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  1. Blake Noble

    Industry News: Bob Lutz Sees A Grim Future For the Automobile

    THIS MAN... WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS... never forget
  2. Blake Noble

    Tesla Model 3 Production Has Some 'Bottlenecks'

    when you finally make a post that actually acknowledges the bigger picture, maybe it won’t get deleted. also, for the record, everyone who is anyone knows that, if you want a classic casual sit down experience and salad bar induced diarrhea, you sit your ass down at big boy. or shoney’s.
  3. Blake Noble

    Quick Spin: My Test of the Chevy Bolt

    This review is comparing a $40,000 quasi-crossover with an interior crafted out of recycled Cavalier parts bin pieces to a $70,000 luxury fastback sedan. I SHIGGY. THIS IS QUALITY JOURNALISM. GET THIS MAN A JOB WITH DOUG DEMURO ON AUTOTRADER DOT COM SLASH OVERSTEER.
  4. Blake Noble

    SMART News:Smart's Dealer Network Will Shrink By Two-Thirds

    Lock the door? What if you want the whole world to see what you're capable of?
  5. Blake Noble

    Buick News: Rumorpile: Next Buick Regal To Feature V6, Wagon

    you mean they still make oldsmobiles?
  6. Blake Noble

    Random Thoughts Thread

    Lol Maytag? More like Gaytag amiright lolol
  7. Blake Noble

    Random Thoughts Thread

    My washing machine CAN'T HANDLE MY LOADS.
  8. Blake Noble

    Random Thoughts Thread

    High efficiency washing machines are frigging garbage. That is all.
  9. Blake Noble

    September 2016: General Motors Co.

    Different car, different audience. You're missing the joke. You know, I believe there isn't so much a shortage of good paying jobs out there as there is a shortage of good and reasonable employers out there. Employers can be completely 'effing unreasonable with regards to education requirements. These days, a lot of them want you to have a four year degree -- with little to no regard as to what concentration it was in -- on top of real world work experience to do stupid $15 an hour jobs; like be an assistant manager at a goddamn Trader Joe's. (This practice, in effect, makes your $15 an hour job actually earn you less than your fair share of income). Compound that problem with a predatory higher education system and the fact college education has turned into something worth far, far less than the money it takes to obtain it, and you can start to see the beginning of whole mess plaguing America's labor force come into view. * * * * * * On a serious note, the SS's alarmingly hilarious low sales figures are due to a stop sale issued by GM. The stop sale was issued because of a recall concerning the vehicle's seatbelt tensioners. http://gmauthority.com/blog/2016/07/general-motors-issues-stop-sale-for-2016-chevrolet-ss/
  10. Blake Noble

    Chevrolet News:2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV To Start At $37,495

    They do, but what our friend here is trying to say is that a hybrid taxi cab benefits from a higher rate of use of its regenerative braking system versus an electric vehicle being driven normally. lol which isn't completely true.
  11. Blake Noble

    Chevrolet News:2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV To Start At $37,495

    Lol wut Do we need to circle back around to the Tesla I linked to earlier? I think we do. http://gas2.org/2016/05/21/2012-tesla-model-s-needs-8500-brake-repair/ F.U.D. = Fear, uncertainty and doubt. You are writing posts that clearly illustrate a desire to propagate hate, ignorance and misinformation about electric cars. You make repeatedly make clumsy, fumbling assertions only to be proven painfully wrong each and every time.
  12. Blake Noble

    Chevrolet News:2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV To Start At $37,495

    lol You know who doesn't? Taxi cab companies. You know. Like Yellow Cab. Yeahhhh... http://jalopnik.com/this-is-what-a-500-000-mile-nyc-taxi-valvetrain-looks-l-1717745908 http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1063767_ford-hybrids-prove-durability-by-racking-up-most-taxi-miles
  13. Blake Noble

    Buick News: Rumorpile: Next Buick Regal To Feature V6, Wagon

    lol I forgot the Cascada was a thing there for a moment. I guess Avis really didn't care about replacing those Chrysler 200 convertibles after all. On a serious note, to answer your last question, the Regal is gaining a V6 because it's also more or less replacing the Holden Commodore in Australia. The next-generation Buick Regal, Opel Insignia and Holden Commodore are reportedly supposed to be the same car.
  14. Blake Noble

    Buick News: Rumorpile: Next Buick Regal To Feature V6, Wagon

    lol I live under a rock, dude. I don't watch the news
  15. Blake Noble

    Buick News: Rumorpile: Next Buick Regal To Feature V6, Wagon

    Taking bets now: GM will sell all of 10 of these in a month -- in both wagon and sedan form -- and immediately want to pull the plug in favor of selling more Envisions. It begs the question (that I'm sure Sergio Marchionne is probably asking right now): why does GM keep beating around the bush with Buick? Buick could ditch both the Regal and iPleasureMyself (aka LaCrosse), and sell only Encores, Envisions and Enclaves and US buyers would hardly even blink, let alone flinch.

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