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  1. New updates to the VOlt...Interior, a little on the exterior. Wonder how much of that interior is going to make it to production? Seats are really sculpted.
  2. Ummm, you are comparing a brand new concept vehicle to a car that has been out for a couple years in the real world...? If that "greatly styled" Holden concept comes out, it won't be for a few years and it will be tuned down for production. By then their will be an all-new, hot Buick replacement out. You are really not making a fair comparison, especially when Holden doesn't have to worry about most of the platform development or financial issues, just tweaking the car.
  3. http://www.gminsidenews.com/forums/showthr...d=1#post1281377 Go here...
  4. It looks like all those "world-class" cars don`t want to compete with all of the world...A lot of talk at Ferrari, Porsche, Aston Martin, etc. but not a lot of action...I guess they are a little red-faced at a blue-collar American sports car beating them blue...So much for all that "pedigree."
  5. Clean, crisp designs that are high in quality...Very good. Details like the lighted CD slot show GM is picking up on details. They look good and will be in cars MUCH earlier than you realize.
  6. They still take their shots...but a lot less to use this time... DAMN GREAT CAR...
  7. 1) You have never even driven the new CTS to compare... 2) No way are the BMWs the same price with equal options...A BASE BMW usually equals a fully loaded Caddy of the same size. Check engine power, etc. 3) Why the 3 series "outsells" is because most are used in taxi fleets around the world. Been to Europe lately? They are a common car and most are sold as base models, not the "luxury" versions we see in NA. In some countries it is the ONLY BMW model you can buy...You will never see a new CTS as a taxi...Taxis = fleet sales... BMWs are good cars...But you can't price compare them the same...
  8. Exactly...Alternative fuels, anyone?
  9. Said it before...Said it many times...Buick is going nowhere and its future looks great. Okay, maybe I said it on other sites...
  10. Anyone catch the "August" release month? Told you so earlier...Of course not available everywhere in August, but still here then.
  11. Over 500 hp? Absolutely... Coupe? Yup... Say bye, bye BMW...You got it.
  12. This is somewhat true. They are definitely at ways to spruce up the dealer network. Problem is the dealers...They are resistant to spending money and any sort of change. They do not see the point of investing their money in a world-class dealership, in their minds GM should pay it all, but they don't mind reaping the rewards of a quality dealership...Of course you will never see them offering any money back to GM for the investment the company makes in developing, designing and helping build a truly world-class dealership that increases their profit.
  13. Excuses, excuses, excuses...Too many excuses... Cadillac would not be losing money here if it built dealerships like that... As for "high real estate prices., insurance, etc...", some of this is true...But a lot isn't. Chinese real estate has skyrocketed, especially in urban centers like Shanghai where Cadillac is huge. Not to mention you have to grease the palms of local officials just to get anything done there... I think the biggest problem in this country is that too many fat-cat deealers who couldn't care less about the brand don't want to invest the money and time it takes to build a truly world-class dealership. They are stuck in the 60's and 70's...

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