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  1. The white roof, white mirrors and similar proportions definitely give it a Mini feel..
  2. Another spotting of sorts...for Easter Brunch we took Uber, and the driver going downtown was driving a silver Saab 9-5 Sportcombi. It was in really clean condition for something 10+ years old. Felt smooth on the freeway and over potholed Cleveland streets from the backseat...driver coming back had a Pacifica w/ the power sliding doors.. nice inside.
  3. Yeah, that era of Lincoln dash design looked pretty similar to Ford dashes, and there was a bland sameness to the layout and center stack across many models..
  4. Yes, ditch the mediocre FWD platform, move to the Explorer/Aviator RWD/AWD platform and make some serious sedans that are CT5 and CT6 sized or larger..
  5. Interesting...going full circle on the name. RWD/AWD on the new Explorer platform would make sense...
  6. I do wonder if Lincoln has any plans for new sedans..would be weird to see it become a CUV/SUV only brand.
  7. Speaking of Lincoln and restyles and renamings, I wonder what will become of the MKZ...
  8. Yeah, The link to the actual dealer listing (seems to be gone now) said it was $36k or there abouts....The MSRP is a fake price, then they put in the discounts to make it look better...
  9. Current Edge dates to 2015, had a minor MCE for 2019. The Nautius is basically a carryover from the MKX, updated w/ the new Lincoln front fascia..the dash in it looks dated compared to the Corsair, Aviator and Navigator.
  10. The Nautilus just came out for 2019, but still has the old Ford-style dash from the MKX...wonder when it will get a refresh to look more like the newer CUVs.
  11. I should have taken a pic...couldn't find it on the ICMDB.
  12. Rumor has it the Baby Bronco will be named Bronco Scout.
  13. Saw a gray Chevy Bolt at the grocery yesterday, one of a very few I've seen around here. This afternoon in a food coma from Easter Brunch, lying on the sofa watching an old movie about WW II in the Philippines saw an unusual truck in the movie...had a squared off cab w/ a C-shaped door opening like a mid 20s Model T, but a late 30s Ford truck front end w/ oval grille.

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