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  1. This was a couple months ago but I just wanted to share this brave insect that I saw still buzzing around.
  2. Yesterday while walking downtown I saw: Puke green but very clean 69-70 Coupe de Ville convertible Red 80s BMW M6 Gray Corvette C7 Grand Sport Red Jag F-type
  3. I've been good. Haven't really kept up with the automotive world lately. Taken up shoemaking and weightlifting as hobbies. My old neighbor had a Thing for a little while. Like many classic VW types, the strangeness is part of the appeal. I could see it being a lot of fun to own and drive in the same way an old Jeep is. There are two sketchy-looking used car lots I drive past ever day, almost across the street from each other. One has a '79 Concord coupe, the other has an 80s Concord sedan. I have a soft spot for late-model AMCs. I looked at the lots on Google Street View the other day, and based on the image capture dates both cars have been there since at least October 2013. The sedan especially looks in really rough shape.
  4. Saw a VW Thing on the way to the post office this morning. I had temporarily forgotten that the Thing was a thing.
  5. I spend a Saturday a couple weeks ago walking all around town with a buddy of mine playing it. It was fun, but I haven't felt motivated to play it on my own. I kind of hated Pokémon when I was a kid, so the nostalgia factor doesn't really affect me. My buddy tried getting me to play Ingress too and I didn't follow through much with that either. I am happy that it's popular though, and getting people out and active and social and having fun.
  6. Indeed, scarlet red, and new body style. Here it is: I have to say, even though this is the first car I've payed for with my own money, the fact that I'm leasing it makes it feel like it's still not really "my car." It's still a great car and I am very happy to have it, but I don't feel the same affection for it that I did towards the Sunfire. Maybe it will come with time. It may also be the fact that it was more something I *needed*, not just wanted. And it's something I needed because of my own carelessness. I was hoping to drive the Sunfire until it fell apart, and was hoping it would not do that until the Elio was produced (though it was already starting to.)
  7. Saw this handsome Eagle last night: This is from February, but I still must share with you this glorious beast: Yes, it is a Cimarron chopped into a 2-seat convertible with a continental kit. Actually, I just found some info and nicer pictures of it here: http://www.j-body.org/forums/read.php?f=28&i=17715&t=17715
  8. Congratulations Cory! I hope it leads to even greater opportunities for you.
  9. So I forgot I had made this thread. Didn't realize it had been over two months ago. But I ended up leasing a red Cruze LT Automatic. I'm pretty satisfied with it. I was very tempted by the Sonic 6-speed manual, but there were none readily available and I needed a car as quickly as possible. No regrets about my choice. It looks great, gets 40+ mpg, smooth ride, and I can play whatever music I want in it. Thanks for y'alls advice!
  10. I have only ever said and heard im-PAL-uh. Im-PAH-luh sounds like saying it with a weird affected snobby accent.
  11. Hi folks, long time. I had a crash with my Sunfire a couple weeks ago. it still drives, but the passenger door and front fender got effed up. My dad has taken it back and I'm borrowing my sister's S-10 in the interim. So I've been shopping for my first new car. I've narrowed it down to either a Sonic hatch or a Cruze. Probably a 2 year, 17k mi/yr lease. Hopefully I'll have an Elio by the end of that. So what are your thoughts about the two choices? They both seem like good cars, and it's hard to say I have a preference between them. I'd like to keep overall cost to a minimum, including payments, gas, and insurance.
  12. Ah-ha. I hadn't seen the '17 LaCross before, but you're right, that's what it looks like.
  13. My dad saw this camo'd car a couple weeks ago. Any ideas about what it is?

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