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  1. donpella

    CTS Coupe Concept

    Now thats hot! That's all this CTC needs is an actual trunk! It will literally be perfect and an instant classic!
  2. donpella

    GM @ NAIAS '08: Cadillac Provoq Concept

    I'm not trying to hear anything you guys are saying! If this is the BRX,I think it looks much better than it's competition...even it is a stretched VUE! Hell, it even gives than Infinity EX and FX a run for there money in the looks department.
  3. donpella

    SPY SHOTS! 2010 Cadillac BRX

    Cadillac is f@#king up! Isn't the Theta's FWD? I couldn't imagine the Theta's and Fwd as premium luxury. What is this supposed to compete with...the X3 or X5? I don't think this stand a chance. And the name BRX is horrible. The SRX was a fine vehicle, I say just update and redesign(lose the wagon mini van look) to compete more with the X5 or Range Rover..thats where the bucks at.
  4. donpella

    Pontiac To Reveal The 2009 Vibe

    Damn thats ugly! Pontiac was promising a good start, now here they go f@#king up their line-up with this eye sore.
  5. donpella

    Cadillac STS Concept

    Good design I like it alot. you should do a side profile also.
  6. donpella

    Cadillac STS Concept

    Good design I like it alot. you should do a side profile also.
  7. donpella

    Almost 10 year old concept

    I agree with most off you. That Charger concept was really a dreamboat. It was perfect and would have been a classic. The 69 Charger was one of my all time favorite cars, and that concept was a very modern interpatation of that product. I was actually angry when they didn't product the concept and gave us the current one instead. To bad they can't still make it.
  8. donpella

    Corvette C7

    I like it. Its not that bad at all. It's evolutionary , the head lights i'm not really cool with but overall I give it a B plus.
  9. donpella

    Corvette C7

    I like it. Its not that bad at all. It's evolutionary , the head lights i'm not really cool with but overall I give it a B plus.
  10. donpella

    2008 Lamborghini Reventón

    Good looking car. I see they are going for the sharp crease, fighter plane look, but when Cadillac does it eveeryone criticizes it. Hipocrites! The Cadillac Cien Comes to mind, boy, that car could have been awesome!
  11. donpella

    MB F700 concept

    Looks like a snail!
  12. donpella

    Buick blitz in '08

    I agree, since they have an attention getter with the Enclave, they should keep the fire coming. It's could almost be like starting a new brand. The products have to be world class performance and design wise, though. A world-class big body coupe such as the Riviera, could spark interest. Style,class, and moderate performance can generate interest because there is no competition in the segment. The only competition would be the Mercedes Benz CL and BMW 6 Seriers, but they wouldn't be considered competition because they are way more expensive to compete. A small car is iffy in my opinion, but if they do it, why not use the Cadillacs Sigma platform. It's a great platform, why kill it, us it for they next Regal or something. The Lucearn is cool, for those that love FWD, but that Park Avenue is what they need, just restyle it to match the enclave to make it not appear like a longer G8. So what would we have? If Buick is supposed to be the American Lexus 1. Park Avenue (restlyed to match Enclave) - Lexus Ls Fighter 2.Lucerne (shrink it a little, it's still on the G-body platform so it can be done, plus its still FWD) - Lexus Es Fighter 3. Regal or La Crosse(I like the name Regal better, and I would also put it on the Sigma platform) - Lexus Gs Fighter 4.The Riviera (CL-Class luxury at a bargain price) - Lexus Sc Fighter 5.Enclave
  13. donpella

    What is your favorite

    Truthfully, it's just to many cars for me to name here. It's so many cool GM products that I like. In no particular order. 1.1963-1974 Chevrolet Impala Coupes (I love coupes) 2. The Caprice Coupes where cool also....All of them 3.1971 Monte Carlo SS, the LS where cool too. 4.1987-1988 Monte Carlo LS's and SS's 5.1964-1967 Buick Riviera (these body styles are classic, but you have to have the hidden head lights) 6.1987 Buick GNX 7.1971-1972 Oldsmobile Cutlass (these couope where awesome and the convertible was a dream) 8.1969-1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 9.1984 Buick Park Avenue (hey, it was my first car, and it was cleeeaaan!) 10.1995-1999 Buick Riviera (one of GM best designs) 11.2005 Cadillac XLR 12.2007 Cadillac STS-V (that thing is a beast) 13.1984 Cadillac Coupe de'Ville (I told you I have a thing for coupes)
  14. donpella

    All kidding aside

    Maaan, that chop is hot!! It looks like a 80's El camino with the SS Monte Carlo clip. That brings to mind, I know everyone acts like they hate the Monte, but it they did it off this Zeta platform,RWD, that will be a true reincarnation of the 80's Monte Carlo. The 80's Monte was the coolest in my opinion.com
  15. donpella

    C&D 2008 Enclave CXL AWD short take

    Good Start for a buick revolution. Now bring me a rwd Park avenue and a rwd Riviera coupe. The lucerne is great but I say shrink it just a tad to make room for the park avenue and add a Regal based of the Sigma program and that may help out the brand a lot

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