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  1. BMW 5 series . . . thats what im thinking . . .
  2. im thinkin 2dr subaru legacy . . . which is a good thing . . . good job on the styling
  3. my head is still spinning trying to figure out the dynamics and proportions this vehicle would have to have to have 4 doors but still keep the sky. . . like really the sizes dont add up yet in my head . . . amazing chop considering what it is now and what 2 things it must have been . . . i think i like it but i cant even tell what it is i like
  4. i think you moved the greenhouse back? no? not sure i like it but again i think the greenhouse is too small for such a tiny car in the first place . . . the real seats in that thing would be bigger unless those are 30 inch rims?
  5. just saying sorry to those i was rude to . . . sorry i did? i was very much not of a sane mind . . . i actually just flicked her in the face but because of the circumstance it is very much hitting . . . it was no good . . . she is no longer with me of my own choice . . . not hers
  6. that is a beautiful buick . . . a little refining and a couple more views and ill be in love . . . not sure about the facia and lower air damns but i might really like it . . . if you can make some more views for the members showcase section i think would be awesome i always liked the ideas you came up with that were like that
  7. i like the roofline and all and of course i like the front end but i think its too close to going towards ford styling . . . the headlights and grill could work a bit better together but i like youre ideas . . . the tails look like a new altima styling cue
  8. i was just apologizing not asking for sympathy but at least some understanding . . . its okay if you dont . . . nothing new to me and nothing new to you either im sure not trying to be a drama queen like i was before but i figure to try apologize to everyone at once instead of sending PM's would be better im not good at public apologies i guess . . . meh
  9. id like to first off apologize to anyone who wanted me dead . . . i got close but no cigar . . . and then tell the rest of you to thank me for coming back . . . explination of behavior goes as follows a while back i ws subject to a sinus infection that was not of the usual type . . . my body temperature is usually at a slightly tepid 99.8 so fevers virtually do not occur in my body . . . infections are hard to start . . . but so i did not develop a fever at all instead the infection went unchecked and spread through my nasal passages causing meningitis and spreading the infection to my brain. . . again it was left unchecked and no doctors visits were in order because although i was then cranky i was not insane so that change was attributed to stress at school and the physical symptoms were attributed to a head cold . . . again no treatment . . . as the infection continued my body tried other ways to rid itself of the infection without the use of raising the body temperature and as the infection stayed in my brain my body created a chemical imbalance in the frontal lobes to try to correct the infection on the brain surface . . . this chemical imbalance is typically known as bipolar disorder . . . NO WAIT!!! it gets better . . . that was no the only problem . . . i also developed a problem called vertigo where a complete loss of balance was in order very often and in very inoppurtune monents . . . NO WAIT thats not bad enough the bipolar disorder continued and paranoid psychosis developed because of the extended damage done to my brain . . . whew im on 4 different kinds of antibiotics for the next month and a half and 2 herbal remedies that will get rid of the psychiological effects after a hearty 6 months and in the meantime control the symptoms yes i was insane and the flow of $h!ty behavior was not excusable but i can use this as a pretty good excuse sorry to anyone i disturbed, insulted, disrespected, etc mostly confused im sure thank you to those who understand and still think im a fine piece of ass and just fyi/ ps i did get to the point where i was a danger to the people around me and i ended up hitting my girlfriend in the face and having a mental breakdown . . . so this isnt fake and online it was real
  10. mute

    SO its official

    im leaving and not coming back anytime soon C&G to me has lost a lot of the comradery that it had in the beginning and honestly some of the better people left because other people are still here and the same names come up again and again . . . so im out not sad to leave . . . there are only a few i would say i still have some respect for left here and those people probably have a good idea who they are because they are very few and far between
  11. yah dude take off the lincoln crosshairs and put on a rocket . . . that was prolly the biggest mistake there plumcrazy had plenty of olds drawings that the new lincolns resemble but i dont think that was where olds was going judging by the later years . . . plum had some of those drawings too . . . think muscular but not with a grill . . . think those big horizontal headlights like the alero and aurora . . . then put em together in one car thats got graceful sweeping lines and compliments the new are of cars into which it was borne . . . in otherwords futuristic but not a bad concept just not a realistic one
  12. wow thanks for reminding me again that your a complete d-bag frank . . . you know exactly how to turn a compliment for one person into an insult for everyone else . . .
  13. mute


    hah good one . . . i thought everyone had forgotten her . . . its been a while since she was on AIM so i almost did too but i also dont think her del sol was a turbo vtec
  14. see i dont remember if ive replied to this yet but i think its a great idea . . . if i were in the market for anothe van id want something like the mazda 5 because its seating for a lot (tho not much cargo) and its small and low . . . pretty nice for a small family
  15. hah YJ has a lot of drawings out there . . . been postin for a while i like this one tho . . . love the lines just not sure if an el camino now wouldnt be more curvey the way GM's been going?

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