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  1. -starts counting his pennies- So when can I give a deposit to Wood Wheaton Chevrolet?
  2. Less expensive parts like lightbulbs, etc. Headlamps for the early 4th gens are $50 per bulb at the local Canadian tire. Go look up prices for an H4351 (low) or H4352 (high) sealed beam bulb compared to the average bulb and you'll see what I mean.
  3. Thanks to Ryan's LT1 from CZ28 for finding this. http://p083.ezboard.com/fjoesdiecastshackf...icID=6398.topic
  4. Rob V

    Ad Slogans...

    Camaro. It'll kick your ass, sleep with your wife then piss on the French.
  5. Rob V

    Ad Slogans...

    Any Chevrolet can be SS. Only Camaro can be Z28.
  6. Just think, 2 more years to save up for more options and performance parts I can only hope it is priced REASONABLY. I'm talking Mustang price range.
  7. I seriously need a box of kleenex. I'll take mine as a 69 pace car replica with T-tops, thanks. When can I put down a deposit?
  8. Rob V

    "Chapter 5"

    How about "Bad to the bone"by George Thorogood, "Go lil' Camaro" by the Ramones, "I wanna know" by Alice Dee or "Back in Black" by AC/DC
  9. Maybe this is a sign that cars today are becomng too powerful for even the most seasoned drivers and need to be taken down a notch..... Yeah Right! :lol: But seriously, what it's probably going to come down to, much to our chagrin, is that the various licensing bodies will start requiring specific licenses to drive high performance vehicles. I know it's already in place that if a car is over ~512hp in my province, the insurance rate literally triples. What's next, eh?
  10. Canadian Chevrolet Corvette Z06 1SA package is $89,900, 1SB package is $94,800 as per the GM Canada website. Also note the article is from a press group in Markham, Ontario.
  11. You too? :P A lot of people said it looks like a Mustang... Other people said it looks nothing like a Camaro... I'll disagree on both. The Camaro was meant to compete in the exact same market as the mustang so of course there'll be a few similar elements. The overall consensus was that it's a hot car, but the mirrors have to go and the dash could use some work. Other than that, I love the interior and the exterior, aside from the few cues others have mentioned that could be tweaked.
  12. All they need now is something to steal sales from the Mustang... -cough-

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