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  1. I won't be surprised if CT6 moves to Lansing with CT4 and CT5, but I also won't be surprised if the car is just dropped because it has sold so poorly. People with the income to buy new cars just want SUV's, crossovers, and 4 door pickups.
  2. Or a 1980 to 1991 Cadillac Deville, Fleetwood, or Brougham ( or even the 1980 to 1984 Oldsmobile 98 or Buick Electra) and put a 6.2L V8 in it.
  3. I saw a Continental last week at the Ford dealer. It had no more presence than a Camry. It isn't wide enough. I am sure it is much more pleasant to drive with the Ecoboost V6's. I don't understand why Buick will sell the Insignia here again as a Regal. If it were up to me, Cadillac would drop the ATS and CTS, redesign the XTS, and have the CT6 and XTS replacement as its sedans, with 3 crossovers and the Escalade.
  4. The allpar insiders think the Autoline article is wrong. I think the Jeep brand may have plateaued in recent months, based upon the sales figures.
  5. One rumor on Allpar is that the Cherokee will move to the Giorgio platform when redesigned. Apparently, there will be no more products on the CUSW platform (excluding the Pacifica and maybe a large crossover which supposedly are loosely based upon CUSW).
  6. This is old news because the website allpar has been reporting for months that the LX will last until the 2021 model year. Also, LX has a few parts from the Mercedes E class, but I have read that it has more parts from the LH platform.
  7. Around 2009, I said here that Chrysler should go out of business, and a poster named 427SS gave me a severe cursing. Anyway here is good article by respected European journalist Georg Kacher - http://www.automobilemag.com/news/fca-running-money-revive-maserati-alfa-romeo/
  8. Allpar seems to say the next Charger and Challenger will debut in 2021 not 2018.
  9. allpar says the LX lasts until the 2021 model year, when Charger and Challenger move to the Giorgio platform. It looks more and more like the 300 will be gone after the 2020 model year. allpar also says the Cherokee will probably eventually move to the Giorgio platform, and the CUSW platform will be history.
  10. Rename CT6 Deville. Rename CTS Seville. Obviously call any sedan more expensive than CT6 (Deville) the Fleetwood. Drop ATS. If they keep it, they can call it Cimarron or Series 62 for all I care. Keep Escalade. I don't care what they call XT5 and future crossovers.
  11. The next generation Charger and maybe 300 (if it doesn't go FWD) will probably be based upon this sedan.
  12. Billions of dollars wasted by GM. It could have replaced the G bodies with a short wheelbase H body or put an independent rear suspension on the A body. GM didn't get the W body right until the 1997 and 1998 redesign.
  13. Because of the decline in sedan sales, I think GM should consider dropping the Sonic and Impala and Cadillac should have only one or two sedans at most. At Buick, I would have dropped the Regal instead of the Verano, but Buick also needs no more than two sedans. Ford probably can get rid of the Fiesta and Taurus. I fully understand why the Dodge Dart and Chrysler 200 are going away. I don't think the sedan market is coming back, and people will just buy smaller crossovers when gas prices go up.

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