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  1. http://tags.jalopnik.com/5121491/how-old-i...in-people-years Take the mileage on the car's odometer and divide by the model year. The result is your car's age if it were a person. So for our cars: Prizm---- 188000 miles and it is a 1994 so my car is 94 years old. Intrepid--- 196000 miles and it is a 2000 so it is 98 years old. Shadow--- 217000 miles and it is a 1989 so it is 109 years old! Marquis--- 189000 miles on it and it is a 1993 so it is 95 years old. How old is YOUR car (in people years)?
  2. I would like an admin to close this thread please.. it has gotten out of control.. no one is even ON TOPIC... people just have to be offended by stupid stuff that was not meant to be offensive..
  3. Video : http://www.yahoo.com/s/1005176 Story: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081218/ap_on_...itan_protection With making this ruling you will be discouraging SO MANY people from helping others! And my god, there are LOTS of people ALREADY who don't care about people as it is, this is just going to add to the mix. I mean out of 4 of our family's accidents only 1 of the accidents did someone ACTUALLY help us out! And hell with the accident with Dodgefan and the Shadow like 4years ago some idiots in a Civic drove by laughing their asses off.. I mean come on people is this damn ruling really going to help anything but discourage people to help at all... What is this damn world coming to? Please discuss....
  4. Please discuss your opinions.... it is basically a new version of the Bible for Goths and for the whole green movement... I don't really know if care one way or the other about this, but hey this guy is just jumping on the bandwagon about the whole environmental friendly stuff with everyone else I bet these versions will probably sell. They even have pretty pictures in these books. http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.p...toryId=97537385
  5. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20081111/ap_on_...r_wh/bush_obama See Obama does want to help the car industry out... Change is coming!
  6. Well Dodgefan and I went to go see baby Amelia today.. and she is soooo adorable! Such a lil cutie! And such a peaceful lil baby and so quiet.. i am happy that the baby and Julie are doing good... she is just soo cute! Congrats 68 and Julie!
  7. Proof that the smear campaign the Republicans are trying to run is backfiring, since McCain himself has to defend Obama from these idiots, instead of focusing on actual issues.
  8. McCain made a pretty bad move by referring to Obama as "that one". I think it is interesting how the polls suggest that Obama actually won the foreign policy part of the debate, which is what McCain is supposed to be good at. McCain shows a lack or respect in this debate too by making faces and letting his eyes wonder while Obama at least looked at McCain as he spoke and kept a straight face for the most part.
  9. 68... yes the mileage is correct.. i was the one that drove the car.. i had cruise control on the whole time and overdrive on the whole time as well, it was also ALL highway driving which i was going a solid 70mph.. so yes the mileage is correct, we even had to check it several times because we thought it was wrong as well, but it is all in the math... 38.7mpg. the roads were also completely clear so i never had to slow down as well... so i am sorry my friend the numbers are correct.. you are just in denial. lol.. now bow to my great driving abilities.... sorry i just could not help myself... i am just wanting to put this to rest..
  10. Considering how rare those are I wouldn't hesitate...just haggle it.
  11. well whatever... that is what Andrew (DF) told me to write.. so yeah
  12. This is not a industry related thread so it does not need to be "professional", and if you don't like it don't read it... Here are a few things to add.. Mom is ok, but she is going to be sore as hell for the next few days, at impact, the driver's door hit Mom and made her whole left side go numb, but to a major surprise there was no blood.. the pathfinder hit her car so hard the damn driver's door would not open or the window would not go down. the middle window on the driver's side was shattered. and for the HUGE kicker.. HE WAS DRIVING A CAR THAT WAS ILLEGAL TO BE DRIVEN, it had a rejection sticker on it. and apparently the cop was yelling at him to show him the paper which said he could drive it, the guy kept saying it was in the glove box, but the cop had gone through the whole thing and could not find it... so that guy could have very well been put in jail on the sole purpose of driving a rejected car! As to more charges being pressed a family friend is going to call a GREAT lawyer and press as many charges as possible. the "great" thing about this accident (if you can say great thing) is it was during rush hour and plenty of people saw it. the guy behind them was a local inspector that works for the city and ran up to Mom and gave his card, so we absolutely have a witness, which is good. because the whole accident with the Intrepid is still not over because we can't get a hold of the damn bus driver. anyways, we are not sure if it is a total loss yet, but i do know one thing it looked really bad.. the car had pressed the middle of the section of the T&C in pretty bad, i know the carpet was lifted up a good chunk. more details to come.. and of course pics to come as well....
  13. http://autos.yahoo.com/articles/autos_cont...wNnYXMtY2FyZA-- Now this sounds interesting! I wonder how well this will work out...
  14. Aww thank you so much! Andrew and I do really love each other. And can you believe that we were so lucky to have found each other online! very crazy and LUCKY if you ask me. Thanks, now I just can't wait for marriage! No just kidding I really can't wait to start the rest of my life with Andrew. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for us. Oh and we will be looking for those Harley's!

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