle anywhere that can swallow as much stuff as the Triplets - and do it in style and comfort to boot. Forget about the complaints that their 3.6-liter V-6 isn't "up to task." That's true only if the "task" is racing a 911. Unlike so many cars, the EnclAcadiOutlook's task is so clearly defined and so cleanly executed that it's a winner regardless of whether it's an All-Star. But here is the greatest of them all. Accord - This - this, this, this - this is utter baloney. Horsehockey. Junk. (I'd be more explicit, but you're reading this on a family-oriented website.) If the Honda Accord isn't the most easily electable All Star on the planet, then my name is Paris Q. Richie-Lohan-Fawcett-Majors the third. It's a good car; no, no, it's a very good car, one deserving of so much more. Leaving the Accord off Automobile Magazine's list of ten wonders of the automotive universe is like saying The Godfather is a lame little movie about some bickering Italians. It's just not right .... the Accord was able to keep up with any number of faster, ostensibly "better" cars. (I'm looking at you, Volkswagen GTI.) I don't love the Accord, but I like it a lot. And, even though I'm only one of a handful of people who voted for it, it should have been an All-Star. There. I said it. Everyone else is wrong! The only Toyota to make either list is a Tundra on the Runner-up list. If they can make it next year, or if the G8 and or Astra get added to the list, this may really be the start of something!!!
  11. jrockb4

    New fuel regulations

    http://www.cnn.com/2007/POLITICS/11/29/con...ards/index.html There are some interesting points to the new fuel bill. One is credit alternative fuels, so would GM be better off only making 4 cylinders, diesels and flex fuel V8's? It also classifies F150s and Silverados as large work trucks exempt from the standards. This should be interesting.
  12. jrockb4

    Yet another positive Malibu review!

    Could the reviewers and or GM be splitting hairs over the fact that the Passat 4 is turbo only and that the 'Bu will be the first 4 cyl NA with a 6 speed auto? I am not saying it is correct, but ..... The CanadianDriver review also calls it the first : "For now all four-cylinder models are backed by a four-speed automatic transmission, but in the early Spring, LTZ models will get a new six-speed automatic transmission - the only four-cylinder/six-speed automatic combination in a mid-size sedan. Six-cylinder models also use a six-speed transmission. "
  13. jrockb4


    very, very impressive. The hits just keep rolling in, now if only the customers will become as numerous as the rave reviews then GM will do quite well indeed.
  14. http://money.cnn.com/2007/08/23/autos/gm_h...sion=2007082415 GM had a huge advance technology showing the other day and this is one of the technologies they showed off.
  15. jrockb4

    Car and Driver drives Buick Enclave

    After sitting in a new Enclave this weekend and giving the twice over, damn the portholes this is one extremely fine vehicle. It put my SRX to shame in the style department (I wish it had the 320 horses though). It was just gorgeous, people were crossin the street and staring at it.

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