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  1. Moriarty

    Spied: Next Gen Military Humvee

    That's intense military hardware. Almost two feet of ground clearance--without a lift.
  2. Moriarty

    2010 Impala 4-door convertible

    Thanks everyone!
  3. Moriarty

    2010 Impala 4-door convertible

    Speaking of which, I like that Buick Grand National picture you got there! Again, specific suggestions for improvement would be appreciated (both for what I'm trying to depict and my methods in depicting it). Remember, this is my first sketch, and I'm hoping to be able to improve on my next one.
  4. Moriarty

    2010 Impala 4-door convertible

    Sorry if it's a bit blurry; I don't have a scanner, so I just had to take a picture with a digital camera.
  5. This is my first sketch, so what do ya think? Can you imagine it with a 5.3L V-8 for $25,000? I would appreciate comments/suggestions on the drawing, and also on the car itself. Thanks!
  6. Moriarty

    HUMMER plans 'till 2011

    That'd be pretty sweet--a hummer with a drivetrain similar to the Volt. Hey Mom, I can go rock-crawling for twenty miles on just batteries!
  7. Moriarty

    NYIAS: Chevrolet Trax, Beat, & Groove Concepts

    I like everything about the Trax except it's superboy headlamps--they just don't fit. The front end on the Groove is much better. I think the Groove is getting the most votes out of these because it is the most refined looking--you can tell that it is built by the same company that's going to build the new Malibu.
  8. Moriarty

    NYIAS: Chevy Trax, Beat and Groove

    The Groove has the best front, and the Trax has the best rear. Overall, the Trax has the best stance. I'm not feeling any particular affinity for the Beat--it just looks too much like a Scion. The Groove's 1-liter diesel is sweet, while the Trax's AWD is awesome. Personally, I'd put the Groove's headlights and diesel into the Trax and call it good. Question: does each of these minicars carry four people? Or does the Beat only carry two (since it has only two doors)? Either way, all three are impressive.
  9. Moriarty

    FIRST LOOK: Buick Lucerne Super

    Yeah, while the new grille makes the LaCrosse look a LOT better, it is completely unnecessary on the Lucerne. Though I think good things have been done with the interior.
  10. Moriarty

    FIRST LOOK: Buick LaCrosse Super

    Personally, I never really liked the look of the LaCrosse--the nose was just too pointy for such a large car. Ugh. However, with this 'nose job', I think that it now looks quite nice! By far the nicest looking of GM's V-8 W-bodies. How much more than the Impala SS are they going to sell it for? As for the interior, if the seats are as comfortable as those in older Buicks, I'll be perfectly happy.
  11. Moriarty

    Confirmed NYIAS Debuts

    Sorry for my ignorance, but what does MCE stand for?
  12. Moriarty

    Buick Century

    So basically, GM has to create at least one holden that has a completely different, totally All-American sheetmetal. Think Mustang sheetmetal; think 300C sheetmetal. GM doesn't want people to think it's an Accord look-alike.
  13. I'm surprised nobody has taken the time to mention this. This same engine, with two extra cylinders (thus a V- would make roughly 333 horsepower and 540 lb-ft out of a mere 3.9L. Even if it costs $10,000, that's a really good engine! THAT is what I would put in the Camaro. You know, a $10,000 premium off the base Camaro ($25,000), and you got more torque than a Dodge Viper! Use it for drag racing. Ha-ha! I wonder what sort of gas mileage it would get, especially if you matched it with the 2-mode Hybrid transmission! Or you could make it the standard engine in the Express Cargo Van.
  14. Moriarty

    2008 Ford E-Series Van

    The Express has a more functional dash than this Ford (flatter on the top, so you can put stuff there without it falling off). However, in addition to the GM's having extended wheelbases, AWD, and driver-side doors, their seat belts are arranged so they don't get in the way when you are trying to get to the back benches! (believe me, it gets annoying after a while) Anyway, you got to love how full-size truck-framed vans (not the Sprinter) can go 90% of the places SUV's and Trucks can, while carrying even more people and stuff. They are the ultimate Jack-of-all-trades, and as such will always have a commercial market.

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