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    All things military & GM cars!
  1. Navy Seal

    GM Canada what's wrong with this picture?

    That really, really, pissed me off ......
  2. Navy Seal

    Armored Truck Trivia

    Well I know this like the back of my hand, the third is Panhard V hicule Blind L ger or VBL in all it's French weirdness!
  3. Navy Seal

    VW reveals race to overtake GM, Toyota

    I own a VW, it's the biggest POS I ever had the unpleasure of owning. I would never buy one again.
  4. Navy Seal


    Well thanks for your support ocnblu, but I left the Navy two months ago. I am now trying to get a job at GM's transmission plant in Baltimore. If anyone can help in that quest, please please let me know. Oh I don't have any sisters, so yeah she is my GF. However I've had some real dogs kiss me.
  5. Navy Seal


    Well, I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Kevin, I live in the Baltimore, Maryland area, and I'm 22 years old. Do you have a section on military vehicles? I have been looking but have not seen one. Would be good to get one if you don't have one, with all the Iraq vets online these days. Just something to think about. Here is my ugly mug! Me and my girl!

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