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    Lowell, ASSachusetts/ Milford, New Hampshire

  1. So a state that doesn't even trust you to pump your own gas will now allow any rolling deathtrap on the road? Makes perfect sense to me.
  2. XP715

    Hyper rare GMC

    Thank god some asshole took it upon himself to paint it like a cheesy Hot Wheels from the 80's
  3. XP715

    2010 Road Trip plans, IN-MI-OH-PA-NY-MA-NJ-VA

    The Sunday and Monday you're going to be in my neck of the woods are my two days off; I live in Southern New Hampshire, very close to the MA border. I'd be able to meet up with you at a location of your choosing, be it in Boston (I'm only about 40 minutes away) or somewhere else if you wanted to grab a bite to eat or whatever.
  4. XP715

    I have to get intimate...

    You'll probably end up on a date with Lord Lucas, Prince of Darkness, also
  5. XP715

    raised boaters

    Any pictures of the car towing the boat?
  6. XP715

    raised boaters

    My grandfather was a commercial lobsterman and operated a 38-foot Royal Lowell design Bruno with Volvo diesel power for many years. My father went from an Old Town Discovery canoe to a 17-foot Sea Nymph deep V aluminum skiff with a 60HP Johnson outboard, and two years ago purchased a 1977 34-foot Webbers Cove with a 6V53 Detroit Diesel which we are in the process of refitting into a traditional downeast lobster yacht. As for me, the only vessel I own at the moment is this 20-inch Fleischmann ocean liner from the 1920's: Until I own a house, a German tinplate wind-up toy is about all I have room for!
  7. XP715

    happy EL birthday

    Happy birthday!
  8. XP715

    Cars you've managed to avoid, but...

    -a convertible (almost bought a '68 Oldsmobile Delmont 88 convertible about four years ago) -a commercial chassis vehicle (almost bought a '67 Miller-Meteor Cadillac hearse about four years ago, and daydream about limousines, hearse, ambulances, flower cars, etc. all the time) -first, second, or early third generation Corvette -first generation Camaro/Firebird -'65-'67 and 1970 GTO -pre 1954 Chevrolet or GMC one ton (or larger payload, love them duallys with the flared out running boards) panel truck ..... and the list goes on and on. The 1971-1972 Riviera is also waaaaaaay high up on my list as well. Almost bought a dirt cheap '73 for a backup car about two years ago, but the flattened boat tail and ugly giant malaise bumper up front really does an otherwise awesome car a disservice.
  9. XP715

    WANTED: Pressed Steel Toys

    Just bumping this to the top; anybody come across anything in their travels by any chance?
  10. XP715

    2006 Pontiac G6 with the 3.5L V6

    I'll vote wheel bearing; I replaced both front hub assemblies in my girlfriend's car ('05 G6 3.5) after experiencing similar symptoms and haven't had any issues since in over 20,000 miles.
  11. Why does it not surprise me that some nerd from Massachusetts owns it? I bet if you squint real hard you could just make out the Harvard University faculty parking sticker in the rear quarter glass.....
  12. XP715

    1989 Dodge Aries

    http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/clt/1785598019.html This ad represents every single thing wrong with people that sell things on craigslist: -car is a worthless pile of $h! regardless of mileage, condition, or any other perceived "good" point -ridiculously high price with zero basis in reality, pulled out of thin air -piss poor punctuation, spelling, grammar, syntax, sentence structure, etc. -wrong information -not one single picture Dear ad poster, Please remove yourself from the gene pool as soon as humanly possible and take your $h!ty K car with you.
  13. XP715

    Cars that are going missing

    Anything with steel bumpers
  14. XP715

    First Photo of Hawaii 5-0 Car On Remake Set

    Makes me miss my '74 Lincoln Continental Executive Limousine, the best (and only) free car I've ever gotten. I'd gladly take its standard length Mercury counterpart for the same price, but not for much more!
  15. XP715

    Anyone here never used a manual transmission?

    I've driven them before, but not much, and not in a long time. 90% of my training on a manual was years ago on my father's 1935 Ford ton and a half dump truck. Needless to say, it's time for a refresher course. Almost bought a 1980 C10 long bed with a three speed and granny low a few weeks ago, but really didn't have the space to keep it. Some day in the not too distant future, though, I need to pick up a cheap beater with a stick to relearn myself.

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    Lowell, ASSachusetts/ Milford, New Hampshire

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