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  1. bcjohnso99

    Spy Video: 2010 Buick Lacrosse

    Is it just me or does this look more like a Sigma than an Epsilon? There is precious little front overhang and the 2nd box looks very CTS like.
  2. bcjohnso99

    CAW President Hargrove Responds

    Total BS!!! It is the union that has forced GM and others to pay their workers too much and it is the union's incompetence at recruiting employees of Foreign companies that has created the imbalance in the US. GM, move all production offshore and then let the State governments beg you to build a plant to hire their constituents - this has worked well for all of the other transplants and it can work for you too. F$%@ the union.
  3. bcjohnso99

    Pontiac G6 GXP Street Package

    That thing is SICK. I'm kinda old, so think vomit not cool.
  4. bcjohnso99

    Nissan adds MPG gauge to Altima, G35

    I would like a FE meter that has three values: instant, average1 (since the car was last started) and average2 (one that can be reset by the user) Then I could monitor by tank of fuel while still being able to know which route delivers the best mileage (I'd never remember to reset this one before I left). Instant is just for curiosity sake.
  5. bcjohnso99

    Chevrolet Crossover likely to be dubbed Traverse

    I like the name Trailblazer too but it is not appropriate for this type of vehicle - SoccerParkingLotBlazer would be closer to the truth, and sadly better than Traverse too.
  6. Good for GM but yet another example of design shops in other countries doing the best work. Not to say that Americans can't do it, but you have to admit that the flow of designs and cars seems greater into the US than out of it. It's time for GM NA to step up and design a killer global car.
  7. bcjohnso99

    Confirmed NYIAS Debuts

    There's a few articles out now that seem to say that DOD is a DUD. Truck Trend has the 5.3 DOD returning less than the city rating and the 381hp Tundra returning 1mpg better - not good. With the Hummer's aerodynamics, I wonder if DOD will ever kick in.
  8. bcjohnso99

    Camaro Could Spawn Large Cadillac

    I would think that using the same platform with better materials (high strength steel and other alloys) would yield a car suitable for the upper end of the luxury car segment.
  9. bcjohnso99

    FIRST LOOK: Chevrolet Avalanche/Tahoe/Suburban Z71s

    The wheel flares are ugly. They ruin the nice clean look of the non-Z71s.
  10. bcjohnso99

    Motor Trend Truck of the Year

    Sorry to rain on your parade but their weren't any Jap pickups eligible this year, so Americans did not beat the Japs. I'm a GM fan but this award is as meaningless as the Honda Ridgeline win from last year. No competition = joke award. Now if Toyota didn't wimp out, the winner would have real bragging rights...
  11. bcjohnso99

    Pictures of the LAIAS At Last!

    What I can't get over in all the pictures is the lack of people. I go to the Toronto car show every year and it's crowded all day, every day... it's hard to take a picture with no people in the way.
  12. bcjohnso99

    Chevrolet Captiva Coming To Canada

    Picture with Nav attached -also check out how they show capacity options - cute! http://www.adamauto.lv/chevrolet/lat/model.../fotogalerija/#
  13. bcjohnso99

    Chevrolet Captiva Coming To Canada

    Probably alot nicer with the Nav screen...
  14. bcjohnso99

    Chevrolet Captiva Coming To Canada

    Where I live, it seems there are more 'nox's on dealer lots than in driveways so it can't hurt sales too much ;(
  15. bcjohnso99

    Future of GM Powertrains

    My next two vehicles, a light duty pick-up and a hatch/wagon will be purchased in summer 2008. They will both be diesels and now they look like they won't be from GM. Way to miss out on $60,000+ in revenue GM, and I won't be in the market to replace them until at least 2016. B.

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