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  1. vineyard311

    The Wheels On My Civic Might Just Fall Off

    I work for the supplier that builds these wheel bearings. Apparently Honda is installing the bearing improperly and damaging the O-ring, thus causing premature failure. The actual bearing was assembled properly.
  2. Just read this on leftlanenews.com, apparently an exhaust issue. http://www.leftlanenews.com/2006/12/11/gm-...ook-gmc-acadia/ ******************************** UPDATE! --Flybrian
  3. vineyard311

    The new tundra comes out swinging with 381 horses

    From what I heard from a Toyota Engineer, those horsepower ratings are including optional TRD parts. Your going to have to buy all of the options to get that power.
  4. vineyard311

    California suing GM, Ford, Toyota, three others

    Its election season, plain and simple. This all for publicity.
  5. vineyard311

    GMC Sierra SLE

    I was talking to Toyota Engineering Intern the other day and he said that the Tundra with the optional TRD package will be pushing 380hp and over 400ft/lb. 1 Ton models are coming in a year. Toyota isnt playing around, they are going to flood the market with cheaper higher powered models.
  6. vineyard311

    C&G First Look - 07 Silverado/Sierra

    This is the work truck interior The upscale interior will be the same as the tahoe/yukon
  7. vineyard311

    C&G First Look - 07 Silverado/Sierra

    I remember hearing something about a fixed window on the extended cabs, I think its optional power window or fixed. There is no manual open.
  8. vineyard311

    07 SILVERADO Glimpse!!!

    No, which is really wierd. Ive been trained on the 900's, but they dont have any Sierra's built up yet. Starting in august were going to begin producing about over 50 pre-production 900's. Everything Ive hard about the sierra indicates completely different sheet metal though. We had some problems with new machines yesterday, but the truck was succesfully built. It had a nice two-tone interior.
  9. vineyard311

    07 SILVERADO Glimpse!!!

    I hadnt heard anything about the August 2nd debut until reading this thread, but ill let you guys know if I hear anything new. FYI, we're building a GMT-900 Silverado tonite . Our factory is ready to start full production, but its still a few months out.
  10. vineyard311


    Yea, they've arleady finished there Scout Program and Pilot production has already begun. Everyone is already trained on how to build the 900's, Oshawa is having some major problems gearing up for the 900, but I dont think it will delay production though.
  11. vineyard311


    Last I heard, the power rear window was going to be an option. The GMC will look much different than the Chevy fyi.
  12. vineyard311

    2007 SRX Changes

    Sounds good to me, when are they going to release pictures of the new interior?
  13. vineyard311

    Aura Doesn't Measure Up to "Expectations"

    im tired of waiting.
  14. vineyard311

    So....what are we waiting for?

    I heard the Texas show is where itll be. They're prob just waiting for Toyota to release their engine specs before they release everything. Just like Ford did with Nissan.
  15. vineyard311

    Dodge Aspen for '07???

    Im 22, the aspen name means nothing to me, but that SUV looks like a joke.

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