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  1. SMART News:Smart's Dealer Network Will Shrink By Two-Thirds

    Lock the door? What if you want the whole world to see what you're capable of?
  2. Buick News: Rumorpile: Next Buick Regal To Feature V6, Wagon

    you mean they still make oldsmobiles?
  3. Random Thoughts Thread

    Lol Maytag? More like Gaytag amiright lolol
  4. Random Thoughts Thread

    My washing machine CAN'T HANDLE MY LOADS.
  5. Random Thoughts Thread

    High efficiency washing machines are frigging garbage. That is all.
  6. September 2016: General Motors Co.

    Different car, different audience. You're missing the joke. You know, I believe there isn't so much a shortage of good paying jobs out there as there is a shortage of good and reasonable employers out there. Employers can be completely 'effing unreasonable with regards to education requirements. These days, a lot of them want you to have a four year degree -- with little to no regard as to what concentration it was in -- on top of real world work experience to do stupid $15 an hour jobs; like be an assistant manager at a goddamn Trader Joe's. (This practice, in effect, makes your $15 an hour job actually earn you less than your fair share of income). Compound that problem with a predatory higher education system and the fact college education has turned into something worth far, far less than the money it takes to obtain it, and you can start to see the beginning of whole mess plaguing America's labor force come into view. * * * * * * On a serious note, the SS's alarmingly hilarious low sales figures are due to a stop sale issued by GM. The stop sale was issued because of a recall concerning the vehicle's seatbelt tensioners.
  7. Chevrolet News:2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV To Start At $37,495

    They do, but what our friend here is trying to say is that a hybrid taxi cab benefits from a higher rate of use of its regenerative braking system versus an electric vehicle being driven normally. lol which isn't completely true.
  8. Chevrolet News:2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV To Start At $37,495

    Lol wut Do we need to circle back around to the Tesla I linked to earlier? I think we do. F.U.D. = Fear, uncertainty and doubt. You are writing posts that clearly illustrate a desire to propagate hate, ignorance and misinformation about electric cars. You make repeatedly make clumsy, fumbling assertions only to be proven painfully wrong each and every time.
  9. Chevrolet News:2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV To Start At $37,495

    lol You know who doesn't? Taxi cab companies. You know. Like Yellow Cab. Yeahhhh...
  10. Buick News: Rumorpile: Next Buick Regal To Feature V6, Wagon

    lol I forgot the Cascada was a thing there for a moment. I guess Avis really didn't care about replacing those Chrysler 200 convertibles after all. On a serious note, to answer your last question, the Regal is gaining a V6 because it's also more or less replacing the Holden Commodore in Australia. The next-generation Buick Regal, Opel Insignia and Holden Commodore are reportedly supposed to be the same car.
  11. Buick News: Rumorpile: Next Buick Regal To Feature V6, Wagon

    lol I live under a rock, dude. I don't watch the news
  12. Buick News: Rumorpile: Next Buick Regal To Feature V6, Wagon

    Taking bets now: GM will sell all of 10 of these in a month -- in both wagon and sedan form -- and immediately want to pull the plug in favor of selling more Envisions. It begs the question (that I'm sure Sergio Marchionne is probably asking right now): why does GM keep beating around the bush with Buick? Buick could ditch both the Regal and iPleasureMyself (aka LaCrosse), and sell only Encores, Envisions and Enclaves and US buyers would hardly even blink, let alone flinch.
  13. September 2016: General Motors Co.

    The SS really needed a fleet-whore model with a horribly calibrated automatic transmission, detuned V6 and cloth seats in order to be successful with its biggest fans: car enthusiasts working full-time, $10 an hour retail jobs, waiting to buy theirs used with 40,000 miles on the clock after the car does a punishing two year stint with Avis, Enterprise or Budget.
  14. Chevrolet News:2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV To Start At $37,495

    That post wasn't really written thinking in terms of the present tense. Surely you can see the bigger picture here, right? The Tesla Model S was merely an example; something you can see and recognize today that is indicative of a future that is on the verge of arrival. So throwing up price is moot, really. The cost of electric car technology is improving while finding its way downmarket. Surely you've noticed that. Also, the cost of replacing of Model S battery today will not be the same cost 10 years from now, especially considering Tesla's building a huge battery plant of their own out in the desert. It should really go without saying that it will get cheaper. Where the in hell would you have to go after work on a Friday night that's 400 miles away? This is borderline absurd, sorry. Let's say you get home at around 6 pm from work, after working an eight to ten hour day. I'd reckon you'd probably be pretty goddamn tired and want to at least sit down for an hour, but let's keep going. If you could travel 400 miles in a straight line and manage an average speed of 60 mph, it would take you how long? Probably five or six hours, give or take, to get to where you need to go, provided driving conditions are perfect, which they rarely ever are. So let's assume you work an eight to ten hour day, get home at 6 pm, sit your tired ass down for an hour and leave out at 7 pm. You'd get to wherever you had to go at 1 am. Again, I'll ask: where the hell are you going? The only thing I can think of that you can do during the early morning hours of any given Saturday mainly involves nudity, drinking and maybe gambling, and you don't necessarily have to drive 400 miles away from home to experience that. Where are you buying a new Cadillac ATS, Chevy Cruze and Corvette for $66,000? I'm not sure if you can even do that with their used equivalents...
  15. Chevrolet News:2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV To Start At $37,495

    Which are... ? When it comes to basic maintenance, in comparison to a typical gasoline-powered car, a Tesla Model S has fewer moving parts and systems that require service. Mostly, you have braking, steering and suspension systems to keep up with. And, quick fact: Thanks to the Tesla's nifty regenerative braking system, you actually replace brake pads far less often on a Model S than, say, on a Toyota Camry. (In fact, one Model S owner used his mechanical brakes so rarely, the calipers seized up and the rotors were corroded. The car had 60,000 miles. Do that with a Camry. You can't.) So let's see, with a gasoline-powered car I have to worry about: Oil and oil filter changes. Engine air filter changes. Changing the transmission fluid and filter. An engine rebuild or replacement at some point in the vehicle's future. A transmission rebuild or replacement at some point in the vehicle's future. Fuel delivery system service and repair. Filling the car up with gasoline on an average of every three days. That's just the start. I don't worry about any of that crap with a good electric car.