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  1. dufus22

    Detroit 2009: Chevy Orlando Concept

    well, maybe i should trade my 07 then.
  2. dufus22

    Detroit 2009: Chevy Orlando Concept

    As a current HHR owner, this thing is not a worthy replacement. I have no problems with the size, but it needs more presence if it is to replace the HHR. If fact, if they would just put the window switches on the door panels, that would fix my major grip with the HHR.
  3. dufus22

    Ford Redesigns New Models

    they have the new esersis at autoblog, if you guys are interested.
  4. This vechile does make sense. I mean if you have a small business, and needed a delvery van. This would do the trick. I would like to see a passanger version. Some people need a small van.
  5. dufus22

    2009 Pontiac Vibe Ordering Guide

    i'm glad a heater is standard, lol
  6. dufus22

    Spied: '10 Buick LaCrosse

    Looks good, i've heard rumors that it will be called regal. ANy truth to that?
  7. dufus22

    CAMI plant shutter Equinox/Torrent for new GMC SUV

    Could the new vechile, be an hhr replacement?
  8. dufus22

    New Ford Escape

    The escape looks much better in person, than in pictures. Think about it, good gas mileage, afforadable, price, tough looks, not a bad combo.
  9. dufus22

    GM gets starring role in Transformers

    i'm seeing it too got my tickets. thank you movietickets.com.
  10. dufus22

    2009 Fusion / Milan / MKZ Speculation & Renders

    I really like the MKZ
  11. dufus22

    Spied: 2009 Chevrolet Nubira

    is this supposed replace the cobalt, too? I read someehere where gm was merging all the small cara onto 1 platform.
  12. dufus22

    Chrysler Sold to Cerebus

    I have a question? By going private, does it give them more leverage against the uaw? I mean can they farm out more jobs, or does the UAW still have to be involved?
  13. dufus22

    Just bought a New HHR

    good point didn't think about that. can people steal your id with that?
  14. dufus22

    Just bought a New HHR

    Here Are the pics Warning to 56k users.
  15. Just bought a black Lt with sunroof, and the bright Chrome package. It has the 2.4. I am really surprised with the room, and it has more cargo space than my in laws Pt. The 2.4 is really peppy, too. I'll Will add pics when I take them, having too much fun driving it.

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