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  1. Zulehan

    Fleetwood !!

    That's awesome. Not gonna lie. That's badass. Good job mdm.
  2. Zulehan

    Sketch Competition #26 - The Savior RESULTS

    Yay! Thanks! Of course a couple weeks later Cadillac releases a concept Cadillac plug-in hybrid that totally blows mine away. http://www.autoblog.com/2009/01/11/detroit...erj-with-video/
  3. Zulehan

    Transwap Ship Axalon: completed model

    I love it! Great design, great execution. Fantastic! You're damn good at modeling already.
  4. Zulehan


    That's pretty damn cool.
  5. GP, the fronts of your cars are getting extremely wide and squished now. The front end looks like it's been sat on by an elephant. And it hangs out waaay past the tires, like further than the length of your doors. And your A-pillars are getting way steep. I do appreciate that you're trying to do things a little bit different up front, like your curvy headlamps and... well that's about it. Everything else looks the same.
  6. Zulehan

    Cadillac Ultra-Luxury Sedan??

    That's a pretty damn cool design. Besides the Saturn-esque line coming up toward the hood from the rocker, right behind the front wheel, I think it could certainly be a direction Cadillac could go. Also what Purdue Guy said.
  7. Zulehan

    Sketch Competition #26 - The Savior

    Sorry I'm late, I've been moving. Here's my entry. I see the Volt as the GM savior, as it's the next step in non-fossil fuel technology taking over, but I think that we need a Volt in every class. Enter the XEC: Executive Economy Coupe. Based on the FWD Volt, it comes with the amenities any Cadillac deserves, with a boost in HP and a tad bit of sportiness. It will compete with the upcoming Lexus hybrid vehicle, which will basically be merely a Lexus Prius. Advantage: Cadillac. I doubt I have the time to whip up an alternate view, but I'll do what I can.
  8. Zulehan

    2010 Monte Carlo (revised)

    True. I'm thinking about it myself.
  9. Zulehan

    2010 Monte Carlo (revised)

    Definitely a lot better.
  10. Zulehan

    Corvair Wagon

    What Peugeot said; except I'd add that the beltline and character line should be straight, not curving upwards. It looks saggy and it'd look awesome straight.
  11. Zulehan

    ...What Could Have Been...

    The new grille is actually very Lincoln. It hearkens back to the 30's.
  12. Zulehan

    2010 Monte Carlo

    I do wish the C-pillar idea was done right in the 80's/90's. But I'm afraid that unless someone pulls it off flawlessly and in a fresh way, everyone's just gunna see the Cutlass or the Sable (among other cars that tried the idea and failed as well).
  13. Zulehan

    ...What Could Have Been...

    I see what you're saying, but if you look at why the MKS was given that grille, it makes sense. Don't have time to type it all out but it had to be changed last minute, when too much of the rest of it was already final.

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  • Location
    southern Indiana

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