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  1. LOL I try!!! I got three sets of Alpine speakers on boxing day and replaced the originals, the stereo is now modern and can even play.... CDs!!! haha I am presently picking up.... *gasp* speed parts! It already has headers and a custom exhau$t, I've got strange plans.... Also looking for some aluminum dually mags for my new 16" dually radials that are on my other motorhome... I found some I like for $629 + shipping, which is pretty cheap. Updates to come. LOL
  2. LOL!!! Funny you should say that.... haha More pics to come....
  3. Wow!!!! Beautiful car! Few and far between in that shape, that's for sure!!! Keep driving it from time to time, not just to keep the car in shape, but get a smile or two while you are at it. Beautiful!
  4. 22 feet of project to be exact! I figured I needed a "more mature" motorhome so I picked this up- 48,000 original miles and a slightly warmed over 440, new tires, everything is actually great shape EXCEPT the last owner threw out the sofa and swivel chairs. So I'm plugging away and making lists, but drivetrain will be the most important upgrade as far as I can tell....
  5. It's a D8 sedan. There will be lots of pics soon, but here's one to tide you over: This is the day it arrived, and my parents posing with it. Wow, what a cool car, and it looks like it is in great shape too!!!!!!!
  6. My brother had a nice 56 Chrysler for years, and I'm an E type lover..... COOOOL pics.
  7. What body style is it? Any pics??
  8. Yup! lol Thanks 66stang! Nice Charger in your sig pic!
  9. Beautiful car! Sad to see you part with it too, but somebody is gonna enjoy it. Good luck on the sale!
  10. Sounds darned good to ME!!!!!! I'm sure once it gets on the road I will have a house or two for sale nearby !
  11. Just gotta toss the Charger back together, then it's back on my Coupe.... I have to hook up my air compressor still before I can get going in full swing...! ARGHH!
  12. I moved at the end of last year, the new place has a shop out back.... I had to dig and sort and build and organize.... but I got it out in the light. IT LIVES!!!!!!! After the Charger.... I'll get back at it. I have the room now to finish it.
  13. My wife wanted a brand new Caliber when they came out, so we went and looked and took one for a test drive. The tranny is one thing- constant velocity or something, it doesn't shift but constantly changes rpms.... like a snowmobile... Works ok if you give the car more gas than you think you should, but it felt very odd to me. I didn't like the car because I don't like a "cheap feeling economy car" type car. We got in, and upon closing the doors I was already starting to make up my mind. Felt like a pizza delivery car! No weight to the doors, no solid interior cabin type feel, it felt like a
  14. The next Viper is supposed to be 650-700 hp. NO blower, just a bit more displacement and a lot more technology. If I were a betting man, I would say closer to 650 than 700, but you never know. The Viper was never "cancelled" as many on the internet thought. The Jalopnik link was misread by many and started rumor after rumor. The looks of the Viper are also changing, so who knows what the future will bring!

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