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  1. toesuf94

    'Golden Girls' Causes Homosexuality Claims Religious Writer

    I am a straight guy who has quite a few openly gay friends...whatever makes you happy guys. They don't get on me for my mistake of being married...
  2. toesuf94

    Sometimes...you just have to be proud;-)

    This is a great story...keep us updated! This is a great story...keep us updated!
  3. My M5 will go for one of these...I love wagons, and love the lines on the CTS. The V-series is just icing on the cake.
  4. toesuf94

    AutoBlog: First Look: Bugatti 16C Galibier Concept

    yeah...but if I collect them in Iowa and take them to Michigan...I double the value...10 cents a pop! So I will only need 16,000,000 bottles and cans and a really big truck to haul them to a 10 cent state! I still think that it would be worth it to have this machine in the garage!
  5. toesuf94

    AutoBlog: First Look: Bugatti 16C Galibier Concept

  6. toesuf94

    "Come home & get to work."

    He is just lucky that she did not have him "work" on a car that she accidently stuffed through a shredder because her 'senility' made her forget he was in there. As for me, aside from the diaper and bed sores...lock me in a junk yard when I get older...I will be fine.
  7. toesuf94

    The Last Dinosaur Goes Extinct

    THREAD HIJACKER! I never said that the Colorado or Canyon were good trucks...in fact they are dismal failures in my eyes. This thread is about the crusty, crappy Ford Ranger...which is a dismal P.O.S. in my opinion Sadly, if I were in the market for a small/midsized truck...the Tacoma would have to be # 1 on my list...which is exactly why I am NOT in the market for a small/midsized truck!
  8. toesuf94

    The Last Dinosaur Goes Extinct

    You meant MOLDY and ROTTEN, right?
  9. toesuf94

    A picture I would like to share...

    OOOH! An EXCUSE to buy that Yukon XL or Acadia you always wanted! Congratulations. I know my kids are the one ray of happiness I can count on daily...I wish you both the best. Oh, and it is now time to find that father/child project car...fyi!
  10. :drool: :drool: Grease BURNS, right? I donate a single HIGHWAY FLARE to the above mentioned party.
  11. Very well said, Chris. Is there an exhibit of a car crusher at SEMA? If yes, put this ugly POS in it and out of OUR misery. Gross. QUICK! Somebody at SEMA grab a grease pen and write "CASH FOR CLUNKERS - NOT FOR SALE" on the Windshield! Now heading to rinse my eyes out with liquid Drano.
  12. toesuf94

    AutoBlog: SEMA Preview: Chevrolet Camaro Z28, is that you?

    Unnnnnnnnngh.............umm, I think I just showed my "OH face"! It looks grown up and stunning. Lust! Simply Lust!
  13. toesuf94

    Should I?

    YES! DO IT! YES!...Screw that bondo Camaro and get working on that Trans AM.
  14. This is the problem with ANY government running ANY program - they say it will cost a buck...multiply that buck by 1,000,000. And that is not getting political and choosing a side. This was a wasteful program from the start and it was bound to have this kind of result. ALL politicians have very little real world experience so they do not understand the REAL costs of living out here in the real world. Further. they are never held accountable for these kinds of overages when they occur...it is not thier money nor does it affect them monetarily. And I really want to know where Edmunds came up with the remark about 'most of the sales would have occurred anyway' - that seems like a broad stroke of a pen to me...especially in this market. was this non-political enough?
  15. From it's inception, the fifth generation was relying on exactly this to happen, especially when you factor in the CAFE requirements of the General. They needed the V6 cars to leap off the lots in droves and they did a lot of work with women to make sure the car met their needs. This is great news...it means the Camaro will be around for a while.

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