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  1. stroke

    2006 Lincoln Zephyr

    beatiful car but now lincoln needs to bring back the continental and restyle the lincoln town car so that its more of a compeditor to caddy.
  2. what an ugly civic the rear of the coupe looks like a pontiac and the sedan looks like an audi everybody just copies these days.But i guess it will still sell because of new features
  3. looks ugly just like the 06 civic and all of honda products
  4. stroke

    Ford 500

    oh yall think just because people buy the 300 they are in a category.No people have the MONEY to buy what they want.Most people that buy this want american luxury and japenese cars are just a fad anyway.
  5. the headlights need to be angel eyes or blackout for the SS.
  6. the fusion is hot.Hell yeah it will sell.Dont complain about the interior atleast its not like the taurus ford is improving and this car alone coule just sell more than the accord maybe camry.Hopefully they dont sell most of these to rental fleets.
  7. the lucerne is going to be a nice ride all buick ride smooth but people just dont realize that they are good cars.All the people i know with buicks they have ones from the 80s and 70s and they still run great.Forget imports its all about ridein clean.

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